About Us



The idea of the Critical Thinkers as we envisage it, then, is best generated in this well-known couplet…  

 “Kuch kar kay dikha do, ki kaam bohut hain, Is jahan main jeetnay walay muqaam bohut hain,

Mukammal shakhs wahi jo duniya ko badal dalay, Roz mar mitney walay naam bohut hain.”

Critical Thinker is a team effort of concerned students- who as proud Indians, refuse to accept things go in our country because, it is better to die standing than to kneel down for life.      

                It is an online platform for the youth to express themselves on issues of critical importance, an open space for the expression of ideas and opinions. Our sole objective is to unite our unconcerned modern youth under one head so that the voice of  YOUTH INDIA never fails to reach out to a mass audience and like-minded people out there.We write about everything that captures the imagination of today’s youth, with an emphasis on making a meaningful difference to society.

 We aim to become one of the most prolific website around, presenting youth views, opinions, analysis and reports on issues that matter.

 We invite you to join us and convey your ideas, views, opinions and grief to the world.

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