Go Anna Free!



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       let’s Go Carbon Free, Go Sugar Free, Go Cholesterol Free and Let’s Go Anna Free for now.

It’s not about the first, second or even third page, but Anna has reached still the tenth page of the daily journals. Name it and he is there, from newspapers in different languages to the various magazines and blogs like the present one “ANNA ANNA AANA”.

Questions are many, solutions are few. For some, he has instilled the tablets of patriotism for the nation while for others he has recalled the lost Gandhian principles. I often wonder if Gandhi Ji would be sitting in the heaven reading journals comprising all about Anna, would wear a T-shirt with a funky quote on it “I Love Anna” like people do for Salman and Sharukh. The answer has been simple; no person could read better the psychology of a human mind than what these media-men do.

They have bought the Anna ink from the cheap Wholesale market and have further gone endless in printing journals out of it. There has been a stock market that has crashed, British office being attacked in Afghanistan, Dhoni & Co ready to make a 0-4 and a new version of Swift to be launched soon by Maruti Suzuki.

Even the guardian and the economist in London have started mentioning him. Anna has been a hot cup for daily bulletin, but certainly it’s not a fight for nation interest, but describing what is national interest.

Is the voice against the corruption prevalent a matter of national interest or the voice against the elected government?

Certainly, the present day Journalist has inflicted the minds of their reader. They are no more a thinker in the present day society; they have been hard on reading text which may infuse their thinking bulbs.

It’s not wise, to relate this old socialist activist having some affiliations with other political parties, but he has been hard on the present-day Congress from the state-level to the centre. The issue is not in relation with it a political party, but has Anna being trying to relate himself with ‘Anarchism’.

It’s no secret that one single person has shivered the Prime Minister’s Office, no secret he fights for a noble cause, no secret he is doing something which should have been done by someone amongst us. Has he taken the right track or would his sheer arrogance disturb the Indian Society for even worse. Columns have been filled while one-minute bulletin flashes with slogans like, “Fight for Corruption” and “Death of Democracy” but no great has analyzed the impact of Jan LokPal Bill. How good it would be to bring Prime Minister’s Office? Won’t it kill the independence of Judiciary? 

Let’s command our brains to think, let’s command our souls to be stir, let’s command our eyes to see. Let’s not follow others blindly, let’s bring our own perception. Candle-lights are not a solution, but just a perception and support towards one form of solution that one attains.
GO Anna Free!!!


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  1. Nice one!
    Bold topic to post on… 🙂

  2. The response Anna is getting is because the present government has taken the corruption to the levels that could not be imagined.
    The way politicians are behaving and issuing the statements, shows that they consider themselves as the bosses and the citizens as slaves.
    The present popular support Anna is getting is long overdue. Anna happens to be the pivot to the sentiments of the Indian citizens.
    There is nothing wrong in introducing strong laws and debating over them. The present congress government has violated all laws of justice by their corrupt practice and they need to be brought to the book.
    If we cannot book the government, Criminals will think that by being part of the government they can commit any crime. This is exactly what is happening now in India. Make no mistake, The present government is criminal one as it has committed crime against the country.

  3. dude ur article looks as if its edited by the indian national congress , it seems as if u r on the wrong side of the river , think logically about the positive outcome of the lokpal bill, the positives are way more than the negatives , i think it would be a shame if intellectuals like u dont support the lokpal !!!!!!!!

    • Killing corruption in the country is equivalent to killing prostitution in the country. It may have more positive point than negative, i won’t contest on that but aren’t the negatives more threatening to our culture than they were before. Judiciary could never be under any form of inspection, it violates the name itself.

  4. When Anna was arrested it was against the democratic norms. Peaceful protest is our right. Prevention of our right is undemocratic and Congress if very famous from Indira Gandhi days not to respect democracy.
    In our country Democracy exists but may not be perfect, Decent people also exist but are limited.
    Good and bad men exist from time immemorial. The fight from Good and Bad is again from time immemorial. It is the law of nature. So why oppose Anna’s movement against corrupt government. If you see, he has the mass support. If you study history people with mass support are the leaders. And we must learn to respect people’s wishes, that is democracy.

    • Anna Hazare’s arrest was needed to maintain public peace.Delhi Police did give permission to Anna for fast subject to certain conditions. On August 13, 2011 the Delhi police informed the applicants that the permission will be granted at JP Park subjected to conditions. Delhi Police wanted them to sign an undertaking. On August 15 the organisers refused to accept six of the conditions. Delhi Police informed the applicants since they have refused the conditions, permission will not be granted. Prohibitory orders under Section 144 were imposed in and around JP Park.
      I request you to read the topic again and get the message derived from it. It is the people in Media that make a difference, nothing happened as per the violations of the democracy.

  5. Has the public peace now lost? There you have lost your argument
    Has not congress party Rahul Gandhi violated Section 144, There your true colors are out
    Only criminal elements can create problems now, you are one of them
    Every one of us have every right to moblize the masses to protest.
    There can be no restrictions on these by the police or the government.
    The government and the police are free to supervise and ensure unlawful activities

    • I often wonder, whether the Anna way of movement is a new categorized medium of public peace or is it just that peace is just a fancy index out there. I don’t consider Rahul to be a youth icon for the nation, but for what our we debating today? Everything against,what we made happen by electing these ministers in 2009.
      The trouble with Gandhian followers is that they kind of reduce Gandhi to various frameworks without having a clear and abstract understanding of his ideas..When Babu had his protest it was done with harmony and peace and it was his protest that the British men, where made our friends while Anna today has made our men, enemy.
      What is worse is that this self-declared Gandhian comes out and says he will not get his deposit in elections if contested, a direct way of accepting that he is not a representation of any constituency, let alone entire India.

  6. Mahatma Gandhi freed us only from Britishers and our corrupt politicians took over britishers. The existing system where by our corrupt politicians are elected once in 5 years has provided no freedom to the common man.
    The political class is controlling the common man rather than being at service to the common man. In this sense we have no freedom – Britishers or our own corrupt politicians.
    We see this as an opportunity to change this system. You are at liberty to stay put servicing this political class.

    • You have hit the nail on the head !
      “Efficiency”, “Stability”, “Protection”…………………………..
      No other but we the human beings have to work and sleep in this nation state.

      Are the more blankets of inspections a solution or a better and moderate amendments.

      I often wonder and your statement makes me even more, Are we in some Demotorial Dictatorship?

      The best form of democracy is to blame the ones who make you stand.

      Ooh !!!! I need a second independence, may be my grand daughter would witness the third for genetic mutations.

  7. Evolution is a process that never has stopped and will never stop. Communism was started differently and now in a different state. Rebellion happened in Russia [which broke into pieces] , China, in Libya.
    our own maoist problems, friction between neighboring countries, Friction within our own society are part of life. Nothing in this world static and as per our expectations.
    The corrpution movement is actually a class struggle between the common man – who has been left out by the political class.
    The very fact people are supporting this in majority is the proof for the same. I am also supporting Anna Hazare for the same reason.
    Academically I am more educated than Anna Hazare, one of the handful expert in my chosen area in the country, but I cannot do what Anna Hazare can do. My academic views, theoretical views are better confined to my field of expertise and I cannot behave like an insensitive intellectual who cannot understand the public sentiments.

  8. If this happens to be a class struggle, where would the Indian Dali-ts lie under. They have already protested against this form of violations by Anna.

    In reference with Russia, do you want a separate Arunachal, Punjab and Kashmir.

    Public sentiments would just bring be back to the notion,”Isn’t it the public that starts corruption”.

  9. who said dalits are suppressed now? Many of them are much better off than the so called non-dalits.

    I suffered because of them, because they just got admission every where with just pass marks compared to my excellent scores in engineering . That was during 1970’s when admissions, jobs were scarce.

    In the UP you have the Dalits leading [of course with support from forward class]

    DMK in tamil nadu came with the plank of Anti Hindi and Anti Brahmin plank.

    Struggle will exist every where against establishment. In case of Anna, he just was able to identify a common thread in the major portion of the India and mobilize the support. Otherwise as in earlier cases, his struggle would have been with narrow support.

    it is said, he started with his village, later with his state, now only he has reached the national level.

    Some one published the list of awards that he has received, including those awarded by our central govenment [few Padma Awards]. The list is nearly 30 titles long. Can the government ignore a movement from a person whom they have awarded with their highest titles?

    There is still friction between the Hindus and Muslims, which our political class use for their advantages. People forget, Hiduism was never discovered or found, it was there all along as long as we Indians existed. Hinduism is perhaps a way of describing the original Indians in India.

    The Islam was however was found and many Indians got coverted to Islam/Muslim. The same people are now against the Hindu’s – without possibly realizing that their roots may be originally Indian or Hindu.

    The Dalit system that you mentioned is a type of class, Just like the common man – political class exist today.

    Greediness is the property of the human beings only, which makes them to try control others, resulting in ever present fricition , evolution , struggle. Human beings do not tolerate a system for long and tries to keep this changing to what they consider is better for them.

    For centuries human being lived without electricity and the present day comforts, but, today we are asking more and more of these comforts and trying to deplete our mother earth. Have we put an end to this? We do not want to – because we are greedy.

  10. mr. abhinav i have never read such a corrupt article…..God bless u…!!

  11. Mr. abhinav your profile picture says it all…!!

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