A face of my Life


                          In the journey of life I found some faces

                                   The faces which left dark traces.

                             Some faces made me smile at nights,

                                     Some faces made me cry.

Of all those faces you are the one face  →

In spite of all happenings you are the one ACE,

You don’t know my SWEETY

What I did to be witty

             I’ve become a complete CLOWN.

“Not even renown”

                               She says to forget the love
       And you know what my SWEETY In life of a lover, love is all above
                                     Nothing can even shove.

So my dear SWEETY never ever feel pity
Because in the journey of life everybody finds some faces,

The faces which leaves dark traces.
And in my life you are the one face, undoubtedly ace.


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  1. Mayank Pandey

    very true

  2. nice one sir…..
    nice poem….

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