BCCI- Tell me why?

If you have a bug for the cricket credentials who restrict you to watch your favorites play, it is the time to ask..!!

Respected BCCI ,
Kindly tell me why was he dropped?


Fan supporter club  ,

It happened in 2005 when ‘DADA’ got dropped from the squad, it happened again on some issues with Laxman while on others with Dravid and Kumble. What made Greg Chappel the coach, Why Eden Gardens being ignored? Which broadcaster gets what to broadcast, on what basis? If the anger still penetrates in your mind, let’s question these culprits for now.

The echo is high up in the sky, the quest is for an answer for which the country waits in anticipation and eagerness. It is the time for the countrymen, countrymen for whom ‘DADA’ resides as the God and Cricket as a religion.
Although RTI has a different application which is not in consent with the squad selection, it strictly kills the devil inside the management. It kills the culprits who govern it as a business-driven profit model making players nothing worse than stock driven. It is the profit driven model that calls Dravid, Ganguly on the requisite, dumping their sportsmen spirit at large.

The bullet has already being triggered by Ajay Maken, the Honorable Sports Minister of India for the refusal made by BCCI to come under RTI. Maken has slapped BCCI for acquiring government funds indirectly by land facilities and tax-subsidies that they enjoy.

“Ajay Maken has lost the moral right to continue. He should resign”
– Senior BCCI Official

Well, it is the Board of Cricket Control in India that comprises all the moral rights, the morality that makes cricket culture fair at large. I often wonder whether I should contemplate BCCI as an argumentative bold body that can debate with courage or a typical man of black and white suit.

It is often said, the crony capitalist have no morality of their own.

Certainly, BCCI has nothing more than to fall in that function. But the issue involves around questioning to that of others. Has BCCI gained enough integrity to question the parliamentarians like Anna Hazare? Certainly, No they haven’t.

The Next Tax-Heaven
It’s no secret, they are financially the biggest cricket organization present around the globe and the fish gained more weight after the launch of its own league. Further, they account for tax holidays on account of cricket promotion. It honestly snoozes me when my ear drums penetrate of hearing “Cricket Promotion”

Though common salt has more importance, it is cricket in india that dominates.

It marks upon the prestigious tax benefits that the organization attains. They are nothing less than a heaven, days are not far off when people would contest to work at BCCI. Just as they do in banks these days.

Let’s Bring BCCI Under RTI!!!

Let’s Revolt!!!


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