“Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai, Ajab Sa Risk Hai”

               Location:  North Campus (Delhi University),                                                                      Bonta Park                                                                                              6:30 PM

She stretched her hand towards me.

I could feel the numbness of her, something that distances cool air from my skin. I fought to open my mouth or stretch a finger, but nothing.
“Harsh….” she whispered in a soft accent.

I can recognize that sweet voice & soft touch anywhere on this planet.
Somehow, I manage to smile & look back at her…

She was fighting with her eyelids, trying desperate not to get them wet.

Suddenly, I became aware of my ringing cell phone, Zaky our mutual friend had called-up:

A conversation between me and Zaky:-

Zaky: I heard you broke-up with Princess?
Me: Not exactly, I can never blew her off, eh-mm

Zaky: Dude be clear….!

*I looked at the princess face… her eyes were shut tightly. I know there was pain behind her eyelids, I wish I could take that pain away , but I could not*

Me: Zaky brother, I am occupied with some important work, I will call you back. I hang-up the phone and turned it off…I held her hand and walked away, trying to leave the Bonta and sadness behind.

“Everyone hate sadness, but sadness love us, It never leaves us alone.”                                                                                                                              Location- IP College Women’s Hostel                                                                     (Room No. 27)                                                                                           8:00 PM

As we swung the door open, her friend Pooja gave us a warm welcome:

Pooja: Hey Harsh!
Me: Hi…

Pooja: What’s up? You both looking tense?
 Nothing, just tired of shopping you know your friend always suffers from shopping fatigue…….I replied back, though inside I know girls catch you badly when you lie, but the best part is that they never tell you on the face that they cracked it.

Princess sat down, with her back towards me

Pooja stood-up and said,”I am going to Ankita’s room, you guys can have quality time here” . Again the door swung and Pooja’s retreating footsteps, made me realize that the time has come….!

I rubbed Princess’ back. She turned her body towards me and  slipped face in the crook of my neck. I could feel the saltiness of her tears falling upon my neck. I know she didn’t want me to see her cry, so I held her close to me.

“Harsh, you know I planned my life to be with you and not without you but things seemed to be shattered.”

Me: My heart is shattered, but I haven’t lost hope on us, I never stopped and                                                                                              I’d never stopped either. I think of you every once in a while.

“Harsh, you know how I much I love you…!

Me: Are you asking me to wait?
Princess: Yes, I am. are you going to?

Come on Princess….You said your family is against our relationship because we are from different religions, You said you do not want to continue with this relationship, you asked to meet you for the one last time.

Princess: I know things are not going like I dreamed them to be, but I am scared to lose you.

We both were staring at each-other. Our eyes piercing each other’s soul searching for something that I don’t know but the act was cute in itself!

She Continued, “I know my family doesn’t favor our relationship, I know the boy (Mayank) who follow me every day after tuition wants to kill you, I know we are from different religions, I know our life-style is different, I know it Harsh but I couldn’t take my eyes from you…. Harsh, I love you.

For a second my world became stagnant and I got disappointed.

Sometime, it is too difficult to understand a girl especially when they get emotional and change their decisions (and it is often…!)

I was prepared for a break-up, but this seemed to be a new beginning.
I raise my concerns again: 

Are you sure about this? Well, we can wait if you want to…

Princess: I am sure; I want you in my life. I don’t want to waste anymore time being without you and listening to my family.

Me: *approaching a bit toward her*…..Well I am here now for you….I will be here forever.

Her phone started ringing.

My story was going good, but the devil called up. It was her dad on the other end. While she was on the phone I realized I hadn’t turned-on my phone, quickly, I did it…

No, I am not going to meet that boy again, okay dad, bye and she hung-up, looking at me *rolling her eyes & a cute smile adorned her face*

Her nose was looking so good, I just wanted to kiss her, but someone interrupted…
“knock-knock”       Pooja was back!

Pooja: Guys time-up, its 9:00 pmHarsh, you have to leave (Awww….Breathtaking moment for me and Princess)

Just give-us five more minutes…..I said

Pooja: Permission granted… and she left.

(Looking deeply at Princess) I asked, “Is this true?”

She replied”, this is true, this is our fate. You and me, no one will get between us.” Saying this she squeezed my hand.

*My heart was pumping fast. I felt such a rush of blood through my head.  Like a touch of Midas, she had sparkled my life again..*

“Guys, your five minutes are over, can I come inside….?”

Oh yes, you can, I replied back in fumble voice... Princess, I have to go.
Wait, I am coming….Princess said

Bye Pooja, take care….We shook hands!

Pooja: you both looking recharge again, no more Shopping tiredness, hmm… it seem something interesting happened in the last one hour, though the room doesn’t seem to messed-up!

Princess: Come on Poo… you know we can’t do that in hostel 😉

    Finally, a farewell to Pooja….

                            Location: IP College Women’s Hostel                                                                 (Outside Main Gate)
                                                    9:20 PM  

Her voice was much louder then the voice of a bitch barking somewhere, “Harsh you give me a reason to live. Don’t worry together we can achieve whatever we want. We can make us.”

Me: You give me hope and faith with your words. (Kissing her forehead) I do not want to live my life without you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you; I do not want to think anymore… I just want to be with you, my love.

Okay, Harsh, it’s too late now, you have to go.

Yes, I must leave before your guard arrives and the situation turn worse..

Okay, bye my loveshe said, again with that cute smile which can flatter anyone on the planet.

Bye, Princess…I would love to see you soon. A hand shook and I turned back to move,


What, I asked her? Be careful, from Mayank….Okay, take care!

Yeah, I will…Bye. * flying kiss *

         Location- __________                                                 Driving 😀                                                                                           9:45 PM

*Talking to myself*

Boys usually talk to themselves about their relationships, unlike girls who love to share things with their friends….

So, she loves me and I thought.….. huh, such a fool I am !

Some random thoughts poured in, showing me problems in my relationship with Princess….

Her family is against our relationship.

She belongs to different religion. My Mom would never give-up against this. 

This boy (Mayank) following her since last two years, can be a problem.

 If the security guard had came on time, it could have been a problem. 

What if she again came under her family pressure?

Her words, “I am not going to be in touch with Harsh in the future” to her dad.

 She also agreed no one can come between us…. Is she strong and firm enough to stand against her family?

God… so many Questions!!

Amidst all these mind boggling questions I played my stereo …

Suddenly a voice of Rahet Fateh Ali Khan, with Irshad Kamil lyrics and Sohail Sen music struck my ears, Ohh! this song is written for me only….I wondered

“Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai, Ajab Sa Risk Hai”

I decided to screw away all the problems coming along with Princess and drove like crazy listening to this crazy song!


About Harsh Sharma

Pursuing MA Economics, an avid listener of Music, a voracious reader & a writer by choice, writing enables me to express my feeling like nothing else... I believe the power of the pen can prevail over the power of the gun!

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  1. super duper tuper puper nuper like.. mr. harsh..~!

  2. 🙂

  3. oosommm yaaaaarrrrrrr…………………..is it true………???????????

  4. its really super….duper…………….nuper………………….

  5. Samarjeet Singh

    its beautifull……… cool imagination….good work…

  6. lol. magar title desi baki sab angrezi *)

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