Bhopal That Didn’t Happen!!!

It happens to be the worst industrial disaster of the century, when some chemicals of hard chemistry enters our society and burning the body from skin to the eyes. While the victims still prevail in distress, it is the compensation that hunts for an answer. It succumbed people with different chronic and cancer diseases accounting for more than 6 lakh people.


Every Story Has A Happy Ending!
The 27 –year Bhopal story is still searching for an answer to the solution. No court has yet condemned the person guilty of this tragedy. The amount of compensation to be is a pittance for a big industrialized American firm. Further, the actions processed by the Indian Government have been fairly ineffective. The story still lies in distress in search for an answer to end on a high note.

What made it Possible??

The accident has clearly stated the inadequate capitalist system and the lack of organizational ability of the system for the same. Like a simple Capitalist System that aims at profit maximization for a few, keeping the workers welfare and society aside.

  • The machine inspection program during the night hours had been at dismay, like a typical capitalist who finds such things unproductive with value.
  • In order to cut short the expenses the workers were reduced from 6 to 2 during the night hours.
  • To add more pills, the safety systems had been switched off to reduce the production costs.

It is has been excessively humiliating but it says something. It was never an accident that happened but poor arbit culture of the crony capitalist that played with the lives of several hundreds.


The Tragedy Rebates

Well, Capitalism has no space for any rebate. Bhopal incident have told us in general. Their first response had been to shirk the issue off, taking no responsibility altogether. A more pathetic situation had occurred when related to the Sikh terrorism relevant in those days. The height of Anderson’s business today has said it all.
While many have debated for compensation being equivalent to that received by a citizen in America, the courts in US had stated that for no jurisdiction to determine human worth of a life, especially for the citizens that reside in Less Developed world.
The reason India had never being harsh was the highly funded government bureaucrats and a negative impact that the country could have suffered on attracting foreign investment.

Knowing Further

Bhopal had worked on one basic system of social, economic and political decisions under Arjun Singh: maximizing profits! The Carbide firm firmly knew that the safety standards in lesser developed world like India is fairly low when compared with the US. Further, all the imperialist countries having operations in country like India want to maximize their own profit.
It violates the human labour laws and human rights prevalent in the judiciary system. It further embarks upon the bourgeoisie who always support the imperialist. Health and safety measures could only be understood and implemented through an efficient and planned state. The Capitalist driven government could only reform development for destruction.


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