Winter season….the season of minute joys….!

WINTER the season of paleness, barrenness and what not.!!! But have YOU ever tried to look beyond this paleness & barrenness??

If you would have observed…no life blooms in winter. It’s all barren and pale and dull in winters….cold windschilly handsdry skin….a complete bad and no-no atmosphere. But the point that most often is overlooked is the fact that winters actually preserves life. All new forms come to life only after winters.  All of us are like dull during winters (laziness is just an understatement) . It’s true one only enjoys and feels energized only when one has experienced dullness. These are minute things which might irritate you, but when understood…feels great…

This was just the scientific or let’s says the most acknowledged part of winters which almost everyone knows (still is often overlooked). But that part which I personally love the most is the stagnant nature of winter season. Although stagnant and stubbornness are some words which one should avoid, but winters has the joy to celebrate this dullness with cool breeze and lazy daisy mornings.

So it goes like this…

  • when do you most enjoy your tea or coffee..?
  • the warmness of your blankets and sweaters?
  • the comforting hot massages and the most important of all the beautifully warm and comforting sunrise???

    to these is the only  season which is now coming to YOUR MIND one and only winter season.

The soothing hotness of tea is best understood in winters. The cozy warm beds and blankets. The warm breaths for chilling hands never feels so mesmerizing as like in winters. The first rays of morning sun and the heat along the busy birds are some unforgettable moments of winters. The best part is the sleep-the deep and sound sleep just like an infant sleeping with all its vivid dreams.These are some most special attributes of winters which are mostly overlooked and taken for granted by us. Everything has a deep and comforting meaning when looked deep and this is what winters mean to me.

On a concluding note….winter is like a treasureyou get the opportunity to explore and actually enjoy every minute details of your regular habits with such a perspective that once perceived would never be lost.
P.S.- These are my feelings for the wonderful winters.


About Tanya Verma

i'm a student who enjoys n photography....

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  1. i like the editing done.. 😀 😀 😀

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