An Indian

 Below mentioned content criticizing Indians.                                      Read at your own risk.

India a conglomeration of 28 states and 7 union territories with population residing more than 1.210 Billion hearts. With 29 as major languages  and  184 as regional ones. We live on a landmass which has seen epics from medieval times and which is home for 330 million god n goddess .

Come on this isn’t something unknown to us. We Indians survive on everything.
We ate the recently Corruption Issues  rather the Anna Issue. Not to forget the High Court blasts. The Mumbai blastsThe scam issuesThe CWG fraudsters. What not!

Time and again we have new issues to look for so that we forget the old ones. Why don’t we acknowledge the war front soldiers who did make wonders at Kargil
Probably they are not portrayed in public as social icons.

Several blasts shake up the silence and peace of the place but in a way helps to define and strengthen the feeling of Indian. Does anyone care the security breach turmoil which the US government is facing right now on the fortnight of the decade of trashing twin towers? Do we? Certainly with a home of serial blasts in every 6 months or a terror attacks we are so used to it. The first 3 days just after the mishaps people are so furious on the government and the ongoings that sometimes it seems the following neta’s will surely be having a tough time. But thanks to the geographical borders tourists who secretly enter our homes plant few seeds of RDXand privately enjoy the V.V.I.P treatment in the most safest jails of the country!

Any citizen like me could do nothing but write the anguish and feelings for a disastrous end approaching end to our lives one day or the other.
God Forbid Who knows the next twin towers can be our ” India gate” and “The gate way of India”.
Though we make it sure we don’t receive  e-mails from any terrorists group, we will self appeal and invite and urge them to come and have a happy stay at our high profile jails.!~

!! Awake !! 


About Aaditya Jain

Myself aadi.. a friend lover thinker composer life enjoyer and a true arian..:) my habitatians say i'm great at motivating.. and i feel pretty much d same..:D Positive in way of living and i believe in standing for wat is correct.. baaki same an undergraduate , a abnormal cum normal college brat.. loves music like hell .. andin d free tym i even love to write draw eat ..everything including dance .. cricket.. travelling xploring..n njyng..:) over and out.

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  1. nice one adi ,gr8 skills you have got , nice observation and brilliant connection …..and not to forget the thinking power of your mind ….keep it up , practice n practice makes a man perfect …

  2. oh! great ankur for your feedback..:) very exicted.. and yup everyone has to improve..:) glad you responded..

  3. Awesome mann,, liked it a lot.!!

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