September Back

It happens to be the lament excuse with the most pronouncing mark that began the century. Certainly, a coffee-table discussion for a few while an opportunist politics who quotes the fancy but sovereign speeches. The twin-tower collapse and the pentagon that strikes the US dinner table with an ever enduring quote that haunts the US President with a nightmare….”Terriosm Happens to Make US Unsafe”.
The burning flames of fuel are witnessed again in the picture as the passenger planes had struck against those tall building. The chocking dust in the atmosphere with high amount of carbon content had made that night turn day, where the day’s heat still burn. While some paint on the invasion of Iraq others on the terrifying pictures of hooded prisoners in Abu Ghraib and the recent association of Bin Laden.
The pages in the calendar have once again been back on September with the Festival of 9/11 that continues on.

“War on Terror” But With Whom???

It has often been described as the war, won’t contest on it. The reply I put forward, “A war has the existence of two different armies.” Further, it comprise of two or more different government that declare the start of war and end it. A tussle with Al-Queda makes it no less but some heap sandy football game. It is not even a nation-state to embark. Just a terrorist organization that has its supporters in scattered distress, operations in shadow and the aims being vague enough.

It recalls back the Marxist ideology, individual terrorism is not a productive function and plays hard with the conflicts among the ruling elites. It disrupts the common civil societies with its economy and trade, who had no price attached on the war. It plays heavily in the hands of Big American Business Bureaucrats who got free functioning from the Bush-Administrator to pursue business in Middle East on a large scale.

The Imperialism
The US battles today in quest to broadcast their military strength. The number injured in US are far lesser than in other states, still US requires all sovereignty and revenge for things that didn’t even happen.
It’s no secret the 9/11 battle had been a demonstration of aggression to set-up the military mechanism for the power domination. The canon of strong militants, proclaiming themselves to be a Superpower.
When India bashes Kenya in Cricket, people of Kenya call India a champion, not the Kangaroos.
US happens to create imperialism, it could be real or even be imaginary proclaiming the foreign wars that seek justice. Those high screams in the sky making people recall the “Pearl Harbor”, “Maine”. The Osama’s association just adds to it.

Bush Vs Osama-cum Obama
The battle that bush fought was more a personal conflict in his own senate and internal conflicts that led to the revolt against Osama. Initially it had all begun with the Soviet Union tussle, when they happened to be friends. Similarly, The Obama as a president and the withdrawals of troops could be marked upon The Republican- Democrat conflicts.
A battle of few that injured many, some to death while others to wounds and fear. The global insecurity that happens around the world was just a conflict by a few.

Another September, Another Condolence!!!!!!!


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