Privacy, oh crap.. nothing is private here!

Privacy -an idea that is rapidly vanishing under the concerted assault of social media and aggressive marketing.

Nowadays, it seems to be an endangered concept. I don’t know about you, but I find it incredibly annoying when my privacy is breached. Yes, yes! You heard it right. I’m not willing to share my personal experiences with the whole world. I believe that private life should be kept private. I hate making my personal life a public property by posting it on the internet. In other words, I have a peculiar horror of sharing my private moments with people on a public forum.

But when I look around I seem to be a part of minority. Majority is consisting of people who see nothing amiss in sharing every moment of their lives. It’s almost as if they don’t believe that any event has truly occurred until it has been shared with the world via Internet- and someone has pressed the “like” button or posted a comment. It is really amazing to see youngsters who don’t like their parents interfering even a bit in their lives, are propagating trivial things on Facebook or via their tweets. They have actually become enslaved by these social networking sites.

I have always wondered how people can share every second of their lives and make it public news for no reason!! Whatever it is, one thing is pretty clear that in today’s scenario people want validation for every moment of their lives– and they can only get that by sharing every single detail of their routines online.

 I leave it on the readers to decide ” Is it a genuine desire to share everything with others or is it AN ATTENTION GRABBING ACT ???????


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  1. i enjoyed the whole journey for reading and travelling to a well knwon factor of myself and almost “many other”
    It’s almost as if … like button..” dis line was the loveliest.. and so true..:)
    good work ma’am..;):D

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