In this competitive world where would the underdogs go?

India has been witnessing a lot of inflation lately.But a straight hike in the field of education is something seen only in India. No. No.! I am not talking about the donations and the fee structure (these criteria’s have a permanent inflation rate in them) but the sky touching percentages and cut-offs.
This year’s AISSE examination 12th board examination had overwhelming results (with four students securing 100 on 100 in English as a subject from Chennai region) which is appreciable on the part of the education system of India. However, what about the underdogs….the non-achievers? Where would they go? Is a bunch of achievers pushing the future of others in dark?


Moreover, this “yes” is firmly supported by the impossible cut-offs limitations set by the well renowned college.SHREE RAM COLLEGE OF COMMERCE (which was forced to be lowered down). Even the “not so renowned colleges” have raised their cutoff stands and the authorities seem to have forgotten about the average grade students.The so-called group of non-achievers? Where would they go?

Our voices are often misunderstood and that is what might be happening in the minds of the readers reading this article. Well I am not advocating against the achievers because I know it requires a lot of hard work and consistency to achieve such results, which is commendable.However, the question again comes to the same point-what about those who were not able to achieve? Who are not so intelligent?

This competitive 21st century has turned cruel to those who can’t prove themselves.This world doesn’t let them survive.And it can actually be witnessed everywhere. A student cannot get admission in a good college because of its demand. Therefore, the hierarchy goes this way->


Moreover, the pressure that keeps on rising, ultimately leads to the forbidden things. People fail to face the world…so they escape. Escape in the form of SUICIDES or fall into deep DEPRESSIONS.

Who is responsible for all this?

Can this inflation be controlled?

Answers. Please answer.!


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i'm a student who enjoys n photography....

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