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Roomies Forever

Today I was fighting with loneliness after coming from office early, I am missing my roommates a lot, and nothing can fill that feeling of emptiness.
I know we were fighting all the times but still can’t resist the feeling of joy of the fights those pillow fights, , shut the light beat the right, GPL (I hope everybody knows this acronym),birthday bumps.→
Such messes all over the apartment, waiting for months to someone clean it and the waiting ends until the landlord comes to check the room or someone is coming to visit.

Drinking like a fish and then counting the money left for next peg and then somehow managing for a cheap one (sometimes deshi) .

Talking about each others girlfriends and their stories like “ Bro she looked at me today, not even this she even smiled” , imagine what they would reply on this…..depends.

Doing calculations and fights over monthly expenses.
Late night chats about topics like ghosts (I have seen, my friend has seen… etc), True love and crushes in colleges…

Understanding the unsaid, Pirated DVDs (all kind of), evening tea, snacks and smoke, Credit from roomies and everything.

I was having nothing but everything (my roommates: my best friends) with me at that time; Now I have everything but their memories.
I love my roommates…
Just planning for a second reunion..!


RA.One: Why and What??

Technically speaking Ra-One was a good attempt but not comparable to Robot. The story is about a game which is played very well throughout the story. A game designer makes a game inspired by his son’s views and for his son in which, villain is more powerful than the hero. The villain and hero (Robots) come out of the game in real world; which can be compared as Robot-Terminator Soup, to save the son of designer of the game.
The climax is already written and explained in the first half of the movie by the game designer. So, after first half you can watch the movie if you like watching video-games played by others. Adult comedy unnecessarily inserted in some scenes, sometimes it makes one think,was it comedy punch or something else.
Talking about the acting, SRK was not this bad before. Kareena totally resembled Katrina in terms of acting. Arjun Rampal and the child actor were much better than others.
Apart from technicality and animation NOTHING is there in the movie to make you feel entertained.
Don’t go after critic’s reviews they are paid enough for this movie, well I am neither a critic nor paid.
Why to watch: Kareena Kapoor’s looks, Animation, songs are good, And of course SRK fans should go for it ; if Salman’s fans can make bodyguard a hit then why not Ra-one.
Why not to watch: Weak Storyline, Roles exchanged (Kareena was acting as Robot while Robot SRK was sensible), PJs on the name of comedy, the first 15 minutes are insane.
                                                                                                 Rating: 2/5

Life and the game of Death!


Everyone here in this unreal world,
By his own yoke is trapped and curled
Be it children…. be it elders…. or be it any one…
Every self is chained begging to run.

Yet there’s a bond which plays its role…
It begins from heart… upto smile….through our soul.
It breaks every chain… of age or of caste…
It is the need of the hour…. Its meaning is vast.

Happiness can be a sweet … for a small child
It is self satisfaction for a person who is mild…
For a dying person…it’s his ultimate treasure…
And for a sports champ…it is his pleasure…

Happiness is something having no price…
It is a string that strengthens the ties….
Children shouting at an ice cream vendor,
Its like seeing Santa as a god’s messenger…

For a new bride…her Happy family…
For an unmarried one….a bunch of lily…
For a poor widow her sweet memories…
Happiness departs us from all our worries…

Happiness is the coil that takes friction out of life…
Happiness brings peace…without any strife
There are numerous other ways… for happiness to come..
Well…wait a bit….lemme tell you some…

When we make an invincible smile light up,
On faces once submerged on sadness’ cup,
When we show our kindness… to the poor
Happiness comes readily to the doer.

When we make our parent’s head go up with pride…
When they bless us solemnly, deep from inside.
When we smile or embrace…or just show our support…
To the one drowning in sorrow… it serves as a boat…

Happiness is a smile that lasts all the while…
It is a strong emotion… never out of style…
So people of the world…don’t you ever forget,
To feel the joy of happiness…lest you’ll regret…

Happiness is here. Happiness is there,
Happiness is every where… Happiness is every where….!

It’s all about “Karma” !!!

People say GOD exists for everyone,he is present everywhere. People look for him,be it good ones or bad ones and even believe that he will help because god is the almighty,the supreme creator and the father of all.
But how is it possible for god to help both good and bad people for accomplishing their goals???
For that we should not forget the god inside every living being in this universe, so how to identify the god within. For that I must say that

                                                                         “Our karma is our biggest God”

One gets rewarded according to their deeds. So, basically it’s all about the game of karma and winning this game leads to framing one’s destiny. The game of “karma” is similar to the game of “snakes and ladders”. The rules remain the same , the only difference lies in the meaning of winning and losing.

So the RULES are somewhat like this….
• You get your way out upto the goal without any obstruction ( bites of snakes) by adhering to your duties and the task allotted to you.
Doing good to someone or for somebody by going off track awards you with ladders (big or small depends on the deed) to skip some few steps and get a shortcut to your goal of life.
• But,if you do something unacceptable i.e. bad to someone , you will get snake’s bite(hurdles) sooner or later and however hard you try,you won’t be able to achieve your goal. The bigger the bad deed,the longer the snake , the harsher is the effect.
•  GOD:THE SUPREME CREATOR is the judge and the score keeper.

With such simple rules , one frames the destiny of their life. So it is actually true that we are the one who make our destiny and no one else. A well-known saying;

                                                                                                 “God helps those who help themselves”
So play this simple game of karma carefully,as no other complicated thing works,it’s all upon you and as they rightly say….
It’s your own life(game) so keep it simple silly…!!!

The way we live….!

Let me first introduce ourselves, We are nobody’s living in the crowds of helpless, worthless and workless unskilled laborers.

We too have a body and a soul but have to live without an identity, What an Irony…!!!
Most of us only came into existence because parents consider us “Asset”, however the government calls us a Living liability, What an Irony…!!!
To support body and soul we work at various places (wherever we get work) but are still consider Unemployed, What an Irony…!!!

We are the actual examples of work in worship, but like always we are given the tag of an ideal people, What an Irony…!!!
We sweat all day either to build strong homes for the rich or schools for students or even hospitals for the patients, but our lives are full of Ironies. We neither have a  permanent place to live (technically no shelter over our heads) nor the privilege of holding a book or being treated as Doctor, What an Irony…!!!

And the story continues….

But we are survivors. We any how manage the three most basic needs of life food, shelter and clothing. We are the most persistent people on this earth and can be found working, no matter whether the country is facing recession or inflation, yet we still remain poor, What an Irony…!!!
Living in clusters and groups are standard norms of a worker’s life and yes of course many synonyms do exist. We call it home people call it slums and for politicians we are the great vote bank. Differentiation on the basis of caste and religion hardly ever existed in our lives (we were long ago excluded from the so-called developed world, yet still we are one of major sources of terrorism, What an Irony…!!!
With a life full of ironies and fate full of failures we still live everyday as if there’s not going to be a tomorrow and rise before the morning sun wakes up to achieve our ultimate goal in life,  What an Irony…!!!

A Little Malice- Revolution 2020

Where books became FMCG!
I am kind of bad at solving quant’s, trigonometry not my cup of tea and Mr. Engineer that went embedded with my name almost everywhere. Yes, I am a young Indian fellow aspired to be a part of Shinning India Campaign but my quant’s that separates me from the same. Family, Friends and Fame that flow with an aptitude for quant’s, being a student at IIT/IIM makes it all.

Just what the former President Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam has embarked upon creating a stronger India by 2020, the new book by Chetan Bhagat targets the complexities and the challenges to attain. From the World Bank Aid to clean the holy Ganges that in lieu of dirt and pollutants, the defective educational system of India that Jairam Ramesh often quotes and ending on the main stream Journalism that is often described bad and paid-up news bulletin. Everything is compiled up in with beauty in the form of a story- Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat.

It puts a nice picture, a picture of Gopal who finds it difficult to attain a seat in an engineering college while Raghav a childhood friend who although attains the qualification of an engineer happens to become a journalist in a battle to fight against the bad media and corruption. To add a little more spice in the story Aarti a typical Indian girl is depicted who fails with her love between good and bad.
Honestly, this made me almost cry out. A battle between the corruption, money, love and quant’s is highly depicted in picture which often leads to sorrow and sympathy but no solution.

Why are the Indian Face with so many controversies and complexities?
Are they the son/daughter of a lesser god?

The question of one’s willingness is often challenged with the culture. Aarti desire for an airhostess is curbed up while Raghav almost lost his journalism and Gopal becomes a wealthy edupreneur with no education at the graduation stage.
The love triangle depicted is truly a functional phenomenon of one’s daily life. Aarti is a confused person while being in relation with Raghav, she had always kept giving wrong signals to Gopal and tried hard to run from a dilemma whether she wanted to be in relationship with Gopal. While Raghav happens not to estimate the fact of being in relationship it is Gopal who still finds Aarti as her companion.
Nothing more to express, reading the same would help one understand the beauty of the novel.

Revolution 2020 A book worth reading!

Sex education- the need of the hour!!

The other day when I was trying to clear my messed up book-shelve (wondering how I manage to keep so many books under one roof?). Lost in the cleaning process, it was when my younger sister, 14 years old, came up to me to ask her endless questions that she wanted to discuss with me. Left with no other option, I dumped all my work aside, and sat down at the bay window of my room, with a cup of black coffee, to have the patience of hearing her blabbering.

The gossip was about a guy in her class, who out a mere fight, had teased her friend (Rina), mocking at her growing ‘breast’ , then how Rina started crying for being insulted in front of the entire class. And then, my sweet little sister told me, how uncomfortable she gets when boys in her class make fun of the girls.

This entire episode  made me wonder how children of her age are unaware about the nitty-gritty of ‘growing-up’ and this thought induced me to realize the importance of introducing ‘sex education’.

According to me, Sex education should not be just an option but also a necessity for teens nowadays. Children past the puberty stage need to be informed not only about body parts and the reproductive system, they are supposed to learn something deeper about relationships and safe sex, as these will teach them how to act responsibly when the time comes.

Adolescence- a time of both disorientation and discovery now describes the ‘tween’ (due to early-onset puberty) as well as ‘teen’ years between 9 and 19. It is a transitional phase of physical as well as mental development-No longer children but not yet adults, adolescents struggle with issues of independence and self-identity.

Kids of this age are naturally curious. Who knows that in order to solve their unanswered queries, they might make use of ‘internet’, or other media. And internet, being filled up with information of every sort, not able to distinguish between whether an elder or a 10 year old is surfing, might give them the ‘not-so-required’ data and force them to ‘experiment’ with sexuality. Thus, a planned and a systematic learning process of making the teens aware of the basics of the ‘phenomenon of getting mature’ should be taught.

Most young people become sexually active during adolescence. In the absence of right guidance and information, they are more likely to have multiple-partners for sex, which will lead to a rise in STDs ( sexually transmitted diseases). India with 2.47 million cases of HIV infected persons in the country and with sexual transmission being the predominant mode of HIV transmission.

Sex education is not only about relationships and intercourse. Teaching it also includes the stages of a person’s physical development, his body image, gender roles, and even his emotions. Sex education will take away the ignorance that can lead young adults to commit errors in their judgments as far as coupling and sexual interaction is concerned. With proper sex education, the incidence of teen pregnancy and irresponsible parenthood can be controlled. Sex education will also boost the confidence and self-esteem of children, which they seem to lose as they enter the puberty.Those with inadequate learning about the changes happening in their bodies end up being either afraid or confused about the situation they are facing. And if this dilemma is not addressed right away, the child may grow up shy and intimidated amidst other people.

Sex education is a gradual and an evolving process. It’s high time when the need to make the growing children aware of the changes in their bodies should be acknowledged. Introduction of sex education will definitely reap an informed and a healthy Gen-next!

Girls…respect them, they deserve it!

“The emotional, sexual and psychological stereotyping of females begin when the doctor says, “It’s a girl!”
– Shirley Chisholm

At first glance, the statement might not sound powerful enough to astound you, but even if it succeeds in touching the tiniest percentage of your conscience, well, it will recede in a while!

The glaring fact that girls are killed prematurely and women are bought and sold is a harsh reality of the society with which everyone is acquaintedBut the big questions is how many of us ponder over such issues or feel even inclined, forget about being bold enough, to work for a change.

At a time when the media is promoting several Bollywood flicks, the stock markets are booming, new technologically superior gadgets are making their way into our so called ‘Jet Life’, and Indians are ecstatic about having the richest man of the world in their midst, there are millions of impoverished and vulnerable women who are waiting with anguish their doomsday

Our past lies in the future. The society gradually seems to be moving from polygamy to polyandry!
Yes! The patriarchal society will soon move towards the marriages of one woman to five men, just as it was in the Mahabharata!

The high dowry demands during the marriage of a girl child are one of the most important reasons of female feoticide. With the alarming rate at which our society is exterminating small girls, it often makes me wonder whether this practice would actually enhance the value of women and small girls.

In India, preference of male child appears to be undiminished by socio-economic development: a ‘son’ is a support in old age. Also customs, in which the last rites of the parents are performed by the son, only go on to show how desirable a male-child is.

this discussion can go on and on. Therefore, it is time we took up this cause as  a social emergency and tackled it on all fronts.

The scenario is likely to improve with the upcoming development cells and bodies which work for women empowerment and education.

The whole new concept of feminism seems to bring a ray of hope. Education and employment of women is extremely essential. We have to do much for the womankind. They are, after all, women- our mothers, our creators! 

A Death Unsung (A girl story) : Child Marriage

The thing which comes to our mind on hearing the word- “Womanis epitome of sacrifice and selfless love. This is because they are portrayed that way by our ‘mass media’.

See ‘Balika Vadhu’ or the ‘Bidaai Sisters’ who must have shed tons of tears by now, but, still they bear it all. After all, they are the Bhaartiya Naaris and have to go through the Agni Pariksha time and again.

Most importantly, the mass media has once again raised the ever debatable and one of the most sensitive issues prevalent in the country- ‘Child Marriage’

In the early 1800’s, the birth of a female baby was looked down upon as an ill-omen. ‘Burden’ was the word used for the girl child. The insecure parents never realized that by marrying her off at the tender age of seven-eight years, they did not relieve themselves of any burden; instead, they jeopardized the innocent life.

A child, so young and naive, who had just about opened her eyes to the world, was handed over huge responsibilities, and before she could understand anything, the world completely changed for her. Little did she know that utensils would replace her dolls.

Woman often finds herself succumbing to the will of the society, for the sake of acceptance.

‘Her’ identity is often reduced to that of a commodity;
‘Her’ life, to an existence revolving around the whims of men.

The question is not about her merely listing the hardships of a woman’s life or crimes against her, nor is the solution as simple as a constitutional law; the situation demands an ‘ideological resolution’, as there is no other form of abuse that is more painful and more shameful than this.