Capitation fee- A curse!!

Liberalisation of economy in India has generated more wealth and a never satiating consumerism. Unfortunately even education has fallen into the clutches of consumerism and the economics of demand and supply. The increasing menace of capitation fee has become prevalent at the time of admission. Though it can be said with a certain amount of authority that there is nobody who likes to willingly part with hefty amounts, yet the practice seems to flourish. Leaving aside a few reputed and established names, most of the newly-sprung up schools and institutes  are no better than “teaching shops”.

The other day i had to visit A.P.J  School for admission of my nephew to the KG class. I contacted the admission incharge of the school and i was shocked to learn that the admission test is merely a formality. The admission will be granted not based on the merit of the child but on the parents capacity to pay a fat capitation fee of Rs. 10,000 to 30,000.

To me, it seems nothing short of corruption to seek funds in the name of providing quality education. Isn’t it a shame that in a country where education was once free , it is now being sold and that too at a price. This system is a fraud system which exploits the parents and is being carried out shamelessly with impunity.

The government should not remain a mute spectator and must take stringent action against these dealers of education and lay down as well as enforce strict laws to curb this evil practice. Accepting donations or capitation fee in admission should be declared illegal and a cognizable offence. All sections of society including parents, teachers, students and educationists should come up in arms against this system and force the educational institutions to discontinue this evil practice forthwith.


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  1. I completely agree , it is not only limited to schools but to the private colleges and universities , where students are being robbed on the management quota seats with huge donations . This is also a part and parcel of the corruption itself , the issue is that is this illegal ?

    if it is unreasonable and on the face of it looking a wrong practice , then it should be brought under the legal umbrella .

  2. Exactly!! this is d message that i wanted to convey .. Ankur 🙂

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