“Ladies Only”~! reservations..

The first coach in the moving direction of every METRO train is reserved for ladies,male passengers are requested not to board the coach reserved for ladies,
doing so is a punishable offence”

Last year on 2 nd October itself the ‘first coach in the direction of the moving train ‘ got reserved for
ladies and ‘male passengers were requested not to board this coach of the train’ doing which became a punishable offence…!! An act that was ironically implemented on the day, which, is famously, celebrated as the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi-the man behind our freedom and independence.

On the one hand, the metro marks our entry into a modern world, while on the other hand the women’s coach in the Delhi metro highlights the paradox that runs through our society.
A special coach for women, use of the color pink and flowery designs to mark the position of the reserved coach and a pink table at the checking centre simply show that despite India being a free nation the woman of our nation are still not free.Traditional conventions and patriarchal stereotypes still entrap our modern women.

Today the women are challenging men with as much force as they can muster. Both men and women walk together but despite all this they still travel in different coaches…!!!

There was a time in America when African American men traveled in separate coaches but with the passage of time, the American government became more sensible and understood that a separate coach for ‘blacks’ is racially discriminating but our government, it seems with passage of time, has lost all its senses. In spite of resolving the issues, it is adding on to the list of pending issues: the ‘ladies coach’ being one of them.

If the law reserving special coaches for blacks can be racially discriminating then isn’t the women’s coach in Delhi metro a part of gender discrimination??

Okay I agree the situation isn’t as bad as it was in America and a woman can travel in a general coach also if she wants to but isn’t there a general belief in the minds of some men that a girl travelling in men’s coach is waiting to be raped? I myself being a woman can give a first hand experience of travelling in a general coach: if you travel alone in a general coach the passengers stare at you as if you have committed a murder and they all are deciding the punishment you should receive for transgressing the ”masculine sphere”…!

Have the rapes in Delhi stopped?? Do women feel safer after the introduction of women’s coach in the metro?? I think no …every day at least one woman is raped in the capital. If our government thinks that secluding men from women will make women safer then probably, they should reserve one full state for women…! No men no tension…what can be more simpler than this…??

If men and women can study together, work together, live together then why can they not travel together? Why this whole business of reservation??

If the government really wants to help the women then they should take the incentives of making our women stronger. A country‘s prosperity and growth is measured by measuring the level of independence that the women of that particular country enjoy. Simply reserving a separate coach for them will not change anything.


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  1. Cheshta just want tosay..~!

    If government does something.. we blame it.. if dosnt we dont..~!

    secondly YUR mentioning the “male coaches” in 7th para.. desricbng as if being raped one..

    i ask you why you renamed general coaches to men..?

    the government did the reservation for women so that they dont have to fight for their existence and right.~! easing them to go for work and while returning home.. will help them and encourage them to work even more.. cheshta just imagine how exhausted one feels travelling and if in metro the peak hours..~!
    where in that time getting your speacial treatment as a reserved coach will at least lower their stress level that they can relax atleast in the journey..:):)

  2. i renamed general coaches as male coaches becoz that’s what those coaches have actually become…a woman has to fight for her existence,dignity,and rights anywhere she goes be it on road,college, office…..!!!!!!special treatment in a reserved coach aaditya jain you know wat… that reserved coach is sometimes more crowded than a general coach….!!!!!!!!
    the whole point of this article is that simply by secluding men from women won’t change anything….its the attitude of men towards women that needs to be changed…..women don’t want any special treatment all that they want is to be considered equal and free…!!!u said that the government did the reservation for women so that they dont have to fight for their existence and right.~! easing them to go for work …i ask u why does this “easing” comes in a separate coach ..?why can’t this easing come even in a general coach ?? that’s becoz the male attitude is still the same …so all i am saying is that the govt should instead of secluding the victims from the culprits should rather try to eradicate the culprits and the evil of patriarchy from our society….!!!

  3. well ! i agree with the chesta’s view point , as far as seclusion is concerned , it is very much correct because the women face complete discomfort in the crowded transportation system , also it is very reasonable to have separate coaches for them , but i liked her view point very much with regards to change in the attitude , certainly it is the quality men those a society today requires with the respect towards women that we need to have ….but on the point of patriarchal society , it is not at all there now , women has given ample protection by the law and the society itself to raise her voice with complete freedom and exercising her rights and integrity …

  4. okies bhai log i keep mum,…..:)

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