Story of an unborn girl child…..

It was a summer morning, When I was conceived
But my dad gave a warning I couldn’t believe….
I’m a few days old with a body that’s like a fold
Not much of a site not bigger then pies bite…

It’s the time after one month…I feel I almost weigh a ton
I now have a body with hands and legs with complete ends…         
I have been wondering for a while would I be able to be a good child??
But I’ll try my best “Mommy.YOU would be proud. Just take rest.!

Today I’m very happy and gay Passing my time with my girlie play
But my mom is a bit tired these days crying a lot and filling up bays
After three months of time my mom’s singing me a rhyme
And her face shines with tears streaming in lines

I know there’s something not right and I can sense the fight
I guess the days not right, but everything will be alright.
Today we are at doctor’s place, but I can sense my mom’s tensed face

The doctor looks at her long face. Is everything alright in my case?
Look there’s someone at my house A new toy I doubt
But it’s sucking my house this toy is bad take it out.
mommy “it’s hurting me”.! “It’s got my leg”~defend me

Ooooo my hands out of its place protect me
Stop this mommy YOU have got to free me.
Please free me.!

After one month.
It’s been long. Since YOU lost me
A fateful decision that YOU didn’t foresee
But mommy.I still love YOU don’t cry.I believe YOU
I will be waiting for YOU with open arms.

For that day would soon come when I would be welcomed.. by now YOU would already be knowing.
With lots of love mommy….from your unborn girl child…


About Tanya Verma

i'm a student who enjoys n photography....

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