Sexual harassment – The complexities

11th September , 2011
It is not even an hour yet, I heard of Anjali Gupta’s (Ex Indian Air Force Officer) suicide news, another case related to human rights. A case that leaves behind huge amount of room for investigation. Something that leaves a serious question mark on the very nature of sexual harassment, law against it and its complexity aspect.

Her story goes like this:

Ex-IAF officer, Anjali Gupta had committed suicide in Bhopal by hanging herself at a relative’s residence. On December 8, 2005, a military court in Bangalore ordered the dismissal of Indian Air Force Flying Officer Anjali Gupta from service, finding her guilty of the charges levied against her. Gupta was the first ever woman officer to be court martial-ed and stripped of her rank by the Indian Air Force. Seven charges – including insubordination, indiscipline and financial irregularity were slapped against her in 2005. Gupta had alleged that her superiors tried to sexually harass her. She was serving a private contract in Bangalore at the time of her death.
The very fact that cannot be denied is the need of sex for the human beings,  “Maslow Macgregor”, ranked it at the top of hierarchy of the social needs.

Also in the words of Dr Sigmund Freud, “every act of a man towards women more than normal course of action is desired to have sex with her”.

The complexity and difficulty to prove the charges of sexual harassment becomes the crux of the issue, also at times it has been found that it is misused by the feminist community to make an easy way like in case of Anjali Gupta . Well, it will be too early for us to verdict that the ingredient that led to her suicide was her dismissal from IAF.
Somewhere the connection of pleasure concept with egos proves a fatal connection in these matters.
What exactly happens behind the four walls of the room cannot be known to the world as it is protected under right to privacy. For now it just leads to another debate as how long this opposite sex wars will continue?
And how long will it take for civilized beings to understand that the notions for the humans towards fulfilling their sexual needs are necessary for living a healthy moral life?


About Ankur Mudgal

you may call me a thinker in the shoes of a philosopher , a very straight forward character , simple at the same time and feels that have a gr8 writer in me , a teenage poet as well , rest normal like other , love making friends , like to chill out with them , reading and writing are my hobbies and cricket is my favorite game, love to hit the gym , yoga and meditation are my strength ,i love social networking , that is because , i loves to knw about ppl a lot ....

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  1. its so horrible …………..kahi to stop hona…………

  2. great job dear
    india ma har tharaf se crime bad rha or fhir ab cyber crime
    ko rukne ke liye kuch na kuch to karna hoga he
    plz kuch aisa ho sake ki kisi ki bhi fake id ka pata lagaya ja sake to fhir maja he aa jayeeeeeeee
    fhir koi bhi fake id ka rong use nai kar sake ga

  3. suicide is not a answer of harasment
    anjali gupta is a verey verey specail women becuse she is a frist flaying officer women in india army..
    so plz if some 1 doing something rong wid u then u give a big reply on him face but suicide is a not a answer of harasment …
    thanks 4 this article

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