A Little Malice- Revolution 2020

Where books became FMCG!
I am kind of bad at solving quant’s, trigonometry not my cup of tea and Mr. Engineer that went embedded with my name almost everywhere. Yes, I am a young Indian fellow aspired to be a part of Shinning India Campaign but my quant’s that separates me from the same. Family, Friends and Fame that flow with an aptitude for quant’s, being a student at IIT/IIM makes it all.

Just what the former President Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam has embarked upon creating a stronger India by 2020, the new book by Chetan Bhagat targets the complexities and the challenges to attain. From the World Bank Aid to clean the holy Ganges that in lieu of dirt and pollutants, the defective educational system of India that Jairam Ramesh often quotes and ending on the main stream Journalism that is often described bad and paid-up news bulletin. Everything is compiled up in with beauty in the form of a story- Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat.

It puts a nice picture, a picture of Gopal who finds it difficult to attain a seat in an engineering college while Raghav a childhood friend who although attains the qualification of an engineer happens to become a journalist in a battle to fight against the bad media and corruption. To add a little more spice in the story Aarti a typical Indian girl is depicted who fails with her love between good and bad.
Honestly, this made me almost cry out. A battle between the corruption, money, love and quant’s is highly depicted in picture which often leads to sorrow and sympathy but no solution.

Why are the Indian Face with so many controversies and complexities?
Are they the son/daughter of a lesser god?

The question of one’s willingness is often challenged with the culture. Aarti desire for an airhostess is curbed up while Raghav almost lost his journalism and Gopal becomes a wealthy edupreneur with no education at the graduation stage.
The love triangle depicted is truly a functional phenomenon of one’s daily life. Aarti is a confused person while being in relation with Raghav, she had always kept giving wrong signals to Gopal and tried hard to run from a dilemma whether she wanted to be in relationship with Gopal. While Raghav happens not to estimate the fact of being in relationship it is Gopal who still finds Aarti as her companion.
Nothing more to express, reading the same would help one understand the beauty of the novel.

Revolution 2020 A book worth reading!


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