The way we live….!

Let me first introduce ourselves, We are nobody’s living in the crowds of helpless, worthless and workless unskilled laborers.

We too have a body and a soul but have to live without an identity, What an Irony…!!!
Most of us only came into existence because parents consider us “Asset”, however the government calls us a Living liability, What an Irony…!!!
To support body and soul we work at various places (wherever we get work) but are still consider Unemployed, What an Irony…!!!

We are the actual examples of work in worship, but like always we are given the tag of an ideal people, What an Irony…!!!
We sweat all day either to build strong homes for the rich or schools for students or even hospitals for the patients, but our lives are full of Ironies. We neither have a  permanent place to live (technically no shelter over our heads) nor the privilege of holding a book or being treated as Doctor, What an Irony…!!!

And the story continues….

But we are survivors. We any how manage the three most basic needs of life food, shelter and clothing. We are the most persistent people on this earth and can be found working, no matter whether the country is facing recession or inflation, yet we still remain poor, What an Irony…!!!
Living in clusters and groups are standard norms of a worker’s life and yes of course many synonyms do exist. We call it home people call it slums and for politicians we are the great vote bank. Differentiation on the basis of caste and religion hardly ever existed in our lives (we were long ago excluded from the so-called developed world, yet still we are one of major sources of terrorism, What an Irony…!!!
With a life full of ironies and fate full of failures we still live everyday as if there’s not going to be a tomorrow and rise before the morning sun wakes up to achieve our ultimate goal in life,  What an Irony…!!!


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i'm a student who enjoys n photography....

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  1. Tanya gal ….its a fantastic display of Indians interrelation with ironies ….basically lower middle class picture and true ……but still there is lot left …let us defy the given and build new tomorrow , let us accept our existence which is much and far better than existing few decades back …..
    Dont compare , let us prepare and repair …..
    lets dont be so selfish ,
    thinking that we are small fish ….
    there is till lot left do gain ,
    let us give life a meaning ….
    life is life and has respect in its own living …

    • realli true….u knw…i wrote dis particular article bcoz of this very reason….der was dis construction goin on in my skul….i usually sit by window…so dese people were bsy wid their jobs….bt d fact dat rang a bell in my head was….dey are wrkin in a skul bt wnt have d opportunity of holdin a book ever in their lyftym….
      its realli sad….n d fact dat saddens me even more is….general perspective of ppl towards dem (includin me)….n after wat i wrote….i have developed new perceptions…n would b doin my bit in every possible way….:)

  2. n thnku…for ur d first one to comment on my wrk…:D

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