Life and the game of Death!

It was 17 March, 1992 when I started on this beautiful yet intriguing
journey called ‘Life’. And though, I haven’t got my Wisdom Tooth
yet, but I’ve seen, felt & gone painstakingly through the intricacies of
Standing at the dawn of my teenage, I’ve had my own experiences of
Life & Death, success & failure, Love & hatred, fear & anger, besides
many more… These emotions, might, years later, become one of
those memories at which we look back & have a good laugh
about, yet, for me, they’ve been important.
I’ve always had a ‘way’ to deal with my feelings… enjoying success,
sharing sorrows, facing difficulties, accepting defeat, learning
from mistakes, running in the arms of parents when scared & even
making excuses for failures. Anyhow, I’d always made sure that I
‘won’ over my feelings. This I did for the 17 years of my life..but then..
” It isn’t ‘us’ who play the game of ‘Life’…it’s the ‘Life’ that plays
with us, the game of Death…”

Everything was going the way it had always been…ups & downs, success
& failures. Life was ‘moving on’. But one BAD, VERY BAD day…Life stopped.

I was busy mugging up formulae’s for my chemistry practical exam, which,
to my surprise, went quite well, and I went home in a good fashion.
The front door which was usually kept open for me was locked.
My neighbor gave me the key & told me that everyone had gone
to my cousin’s place. She said my cousin is no more.
I took the key. Said nothing & went straight to my bedroom. I sat
there & looked nowhere. Soon, tears rolled down from my eyes &
I wiped them off in anger. I wanted to scream, to hide, to run away,
to escape…but I couldn’t& I hated it. I was scared. I was angry.
I was sad. I cried, but not hard enough to reach God’s ears. I ran but not
far enough to escape the damned reality.

I couldn’t see my brother for one last time. He left behind his
wife & 2 teenaged daughters. There was NOTHING about the
incident that I could justify as being “for the greater good”.

“He was suffering & was ill…”
So what? People do get cured.
“God loved him more…”
Crap! There’re people who loved him far more than Him!
“He’d be happy now…”
No way… he wanted to live happily with his family.

No excuses. No justifications. No acceptance. Nothing ever made
me come over that. It was bad. It was cruel.

I don’t want to use my brother’s death as a tear jerking
climax to some tragic story. I just wanted to say that Death
is the Ultimate Reality of Life which no one can ever escape.
And now, after 19 years of my Life, I’ve learnt this One Amazing
Thing about Life…

“All through our lives, we keep asking others & ourselves about
the meaning & the purpose of Life. We spend our lives thinking
about how to make our future life better. And, though we all have
this thought deep inside our hearts, we are too scared to admit it.
Whatever we do in our present is done to beautify, not the immediate
future, but to beautify the last hour of our death. No one wants to die alone
in a dark dingy cell. Yet, at a time when money and power influence most spheres of our
lives, our mind too, has not remained untouched. We keep chasing after the money,
the power, attention of people, & all the rest monitory gains..! But just think about it once,
will your money, your degrees, your clothes, & your so called ‘status’ decide how many
people will be there by your side at the time of your death? Will these things decide
how many people will come at your funeral? Will these things decide whether people
will remember you after you’re gone? Your call.
It’ll only be ‘love’ & ‘respect’ that we’d be able to earn in the course of our lives.
The purpose of our lives is not to survive in the present life, but to survive after we
are gone. Appreciate what you think deserves your appreciation. Love people who
love you. Tell them that you care and stand by your word. Give time to your family and
friends when you can. Make people happy. Else you’ll pine for the time when
they are gone…or YOU are gone…Life is precious; don’t turn it into a waste!
Spread love. That way you’ll live after your life, that way, you’ll win over life!
Loads of people die daily, be the one who lives after death- in hearts…
in memories…
You will never know when life plays a trick.
Don’t waste your life…Just Don’t …!!


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