RA.One: Why and What??

Technically speaking Ra-One was a good attempt but not comparable to Robot. The story is about a game which is played very well throughout the story. A game designer makes a game inspired by his son’s views and for his son in which, villain is more powerful than the hero. The villain and hero (Robots) come out of the game in real world; which can be compared as Robot-Terminator Soup, to save the son of designer of the game.
The climax is already written and explained in the first half of the movie by the game designer. So, after first half you can watch the movie if you like watching video-games played by others. Adult comedy unnecessarily inserted in some scenes, sometimes it makes one think,was it comedy punch or something else.
Talking about the acting, SRK was not this bad before. Kareena totally resembled Katrina in terms of acting. Arjun Rampal and the child actor were much better than others.
Apart from technicality and animation NOTHING is there in the movie to make you feel entertained.
Don’t go after critic’s reviews they are paid enough for this movie, well I am neither a critic nor paid.
Why to watch: Kareena Kapoor’s looks, Animation, songs are good, And of course SRK fans should go for it ; if Salman’s fans can make bodyguard a hit then why not Ra-one.
Why not to watch: Weak Storyline, Roles exchanged (Kareena was acting as Robot while Robot SRK was sensible), PJs on the name of comedy, the first 15 minutes are insane.
                                                                                                 Rating: 2/5


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  1. really gr8 movie …a must watch 🙂 ……effects are awesome …kareeenaaa is hotttttttttt …n SrK asusual IS ROCKSTAR 😀

  2. I agree with you, Vaibhav!

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