Roomies Forever

Today I was fighting with loneliness after coming from office early, I am missing my roommates a lot, and nothing can fill that feeling of emptiness.
I know we were fighting all the times but still can’t resist the feeling of joy of the fights those pillow fights, , shut the light beat the right, GPL (I hope everybody knows this acronym),birthday bumps.→
Such messes all over the apartment, waiting for months to someone clean it and the waiting ends until the landlord comes to check the room or someone is coming to visit.

Drinking like a fish and then counting the money left for next peg and then somehow managing for a cheap one (sometimes deshi) .

Talking about each others girlfriends and their stories like “ Bro she looked at me today, not even this she even smiled” , imagine what they would reply on this…..depends.

Doing calculations and fights over monthly expenses.
Late night chats about topics like ghosts (I have seen, my friend has seen… etc), True love and crushes in colleges…

Understanding the unsaid, Pirated DVDs (all kind of), evening tea, snacks and smoke, Credit from roomies and everything.

I was having nothing but everything (my roommates: my best friends) with me at that time; Now I have everything but their memories.
I love my roommates…
Just planning for a second reunion..!


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