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Struggle, the salty experiences of life…!

Struggles of life….a journey never forgotten…. It makes you, It moulds you….but never leaves you rotten…                                                                                            It begins with every dawn….sometimes might leave you torn…                                                                                  But you have to fight….to have your future bright.

People struggle for position…to have identity with recognition
As for them…life is full of never ending expectation…

Fulfilling of which gives a soothing satisfaction.
So struggle everyday….struggle every night
Struggle for tomorrow…like there’s nothing so bright..!!

Struggles are those experiences you gather…
Which not only makes you and moulds you….but
Certainly takes you farther and farther…!!!


Sunny Leon: The NRI, Porn Star!

So finally The Thunder of Excitements for TV Industry has arrived.

We the people of India who just give a think of response to serious problems happening in our country through newspaper headlines or news channels till the coffee in our cup is not finished this tie not drinking our coffee because we got something new from mainstream news.

The Big Boss 5th Season which was counting its last days for survival gets something to cheer about.

The Sunny Leon the NRI, Porn Star  entered in the Big Trouble House.

Surely, this time it is a win -win situations for our TV Industry getting high TRP also  News Channel, Who are bored of showing the habitual scam, Corruptions etc, now they surely have some Crap to show for broadcasting on channels.

A big Questions, How our social Netas of Society are going to React over this step of news channels? More important the countrymen of our country for whom these Social Netas will rise the issues actually going to react? Finally, coming to the young generation of country. It has become a topic of Discussion in college canteens among the youngsters who don’t use to give a look at our Desi TV Channels. The most common lines of our Indian Society: “Foreign is Land of Opportunity and India is Land of Possibility.”

In end I wish Sunny Leon, have a good time in India & enjoy the stay at bigboss5. Don’t know why we get so excited with all these C grade Hollywood people coming here, these actors are not like the Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt’s of Hollywood. They’re almost nobody there but, let see if some bollywoods Director, give her a break in their movie (serious movie…:D)

Many of our film star have also experienced a C grade movies and she is somehow their related to  well known industry. Also if she didn’t get any offers from our bollywood industry, She gets a lots of people Indians peep in to her web.

This post has been written by Alam Sartaj (

As a guest author  (Critical Thinkers)

Everybody who blows a whistle ain’t a whistle blower!

The Distorted World of “Modi-phobe”

The word Narendra Modi has a certain ominous ring to it. Depending upon your political ideology, you either ‘prepare yourself to launch a verbal barrage of Gujarat riots, communalism, Muslim killer blah, blah, blah and close your ears to all development-under-Modi talk’ or ’you go on to defend his case passionately, quoting the Gujarat growth model under his leadership and refuse to accept the 2002 communal riots story.’

The word Narendra Modi does that. It makes you take sides without even giving a thought to issue at hand. It forces you to choose either black or white. No greys allowed. And the most interesting part of the story is, almost everybody seems to know a thing or two about him, or at least about his alleged complicity in the riots that blazed Gujarat 9 years back (which has been investigated by a SIT of the Supreme Court and now referred back to a lower court in Gujarat, on 12th September 2011) . Ask them where they came to know about it from, and they say “oh, it’s all over the media”. So it turns out that when the media itself is biased about some issue, say for e.g. if 100 voices drown a single upstream sailing voice and if those 100 voices are all that is visible, then what those 100 voices say automatically becomes the truth.

We are not going to discuss Mr. Modi’s alleged complicity in the 2002 communal riot or the development the state has made under his leadership. Probably you have already read too much on that lately. What we are going to do is talk about Sanjeev Bhatt instead. A name that immediately brings to mind the name of Narendra Modi. Here’s a brief prologue to the story we will be analyzing…

Sanjeev Bhatt, the man who was arrested on 30th September and released on bail a month ago, on 17th October, an SP hailed as ‘whistle blower’ of the Gujarat riot, is an IPS officer of the 1988 batch of Gujarat cadre.

It is likely that you have heard about him also since his arrest made the media launch a fresh wave of vilification campaign against the easy-to-hate Modi.  So, basically it is two reasons why he was in news recently: his arrest and his junior Mr. Pant’s complaint against him. Now the arrest of an IPS officer- or any civil servant for that matter happens under relatively extraordinary circumstances.

Before we get into those extraordinary circumstances, let’s have a look at his chequered career record :

  1. Tried in court for: Planting drugs in an innocent Rajasthan lawyer’s hotel room during his tenure as SP of Banaskantha, Gujarat (The National Human Rights Commission had passed strictures against Bhatt for “falsely involving a person in a criminal case”, a lawyer Mr. Sumer Singh Rajput, WELL BEFORE MODI APPEARED ON THE SCENE).
  2.  Rigging police recruitment and hence misusing authority (He was at the center of a recruitment scam that hit Gujarat during his tenure as SP of Banaskantha, Gujarat, in May 1996, again WELL BEFORE MODI APPEARED ON THE SCENE).
  3.  Committing atrocities by misusing the TADA(accused in one person’s custodial death on 18th November 1990 due to draconian application of TADA, during the “Bharat Bandh’ call in Jamnagar on 30/10/1990, again, needless to say, WELL BEFORE MODI APPEARED ON THE SCENE).
  4. Facilitating land grab(lodged false criminal case against the opponent of the person he helped under Prohibition Act WELL BEFORE NARENDRA MODI APPEARED ON THE SCENE)

Apart from these gross acts of shameful misconduct, he has also been charge sheeted for  Keeping more orderlies than the sanctioned number (charge sheeted on 30/09/1999, one funny incident-he kept 22 constables at his residence when posted as DCP in Rajkot!)

Latest episode of his violation filled career- the allegation that Bhatt bullied his junior, police constable K.D Panth into signing a false affidavit regarding Mr. Modi’s complicity in the riots.

Now about Mr. Panth’s complaint against Mr. Bhatt. The complaint states that he was in Mumbai, on leave, from 25th February to 28th February, 2002 for some work. It essentially pertains to Mr. Bhatt having bullied him  to state that he went with him to the meeting Mr. Modi had with senior bureaucrats on 27th February, 2002, having assured Mr. Pant that he would be safe, by taking him to Gujarat Congress leader Arjun Modhwadia and having bullied him again to say that his disposition before the SIT of the SC was taken under duress.

Here, it is noteworthy to say that he was also asked to paintthe SIT as a team of arm twisters.  That meeting on 27th February, 2002, is the crux around which all the allegations have flown, thick and fast, with this disgruntled IPS officer Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt claiming that he was there in the meeting when Mr. Modi remarked that “let the Hindus vent their anger”.

 Here is the inside story of that meeting: The group of senior bureaucrats present at the meeting deny that the CM said any such thing. None of the said bureaucrats could recall his presence there. The chief of police of Gujarat at that time has emphasized that Bhatt was too junior to be invited to that meeting. Mr. R.B Shreekrishna-no friend of Modi-former Gujrat DGP hasn’t mentioned in his affidavit before the SIT the name of Bhatt among the ones who had attended that meeting. The SIT’s questions about specific people and whether they were present in the room that day, were met with confused, unclear answers.

Before we move on to inspect another less known facet of this story, let’s look at some more info (no, not about Mr. Bhatt’s shady record anymore) that might prove to be just the tipping point to tilt your views, understandably hardened by the feeds from the Modi-phobe media: Mr. Bhatt keeps claiming that he has massive amount of documents to implicate Mr. Modi and other ‘powerful’ people in Gujrat administration but till date has not produced a single shred of evidence.   The self proclaimed and now media designated principled man refused the court’s offer of bail on the condition that he allows the police to access his bank lockers. Known to have approached the ‘malicious’ Modi baiters Teesta Setalvad and Shabnam Hashmi who had their few years of fame by resorting to every trick in their hats, including filing false affidavits and tutoring witnesses and internationalizing the issue to defame Mr. Modi(for the less politically inclined  readers who may have missed the Teesta Setalvad expose, by her own partner-in-crime, Rais Khan. Bhatt’s affidavit was notarized by the same advocate who notarized all those false and/or tutored witnesses produced by Miss Setalvad. Bhatt’s email exchanges with Gujrat Congress opposition leader S.S Gohil (wherein Bhatt asks him for a new Blackberry phone as promised!) point to a complex dynamics of desperation, political opportunism and trying to nail that one possible trick against Modi that will work.  The English language media has always been left liberal, admitted. So Modi has hardly found as much favor as any other CM in spite of his efforts, due to his hardline Hindutva image, understandable. The Modi-phobes live in a distorted world of their own, refusing to look at the umpteen positives that have come up during his tenure, no denying. But the stooping down of the Congress to strangulate Mr Modi points to vendetta and sheer political opportunism- keeping this man continuing with his baseless allegations by openly supporting him as a ‘whistle blower’ by Chidambaram, the Congress poking its nose in the disciplinary committee’s charges against him and now the UPA making a mockery of our federal structure by appointing the Lokyukta of the state w/o consulting the CM, going against the rules laid down in the constitution, by the Governor- the office of which is now conveniently being used to keep opposition CMs in check.  The Congress’ hypocrisy could not be clearer on this Sanjeev Bhatt issue.

In the case of the cash-for-votes case involving the bribing of BJP MPs before the confidence vote of July 2008, the Delhi police, an agency under the Union Home Ministry, has opposed the bail of Mr. Sudheendra Kulkarni and two former BJP MPs. Just note what the public prosecutor Mr. Rajan Mohan has to say on the issue. “Every accused in the case terms himself a whistle blower as if they have saved the country. If they are taking the plea of being whistle blowers in the scam, they have to establish it by way of evidence. Not even a single aspect shows that they were actually whistle blowers.”

Should not this apply to Sanjiv Bhatt as well?  But who cares? You and I just look at the surface and jump to the conclusion that if an ordinary IPS officer is taking on a CM, he must be telling the truth. We don’t scratch the surface mainly because we, the youth, don’t really have the inclination to go do our bit of research and then form our opinion. We are too busy in our own little world and just  happy to sail in the same boat as most of the world does. In fact the attitude gets hardened to such an extent at times on certain issues that we are not ready to give some thought to dis confirmatory information.

I know not everybody who reads this article will agree with my case that Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt has undeservedly been hailed as a whistle blower. There will be people who will ask me my political ideology (No, I don’t belong to the right wing ideology. In fact, I don’t have a political ideology or affiliation to any political party. I base my judgments on sheer individual merit of the case). There will be people who will ask if I am a fan of Narendra Modi (That doesn’t change anything. I am one, but that doesn’t make me forget that I have a strong head of my own on my shoulders that needs to be used). There will be people who will question my inferences (Being a psychology student, I have taken extreme care to avoid errors in my social cognition, that is, if such a thing is possible…haha). But I am not afraid of such cynics. You may not agree with me. But if  I could make you read the entire article, my job is done. Cynicism is absolutely necessary in politics.

I remember the MP Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda once addressing a group of college students in North Campus, saying that “not everybody needs to participate in politics in a direct manner, as in contesting elections. If people just keep up their cynicism, making sure they debate government’s policies, find out flaws, ask questions, demand answers and never let the government lose its accountability, then they can rest assured that they have done their job.” Meaningful lines!!

Get ‘high’ on Spirituality!

All of us have a soul (now proved by the noetic scientists) and a social role by virtue of having a body and hence being a part of society.

The soul is nothing but who we actually are without the embellishment that our body is, without our name, surname, religion, social relationships, worldly achievements.

And what we actually are, I repeat, is our ‘soul’ and not our ‘social role’. The moment this is realised, one gains entry into the deluxe membership of spirituality and has easy accessibility to get rid of all hurt, pain and anger that this mortal world might have to offer.
One may find it difficult to see where one stands without having all these frames of reference of body, name, religion, country and we have none but our society and the aculturisation we receive from the moment we are born to blame for this.
The child is taught everything ; from toilet habits to dining table etiquette, save about himself/herself. It is assumed probably that things such as ‘soul’ etc. would be too difficult for a child to understand. Never mind childhood, these things are not taught even in teenage when identity crisis, emotional turbulence, relationship problems and career issues all call for the healing touch of spirituality. For it is supposed to be reserved for those in their 60s and 70s, when there is not much to do in any case.

So who is to blame if a teen deals with his breakup by drinking like there is no tomorrow? Who is to blame if he takes drugs to hide his frustration over his parents’ divorce? Who is to blame if he commits suicide the day he is declared a ‘failure’ in some exam? Who is to blame if he doesn’t know that he could very well have drunk from the elixir of bliss that meditation showers? Who is to blame if he doesn’t know that establishing a connection with the supreme soul would have tranquilized him or given him a ‘high’, whichever he wished? Who is to blame if he doesn’t know that ending life is no solution, that the cycle of birth and death and hence the same problems will continue until he is ready to experience who he actually is?

And most often one can’t even blame the parents and teachers. Not everybody is lucky enough to be disillusioned out of the ignorance of taking our social role for our actual self, early enough. And even when they HAVE stumbled upon the truth, it is of very less use. Their children, no more children, are no more mouldable, having a mind of their own and they prefer to not learn any such thing from their parents and continue to make the journey with no knowledge of where they are headed, preferring to learn only after they themselves have fell down and are hurt.

The point I am trying to put across is that spirituality needs to be explored by the youth. Let it be studied and researched upon just like any other topic of fascination.

Let it not remain the exclusive property of the old and the sanyasis. And the society needs to wake up to all this. Let there be spirituality lessons in schools, in easy language and with a modern approach, let children be encouraged to take up meditation at an early age and let there be this healthy peer pressure to read spiritual stuff just like there is to listen to Eminem and read Stephanie Meyer or Agatha Christie.
One myth I would like to bust here is that spirituality calls for detachment and hence is not for a family person. This is absolute rubbish. One can wear the trendiest clothes, have the funkiest gadgets and be in a family and a job, yet be spiritual. A white sari or a saffron robe and leading a hermit’s life are not necessary.

Yes spirituality brings detachment. But not detachment from people, family, relationships. It brings detachment from pain of hurt and anger. It brings detachment from fear-of failure, of loss, of death. It brings harmony into all our relationships. It makes our head free of all clutter and makes us more fit than ever for success in our field of study.

Most importantly, it makes us happy. At the end of the day, whatever we run after is for happiness right? Isn’t it cool that instead of searching it outside, we just have to discover our true ‘identity’ and learn a few ‘truths’ regarding this world to be happy?
So to lead a holistic life, spirituality seems to be an indispensible tool, and not a threat! And yes, it is not boring either!
How about looking up ‘awakening with the Brahmakumaris’ in YouTube or picking up ‘Conversations with God’ from the bookstall?

Welcome Wiki

In the midst of sweeping technological innovation and development that take in India, what better could land as a gift? The mother of all innovations often in recognition as an encyclopedia,

A dictionary and an online friend that carries an answer for almost every question. Yes!

Wikipedia has opened its first office outside the dimensions of United States here in India. It is a gift to 1.2 billion Indians who could now access information in their respective regional languages.
Wikipedia is a free web-based, collaborative work-force with more than 20 million articles which have been written by different people around the globe. It is an online encyclopedia that operates without any expenses occurred from advertising.
The operation India promotes the task of accessing the information in different India languages which are primary for the readers. India with a large variance in the youth population often has the requisites for a quick source of information and none better could happen than Wiki in their own respective languages.
The fifth-most viewed site Wiki after Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft anticipates a high growth in their traffic structure after a recent increase of 420 billion from 340 billion earlier. The Wiki activity would certainly also help in provoking the culture of research and innovation in the country.
As Internet happens to gets cheaper in India with the advent of electronic gadgets like ‘Aakash the value of Wiki in general enhances to a sustained height well above the past. Secondly, Wikipedia also provides an incentive to write an original piece of work. As Wikipedia is an online based collaborated work of different volunteers together who write, share edit and re-edit the different articles which promotes the writing habits among Indians at large.
The volunteers and their work is a prior step based towards research mythology and an effective ability to converse. Promotion of such culture is effectively regarded as a development of educational index for a developing world like India who needs it in lieu. Till now sharing of photography, video, documents and similes took place with the already existing electronic mails and social networks like Facebook but this new revolution would enhance the knowledge sharing.
Hence, Wikipedia makes a formal opening conference in the heart of Mumbai (Churchgate) this week with an inaugural ceremony by the founder itself Jimmy Wales.

                      On behalf of Critical Thinkers Team


Eve-teasing – An Evil

On 20 October 2011, Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez were out with their friends when some “EVE- TEASERS” started misbehaving with the girls in the group. These two young men objected to their behaviour and got into an altercation. The goons stabbed both Keenan and Reuben. Keenan died on the spot and Reuben passed away a week later. Reuben and Keenan died because they took a stand against the menace of “eve-teasing”.

 Eve-teasing is the incessant and unremitting sexual harassment of women by men who takes perverted pleasure in tormenting them. Nowadays, Cluster of young boys can be seen standing in groups at public places like bus-stops, street corners, parks, etc. When a young girl or a couple of girls happen to pass near them they invariably subject them to verbal abuse, filthy remarks and lewd comments and obscene gestures. This eve teasing menace has been omnipresent in our society since many decades and, has become an endemic part of public life. No city in India is barred from this social evil. There is hardly a girl in India who is not subjected to it. Women are still not respected in this male dominated country. It can be seen as an expression of masculine sexual control over women who have stepped out of the private sphere. These men just think that women are weak & always target them. BUT Keenan and Rueben were the MEN who couldn’t tolerate such non sense and paid the ultimate price for standing against this heinous act of Eve-teasing

In the Indian Penal Code, the word ‘eve-teasing’ does not exist. Eve teasing is an attitude, a mindset, a set of behaviours that is construed as an insult and an act of humiliation of the female sex. It has been argued that  one of the reasons for the audacity of abuse against “women” is that police do not regard this as a “serious” crime.

At one point, we people say that today’s woman is a free and a modern woman but I wonder what kind of  freedom and modernity are we talking about?? Every now and then SHE is raped, insulted, beaten up, teased, humiliated and what not!! Every human being has a right to live with freedom, respect and dignity , THEN why SHE (woman) is always made the victim and the oppressed. I guess this is a by-product of our patriarchal culture in which MEN are treated differently than the women. Women are always seen as “targets” and “victims” for any kind of violence across the World. She is the one who is always to be blamed for everything. It is often heard that “She might have provoked or seduced the opposite sex and that’s the reason why she is raped, molested or  teased”!! BUT ,It is the patriarchal mindset of the Indian men which is to be blamed. They are always believed to be the powerful sex , on the other hand , Women are always made to feel vulnerable and weaker. Eve- teasing is an act which is really shameful for males as womens do deserve respect and by eve- teasing we are doing no good at all instead we are harming them!! It violates the basic right of a woman to live with dignity. It makes the life of the” women folk” miserable.

Eve teasing should be dealt with unbailable custody of the accused. Unless we make stringent laws to deal with eve teasing our women folks will not be safe on the streets. This is a call to ACTION, we need to protect the social fabric ,make it safe for women and highly unsafe for the culprits. Secondly, women should not ignore these incidences of eve-teasing, instead they should protest strongly against them and should immediately report to the police. And the Government should take stern measures regarding this issue and ensure security to the Women folk. And most importantly, MEN, should change their mindset on gender equations, to make Women feel safer and out of danger.

The Reality TV

The idea of a reality show is to tap into emotions . Television is all about creating shock and awe moments. You might have noticed that reality shows looks quite similar to fiction shows. That’s because the same editing techniques are used to keep us ( *the viewers*) hooked up and thereby making things (here ,*things*,  implies “Profit”) convenient for the producers.

Editing is the key to success when it comes to reality shows! If there are no editors, who makes a TV show “masaledar” to watch, you wouldn’t find many of us glued to the “idiot-box” .

In reality, Reality shows are made on editing table. Editing is done to make the show “watchable”, with an aim to entertain the viewer. If the viewer is not entertained , he wouldn’t watch the show. So, In order to gain more viewership or let say massive footage, the editors have to cull out “those” interesting bits that would make for an exciting viewing.

Nothing is scripted or manipulated in these reality shows..Its just the editing table that works wonder and convert a “simple argument” into a “heated and blown out  of proportion brawl”. The motive behind this kind of editing is that “WE” the viewers want it that way!! We can call it “gimmicky”, which the editors use to heighten our curiosity.

Remember Dolly Bindra???? Ah! that rings  a bell!! right?? 🙂

How can we even dare to forget her aggressive clashes with the other inmates of Big Boss house. It was her abusive tone and her aggressive temper which made this reality show a big and a “masaaledar ” hit show for the viewers. Its the “Editor” who spruce up the show for getting high TRP’s  for his so-called “Reality show”.

So, the next time you are watching a reality show .. Don’t forget these words of wisdom : “Reality shows are everything but not REAL.” 😉

The TRP Swami

Well, Swami’s have been known for meditation and deliverance of peace away from the market yard in some arid or freeze place.  Take A Break!! Something different happens out here, a saffron- clad swami has just entered the BIG BOSS House.

Religion cum Business

Yes, religion is another color of an umbrella all directed towards monetary gains. Swami Agnivesh promoting this culture in it’s true essence making TRP market for Indian Television. What more to except? A Sadhu cum Swami is certainly being lost out somewhere midst of market culture leaving aside his mandal philosophies.

Let the Swami Say

Keeping the Indian Democracy prior, Swami embarks upon his reputation which got disturbed earlier this year during the Massive Anna-Hazare LokPal campaign. Swami was challenged by few to act as an informer to the government in the Anna Hazare camp. Hence Swami puts it clearly his intention to re-establish his ruined relationship with the public.

Where is the Mistake

Swami has kept on committing mistakes and they add on with just a few more. There is already a difference between him and the other contestant further the Hindu Sangs have already objected his idea’s of being in any reality show.

Hence, it’s all losses for Swami Agnivesh here.

Dear Agnisvesh,

                             Would love to write on you some more condition if it was only on bonded labour. These activities are only meant for Television and write-ups.


You Stole my Stomach!

Well! The realization of the following stuff came quite a while ago, but there’s something inside me that’s coaxing me to pen the stuff down. So, here it goes… Have you ever realized…that almost all the sensations and feelings that we (humans and not-so-humans) experience affects our stomach…and all the credit goes to our heart?! Seriously. I mean…okay…let’s see, In school or college, when you can’t (or don’t) complete your work even after the last date had been re-re-re-adjusted, and the teacher starts developing symptoms of Dolores Umbridge and one unfortunate day, when she asks you to stand up in front of the whole class…insults the life out of you and god-forbid you answer her back which leads to her final transformation into Umbridge and she asks you to step out of your bench (and face her head-on) then what is the immediate reaction that your body experiences? Just recollect one of those moments… at that very instant when you know that your Firebolt is inside some dark dingy closet that probably Malfoy is guarding and you’ve no where to go but in front of her…your stomach punches you hard! So hard that you want the earth to treat you like Goddess Sita and lovingly engulf you inside her! Don’t you feel like it? Like…your stomach clenches itself so much that for a millisecond you think that your belly has actually shrunk a few inches? See my point? It’s the stomach! Okay, another one… Think of the moment when you got something that you didn’t quite expect to be given to you… Like, when you got a surprise test on a Monday morning whose marks will be added in the finals! 😛 how did you feel? Like your whole world crashes down and the dreams that you weaved for your prep holidays before finals smashes into pieces? 😛 didn’t your stomach growl then? Sure it did! Next time, pay a li’l more attention to it. It might make you smile through the pain of the test. 😛 Next time, do remember to smile! 😛 Take one more: For those of you who, while driving, think that nothing’s gonna happen to you. You’re the king of the roads, everybody else is a fool, and you’re going to Hit the Road And Rock It Hard! \m/ okay, being less cynical, even for those who are the first timers on road, and are experimenting their not-so-developed driving skills on someone else’s vehicle… What happens when the road is oh-so-smooth! And your pillion is saying those encouraging (which sounds more like prayers for survival) words to you and you increase the speed just a li’l to fulfill your dream of flying in the air and TADA!! Wish Granted! You desperately search for the break and press the accelerator and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! And somehow the vehicle miraculously stops just when it is about to bang into a wall and the world around you comes to a standstill… Its not exactly your heart that stops beating…its your stomach kicking the hell out of you! I don’t ever want any of you to notice it, but next time…I hope you could smile when this piece comes to your mind 😛 Okay, enough of the painful stuff, now time for some butterflies! Yeah! Now! For those who’re in love… Remember the first time he/she said those words? Was it really your heart that flip-floped? 😉 No! It was your stomach! Didn’t it suddenly feel so light and then something whirled inside it and you couldn’t help smiling and calming yourself down and smiling again?  *_* It was your stomach! Tumhara apna petu! 😛 you feel like hugging your pillow so tight so close to your stomach and oh! I have started blushing! 😛 See? And all you say is that the person has stolen your heart! Why so much prejudice against your own stomach? He/She stole your stomach!! When you laugh hard, you hold your stomach as if it would fly off! And still you say you had a “hearty laugh”. Justice denied? When your loved ones leave you, you cry or become upset and who do you punish? Your stomach…your very own stomach!! You stop eating as if that would bring them back! Its not your heart that’s broken! Its your stomach! That poor li’l tummy! 😥 Your voice comes not from your throat but from your stomach! When you look good, you treat yourself a chocolate! (stomach smiles) When you don’t look good, you diet! (stomach frowns) When your stomach’s upset (m sorry, but it’s a part of life :P) you can’t concentrate on anything….can you? next time, notice this! 😛 Well, m running short of examples, so your feelings are very much invited… And to tell you the truth, its time to cheer up my “petu” with some food…so I’ll be off! But remember…we really Really need to spend some time with our stomach…to listen to its worries and rejoice with its special moments! Stomach Revolution is on its way! Hehe 😛 I don’t care how ridiculous this stuff sounded, but I really had a great time writing it! 😀

Rockstar : A different and good watch(Rating 3/5)

Rockstar: Yet another love story with a different angle by Imtiyaz Ali after ‘Jab we met’ and ‘Love Aaj Kal’.

Story of struggle and passion of of a wannabe rockstar, from college to the big stage. First half of the movie is fun-filled and entertaining.
The second half of movie is a bit monotonous according to the demand of story. Story narration is quite impressive at most of the time, apart from the switching between present-past, this switching was much good in ‘Love Aaj Kal’.
Ranbir Kapoor has done fantastic job, a true rockstar starting from the innocence in the opening reels to the arrogance in the end.
Actress, Nargis Fakhri has also done true justice to her role.

Just go for this movie for entertainment with no expectations as hyped.
Why to Watch: Ranbir’s acting , Nargis Fakhri’s acting and beauty , A different angle to love story
Why not to Watch: Not upto the much hyped expectations.

Rating: 3/5

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