FACEBOOK…Breaking News!!!

Headlines of 2020…
Area…the space taken by your laptops or desktops

Yeah…!! This is what the headlines of 2020 would say.

It even won’t be surprising if students would soon be asked to plot Facebook on their virtual maps (this is a technology driven…my friend…!) it won’t even be a bad idea if facebook is used for global citizenship…with all of as its residents (you need not to change your nationality…be a member of Facebook.
Yeah…this is the importance of Facebook in our lives…. it has become an integral part of our lives. People not only share WHAT’S IN THEIR MINDS…but also make new friends (increasing friend list is a status symbol in Facebook)search the old ones…join new clubs…like different pages (the favorite time pass when sitting idle)…upload photographs(comments can’t be forgotten for sure) and nowadays even share them and what not..!! In fact it is the most feasible…viable…and popular way of

Bonding, Meeting and Sharing all at one place…afterall its all about CONNECTING PEOPLE

Being such an integral part of people’s lives…Facebook has sure become a replica of its member’s personal lives. From hookups to breakups….from marriages to new- born babies….it’s all on Facebook. And the latest activity to join the club is democracy eg: The people of Egypt used Facebook as a medium to unite their country’s people to fight against dictatorship and stand up for themselves and their country (what a use…a real use…Indeed).

Well….after describing our dearest Facebook…everybody would like to be its member…and that day is not far off when we would surely have Facebook as

WORLD’S largest Country and A Religion called FACEBOOK


About Tanya Verma

i'm a student who enjoys writin....music n photography....

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