The Reality TV

The idea of a reality show is to tap into emotions . Television is all about creating shock and awe moments. You might have noticed that reality shows looks quite similar to fiction shows. That’s because the same editing techniques are used to keep us ( *the viewers*) hooked up and thereby making things (here ,*things*,  implies “Profit”) convenient for the producers.

Editing is the key to success when it comes to reality shows! If there are no editors, who makes a TV show “masaledar” to watch, you wouldn’t find many of us glued to the “idiot-box” .

In reality, Reality shows are made on editing table. Editing is done to make the show “watchable”, with an aim to entertain the viewer. If the viewer is not entertained , he wouldn’t watch the show. So, In order to gain more viewership or let say massive footage, the editors have to cull out “those” interesting bits that would make for an exciting viewing.

Nothing is scripted or manipulated in these reality shows..Its just the editing table that works wonder and convert a “simple argument” into a “heated and blown out  of proportion brawl”. The motive behind this kind of editing is that “WE” the viewers want it that way!! We can call it “gimmicky”, which the editors use to heighten our curiosity.

Remember Dolly Bindra???? Ah! that rings  a bell!! right?? 🙂

How can we even dare to forget her aggressive clashes with the other inmates of Big Boss house. It was her abusive tone and her aggressive temper which made this reality show a big and a “masaaledar ” hit show for the viewers. Its the “Editor” who spruce up the show for getting high TRP’s  for his so-called “Reality show”.

So, the next time you are watching a reality show .. Don’t forget these words of wisdom : “Reality shows are everything but not REAL.” 😉


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