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Life’s Worth

Out of the window, in the purple-red sky,
Sulky sun setting, with the clouds above high!

gazing at the sparrows, rushing to their homes…
And a high pitched voice from the mosque’s dome…

Few minutes of commotion, till everything settled.
And then the sedative breeze left me startled!!

soft pearly drops, landed on my hand,
& on other pieces of earth, sparkled from Heavenly Wands!

My eyelids closed, slowly than ever,
that opened a new thought, for me, for ever!

Away from the hurdles and the problems in life.
my mind travelled far and sharp as a knife.

It showed me the place, I wanted to reach,
Which was surely beautiful than any mountain or beach…

It showed me my goal, That i forgot
midst the mad race, when i did bigot.

The rain on the window-pane, started the tune,
& the melody of my life, came forth soon.

I saw what my heart really longed for,
just see if my longings, match yours…

In my li’l life, the longing to help a needy.
& atleast for once, not to be greedy.

Longing to be a flower, ready to bloom,
longing to be a light for the one in gloom.

Longing for a pat, from a soul of a Happy Father,
& to have a warm hug, from a Teary-Eyed Mother!

Longing for a walk, with my head held upright,
longing for a heart, filled with delight!

Longing to be the best-sister-ever for my brother,
& a good-grand-child for my grand-father!

Longing to replace every ‘I’ in the world with ‘WE’;
To have a sweet soul, for everyone to see!

Longing to be a pride for every teacher,
Longing to be a reason, for at least one smile forever!

wish to have a friend, to pour myself in,
wish to BE a friend, & live forever within!

To have a pure & serene peace of mind,
to have a life of such a kind!

(and finally) to live a last life, before the last death…
& to have happiness everywhere before my dimming breath!

The mind came back, to where it was,
& the eyes slowly opened, thinking upon the clause.

The soft-soothing-showers were still falling on…
The clouds were the same, & the sun had gone.

Music was still the same on window-pane,
but noone knew what i had just gained…

A hope & desire brimmed my mind,
It was not the momentary gain now, for what i pined.

My mind and the rain brought forth the vast secret,
I knew now, how to clear life’s debt!

My World expanded now, from just the lump of my place,
Love and Peace is the way & destination, not the rat-race!

So bear with me, dear humans-by-birth,
Spread love, peace & harmony & prove your life’s worth!!!


Superstitions, the impracticality in disguise…!

A black cat near my house….! 

Crosses road everyday to catch a mouse… 


They say…that black cat is an omen…
I look at it and say…poor cat..!! Can’t even have dinner because of these humans!

A crow sitting on a banyan tree…!
Flew to my balcony…to drink the milk…left free.
Oh look…!!!

They said….the crow says…you’ll surely have guests…
I look at the crow and said…you look after their luggage’s and comforts to your best!


I just don’t understand…
If surprises and shocks of life could be so easily be interpreted by these superstitions….
Then…either the poor and cute cats would have become extinct…
Or the crows would have enjoyed a comfortable living at railway stations…!! 😉


Life is a journey to be enjoyed in its raw state…
And definitely not something to be tested and evaluated…
For its complications… can never be solved with calculations of superstitions.
So…live the life the way it is….not according to something based on impractical calculations…!!

Life is a beauty…!

Life was a Beauty to “play Cricket and have Kaccha Gola’s at BH-85”.

P.S. To miss them at hostel Now.

Life was a Beauty to ” School Bus rides in the rickety buss no.8″

P.S. To Alone Two wheeler runs Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Finger on your lips at little angels”

P.S. To Arguments Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Join your hands and close your eyes”

P.S. To Prove your existence Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Get excited for Return Gifts”

P.S. To proposals Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Cry for broken pencils and Stolen Erasers”

P.S. To Broken Hearts Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Recite twinkle twinkle in class”

P.S. To Presentations Now.

Life was a Life “Sleep in Mom’s Lap”

P.S. To Sleepless Nights Now.

Life was Naughty to “Play Kitchen Kitchen With Friends”

P.S. To Cook For Yourself Now.

Life was satisfaction to “Share your Cloths with Cousins”

P.S. To Lock Codes in mobiles now.

Life was fun to “Drink Milk And then Sleep”

P.S. To Black Coffee to stay awake now.

Life was rude to “Summer Vacation Homework”

P.S. To at least Getting Holidays Now.

Life is demanding to care to share to satisfy souls in different forms. So is the Pleasure of remebering them and giving importance to each jewel. 


Somewhere Someday we’ll meet up again!

Like always Somewhere Someday We’ll Meet up Again..

Like yesterday We’ll admire our love again..

Like tomorrow there will be no yesterday again..

Like always Somewhere Someday We’ll  Meet up Again..

Like Pancakes we’ll blossom up again..

Like that day We’ll smile once again..

Like rustling lives we’ll chirrup again..

Like roaring voice we’ll patch up again..

Like always Somewhere Someday We’ll  Meet up Again..

Like always there will be winter insane..

But summer’s waiting we’ll shine once again..

Like Seasons Change we’ll not refrain..

Like always Somewhere Someday We’ll  Meet up Again..

I hope to gather not only your memories everyday

I want you to feel me someday..

Somewhere I Miss You

Sometimes I See You

And Surely Someday I’ll Get You.. 

Dedicated To :- All my … 😀