Life is a beauty…!

Life was a Beauty to “play Cricket and have Kaccha Gola’s at BH-85”.

P.S. To miss them at hostel Now.

Life was a Beauty to ” School Bus rides in the rickety buss no.8″

P.S. To Alone Two wheeler runs Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Finger on your lips at little angels”

P.S. To Arguments Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Join your hands and close your eyes”

P.S. To Prove your existence Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Get excited for Return Gifts”

P.S. To proposals Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Cry for broken pencils and Stolen Erasers”

P.S. To Broken Hearts Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Recite twinkle twinkle in class”

P.S. To Presentations Now.

Life was a Life “Sleep in Mom’s Lap”

P.S. To Sleepless Nights Now.

Life was Naughty to “Play Kitchen Kitchen With Friends”

P.S. To Cook For Yourself Now.

Life was satisfaction to “Share your Cloths with Cousins”

P.S. To Lock Codes in mobiles now.

Life was fun to “Drink Milk And then Sleep”

P.S. To Black Coffee to stay awake now.

Life was rude to “Summer Vacation Homework”

P.S. To at least Getting Holidays Now.

Life is demanding to care to share to satisfy souls in different forms. So is the Pleasure of remebering them and giving importance to each jewel. 



About Aaditya Jain

Myself aadi.. a friend lover thinker composer life enjoyer and a true arian..:) my habitatians say i'm great at motivating.. and i feel pretty much d same..:D Positive in way of living and i believe in standing for wat is correct.. baaki same an undergraduate , a abnormal cum normal college brat.. loves music like hell .. andin d free tym i even love to write draw eat ..everything including dance .. cricket.. travelling xploring..n njyng..:) over and out.

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