Life’s Worth

Out of the window, in the purple-red sky,
Sulky sun setting, with the clouds above high!

gazing at the sparrows, rushing to their homes…
And a high pitched voice from the mosque’s dome…

Few minutes of commotion, till everything settled.
And then the sedative breeze left me startled!!

soft pearly drops, landed on my hand,
& on other pieces of earth, sparkled from Heavenly Wands!

My eyelids closed, slowly than ever,
that opened a new thought, for me, for ever!

Away from the hurdles and the problems in life.
my mind travelled far and sharp as a knife.

It showed me the place, I wanted to reach,
Which was surely beautiful than any mountain or beach…

It showed me my goal, That i forgot
midst the mad race, when i did bigot.

The rain on the window-pane, started the tune,
& the melody of my life, came forth soon.

I saw what my heart really longed for,
just see if my longings, match yours…

In my li’l life, the longing to help a needy.
& atleast for once, not to be greedy.

Longing to be a flower, ready to bloom,
longing to be a light for the one in gloom.

Longing for a pat, from a soul of a Happy Father,
& to have a warm hug, from a Teary-Eyed Mother!

Longing for a walk, with my head held upright,
longing for a heart, filled with delight!

Longing to be the best-sister-ever for my brother,
& a good-grand-child for my grand-father!

Longing to replace every ‘I’ in the world with ‘WE’;
To have a sweet soul, for everyone to see!

Longing to be a pride for every teacher,
Longing to be a reason, for at least one smile forever!

wish to have a friend, to pour myself in,
wish to BE a friend, & live forever within!

To have a pure & serene peace of mind,
to have a life of such a kind!

(and finally) to live a last life, before the last death…
& to have happiness everywhere before my dimming breath!

The mind came back, to where it was,
& the eyes slowly opened, thinking upon the clause.

The soft-soothing-showers were still falling on…
The clouds were the same, & the sun had gone.

Music was still the same on window-pane,
but noone knew what i had just gained…

A hope & desire brimmed my mind,
It was not the momentary gain now, for what i pined.

My mind and the rain brought forth the vast secret,
I knew now, how to clear life’s debt!

My World expanded now, from just the lump of my place,
Love and Peace is the way & destination, not the rat-race!

So bear with me, dear humans-by-birth,
Spread love, peace & harmony & prove your life’s worth!!!


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  1. This poem is awesome, who ever didn’t notice this must hv not live his life at fullest.

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