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I am writing on some market based reforms keeping aside the Lokpal debates or Narendra Modi for Prime Minister. The recent initiatives by the UPA-2 are just another stepping stone towards the Manmohanomics initiated some two decades back. It is the recent policy changes that throw some more light towards the India Shinning Campaign that was turning dark curbed by inflationary pressures and civil societies uprising. This present FDI polices would help the farmer attain the maximum gains. They could fetch a better price with no influence of middlemen. Waste in transit will minimized, and the buyer gets the benefit of fresher produce, longer shelf/fridge life and of course cheaper goods. Secondly, if the local ration shops were to be affected it could have happened much before during the Kishor Biyani’s revolution(BigBazar). The only possible people to suffer are the middlemen who control the major junk of agricultural yields. It strictly kills the speculation in the food market which has been dangerous for the society. A Rs.2 per kg onion costs Rs.15 due to these middle men. Where does it stand different? These policies would enhance the quality of market accessibility and a better bargaining power for the Indian Consumer. It sustains for a stable market dynamics with a controlled price index and nothing less but the food issues that finally finds a solution. There are several issues where the present bill stands quite different and advanced from the earlier neo-liberal policies. -In consent of Census 2011, retail stores could only come up in cities whose population is more than 1 million. -The minimum investment for the foreign players should be $100 million in which half proportion of investment should be in the back end infrastructures. e.g- Cold Storage. – A compulsion for 30% of the finished and processed goods which should come from the small scale producing units Considering the different sectors the policies depict different but similar gains.

FMCG Goods: The pumping of wealth in the sector would boost a better supply-side management for the future years to process. It reduces the stock wastage with a better infrastructure in place and further the reach of products in the domestic markets. Secondly, the market for processed foods or Can-Food would develop creating more choices for the consumers.

Real estate: Certainly, no bigger beneficiary could exist that this one. Shopping malls and other infrastructures are a necessary source for any FDI policy to process smoothly. It sets in picture some good quality malls with an incentive of some heavy investment in this sector. The big fishes in the pond like DLF, Unitech have already announced their proposals of Rs.3000 crore and 2200 crore respectively.

Pharmacy: It has been the stock performances that depict the prosperity. The Indian Pharmaceuticals industry has registered a substantial growth in the past with the small and medium scale industries expanding in African continent. The present policies would help in attaining a substantial innovative technology helpful in producing drugs etc. Further, it would help several hospital chains in covering more geography and provide a better managed hospital. Hospitals are somewhat being badly managed in the country for now. The treatments of patients needs due care and a hygienic environment.


Live life: Passion se

Guess what generates the courage and confidence required to tread the path very few dared to explore? What drives people with high incomes in corporate sector to leave their jobs and go pursue their childhood dream of becoming a painter, chef or actor? What gives a person the reason to live life, oblivious to all the muck and mire around?
PASSION. It is passion that fans the flames of courage inside us to take the unconventional route, to go down the path less travelled, to lead a rivetting and fulfilling life.
Bhagat Singh, Pandit Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi , why, all those several men and women, had one thing in common, besides the fact that they were fighting for the freedom of the country. They were all passionate, passionate about a free India. They didn’t do what they did for fame or for money. It was their passion that kept them going even when the going was tough.
People often take a lifetime to discover their calling. Some never do. Lucky indeed are those whose life’s calling comes in an age when they have enough time left to pursue it for, when one is doing something that comes straight out of the heart, one is transferred to a different world altogether. Work becomes play and this is also when the soul is fed, nourished and elevated.
Some associate success with fame, some with money, some with position and power, and yet, some others with the satisfaction they get when they are running a race with themselves, on a track that was not forced on them, but one they themselves chose knowing full and well that this is the area they would flourish in without having stress or fear of failure. The last category of people are most likely to have the potion of success, happiness and all the good things success and happiness combine to generate. Others may be successful but not happy, at least after the initial glitz of fame, money and power is gone. And boy how can you call someone successful when the person is not happy?

Holi: Licence for hooliganism?

Picture this: A week into holi and one is afraid to step out. Water balloons, mud water balloons, eggs and many other things (including condoms I have heard) filled with water and colour can land on you out of nowhere, Delhi being Delhi and Holi being Holi.

Picture this too: 2 days into Holi and one has to step out to get the data card recharged, and one does since the shop is a one minute walk from the PG. Narrow escape from 3 water balloons. Narrow escape for the parents’ of those tween boys, too- they were spared a long lecture on teaching kids how to enjoy with responsibility.

Now picture this: Holi is here. No escape possible because the landlady herself calls me to have breakfast with the family. But before I am allowed to touch anything out of the lavish spread, I must partake in the ‘celebrations’. Colours smeared on lips and stuffed into nose. Water thrown at me from a pipe. I run downstairs to bath again and come back for breakfast only after repeated assurances that the thing won’t be repeated. I bless my PG owners for the delectable food and think that the taste and the satisfaction will overweigh the effort and money that will go into washing the clothes this evening and replacing the lenses of spectacles before the mid semester break gets over. Yours truly is wrong. This time, before I am allowed to run downstairs, I am made to stand in front of the water pipe for a good 3 minutes and plead for mercy to my phone and watch.

That’s my Holi experience this year, giving me all the more reasons to hate it more than I ever had. To a reader who doesn’t know me personally, this may sound very silly- after all isn’t this festival meant to be a day when you let yourself loose and just enjoy? But the reader may not be aware that I have never been able to make sense out of first getting yourself and your clothes dirty for 3 hours and then spending another 3 hours to clean up. Fine, this wasn’t as bad as it could be but the very fact that it all happened without my consent serves my hating this festival. Talking of letting loose and enjoying, how are you supposed to be able to enjoy being thrown mud or being thrown into a water tank? Let’s not talk about alcohol and shit here which are other popular Holi ammunition.

One may ask- Isn’t this day a part of our rich cultural tradition? My answer- I have never caught up with how all sorts of propriety in interacting with strangers, especially ladies, come to vanish into thin air on this day, granting license to hooliganism, so the culture part is out of the question. Surely, those of our ancestors who were the first to play Holi didn’t mean it to be a day when you harass random ladies who chance to pass your street, when you play pranks with strangers and laugh it off!

The biggest joke on all those who use the excuse of ‘Holi Hai’ to run amok with hooliganism- The International Women’s day coincided with Holi this year. I would love to know how many ladies felt empowered on the day.

Of course, I am not asking for avoiding Holi altogether. One can always enjoy with one’s family. Play only with your friends and relatives and don’t kill the spirit of this festival by harassing those non-willing. Set a good example for the kids in your family and teach them how to have a good time even while staying within limits.

P.S. There is always a right way and another easy way to do things. Our choice reflects who we are, even in something trivial like the way we play Holi. Think it over.

Wrong…is it really wrong…??

Wrong…is one of the harshest words in an English dictionary….one of the most unwanted word in a student’s life…and in reality nobody likes to hear it.
According to Oxford dictionary…wrong means incorrect, in error, undesirable etc…etc.
But what actually is wrong…??
Is it really wrong…??
Can’t it be right at the same time….??
This is because most of the people only know literally meaning of the wrong. But just like a coin has two sides….so has the word wrong…the situational side of wrong. A situational wrong is nothing but a situation of course…where what maybe wrong for one….may not be wrong for other. It is just a game of one’s perception…level of understanding and attitude. Confused..?? Here are few examples…
• Spreading terror in the name of religion maybe wrong for us…but for terrorist it is protecting their religion.
• Setting up quota system and reservations in every field maybe wrong in the eyes of general public…but for OBC’s it is their right.
• Begging may seem wrong to the society…but for poor people it is their source of living.
And there are many examples….
Just like two people can’t have same personality…similarly this side of wrong can’t be judged. That’s just because…no stage in life is constant. People grow everyday…their understanding towards life changes…and as the time passes…so does their definition of wrong. Some people might even adopt the officially declared wrong paths as right track of living also…hence it is a relative concept.
So…the next time you judge and declare a person as wrong…always take a look at the situation behind him….who knows…you might even change your decision…