Live life: Passion se

Guess what generates the courage and confidence required to tread the path very few dared to explore? What drives people with high incomes in corporate sector to leave their jobs and go pursue their childhood dream of becoming a painter, chef or actor? What gives a person the reason to live life, oblivious to all the muck and mire around?
PASSION. It is passion that fans the flames of courage inside us to take the unconventional route, to go down the path less travelled, to lead a rivetting and fulfilling life.
Bhagat Singh, Pandit Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi , why, all those several men and women, had one thing in common, besides the fact that they were fighting for the freedom of the country. They were all passionate, passionate about a free India. They didn’t do what they did for fame or for money. It was their passion that kept them going even when the going was tough.
People often take a lifetime to discover their calling. Some never do. Lucky indeed are those whose life’s calling comes in an age when they have enough time left to pursue it for, when one is doing something that comes straight out of the heart, one is transferred to a different world altogether. Work becomes play and this is also when the soul is fed, nourished and elevated.
Some associate success with fame, some with money, some with position and power, and yet, some others with the satisfaction they get when they are running a race with themselves, on a track that was not forced on them, but one they themselves chose knowing full and well that this is the area they would flourish in without having stress or fear of failure. The last category of people are most likely to have the potion of success, happiness and all the good things success and happiness combine to generate. Others may be successful but not happy, at least after the initial glitz of fame, money and power is gone. And boy how can you call someone successful when the person is not happy?


About Sudha Shashwati

Bibliophile, literature connoisseur, introvert, individualistic, perfectionist, obsessive-compulsive, enigmatic(m a psychology student btw), slightly socially anxious, music-loving, eccentric character.... thinker, dreamer, idealist, fiercely ambitious, die hard sentimentalist (n this is the result of reading Kahlil Gibran day in and day out) and a hopeless romantic (thanks to Jane Austen, Emuscka Orczy, Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte etc. ). writing comes to me naturally. Probably as a by-product of gorging on books all the time. The smell of ink has always intoxicated me and I just love to weave magic with words. In fact, that's the only way I am able to express myself. Writing, to me, is not just a release or a is fulfillment of a 'need'. My love. My life. My God. I write on everything from political commentaries to mushy, pulpy stuff and my blog happens to be my best buddy.

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