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Activate Facebook timeline!

Mark Zuckerberg Launched the Facebook TIMELINE at Developers Conference, 2011. Facbook’s one of the most ambitious projects to redefine connections & social networking with our very own Modern Day Scrapbook Facebook TIMELINE.

This new feature will be rolled out to everybody in the coming time.

Critical Thinkers guiding you how you can activate this much anticipated feature ,

Follow the steps:

1) Log in to Facebook 

2) Type “Developer” in search box, click the first result (it is an application made by Facebook with a few hundred thousand users. Allow the application.

3) On Facebook Developers, Apps Main Page, Click +Create New App you can find this on top right corner of the page.

4) In the New App box put in any display name, eg your name,  fill namespace. Agree to the Platform Privacy Policy

5) Then on the App’s main home screen , Click on Open Graph on the left menu on the page.

Look for the “Open Graph” header, and click the “Get Started using open graph” link.

6) Create a test action for your app, like “read a book”, or “eat a sandwich”

For eg. write Watch a Movie & Click on Get Started

7) On the next page , Go to the bottom Save Changes & go for Next. And again Click Save & Finish

8 ) Wait for a couple of minutes & Go back to your Facebook Profile. An invite to start the new timeline will be at the top of your profile.

And your are DONE. It has worked with us & we are sure will work with you also.

NOTE : Once you activate your TIMLINE , only those people who have also activated it will be able to see your TIMLINE. Rest of them will still see your old Facebook Profile , till the time this feature goes public to everyone which will happen in the coming next few weeks.

Enjoy and do not forget to add a comment below.


Banaras Hindu University- expelled three students for ragging!!!


Acting tough on an incident of ragging, the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) here has expelled three students- Umashankar Shukla, Rajiv Pandey and Nand Kumar for one year for allegedly harassing a junior student.

The students were pursuing BAFA at the University. They  have been expelled for one year after taking congisance of the ‘Anti-Ragging Committee’ report,

Rajesh Singh, chairman of college Press, Publicity and Publication (PPP) cell, said “They would, however, be allowed to complete their BAFA after the one year expulsion period but would not be given admission for further studies in the BHU.”

A third year BAFA student was allegedly ragged by the three students on the night of September 12.

This is the third reported incident of ragging in BHU

This is not the first incidence of ragging:

September 15, a Patna College first-year student Nitish Kumar was ragged on the college campus when they were trying to advertise the institution as a “no ragging, no eve-teasing” hub. Nitish said: “I was waiting for my history subsidiary class when three boys asked me to come out of the classroom.”

The trio allegedly dragged Nitish downstairs kicking him. A visibly shocked Nitish said: “I was dragged in front of the administrative block by my seniors. Four others joined them. They also started assaulting me.” The seniors allegedly asked Nitish to do sit-ups and tried to open his trousers.

September 10, Greater Noida…. Tej Pratap Singh, B.Tech second year student of Sharda University, was thrashed by two students of the same college Friday. He was admitted to hospital with injuries.
He was beaten up by the two students when he intervened in the ragging of his cousin Rahul Singh, studying in first year B.Sc (Mass Communication).

September 13, Lucknow…. Two students, Sandeep Bhadana and Deepak Kumar — final year MBA students of Chaudhary Charan Singh Meerut University (CCSMU) — brutally assaulted Brijesh Ram, a first year Dalit student Monday after he refused to perform obscene acts.

Anna Hazare might visit Pakistan to help” the anti-corruption movement there.

 Sep 22, 2011 (Wednesday)

 A two-member delegation Justice Nasir Aslam Jahid, a former judge of Pakistan’s Supreme Court, and Karamat Ali well-known peace activist from Pakistan on Wednesday met social activist  Anna Hazare at his native village Ralegan Siddhi and extended an invitation to visit the neighbouring country.    

“The success of Hazare’s anti-corruption movement had boosted the morale of the activists in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan wanted Hazare to visit the country,” said Karamat Ali.

Today, Anna’s words have immense power not only in India, but also throughout South Asia and the entire world,” said Justice Zahid. 

Anna Hazare later said that like India, Pakistan too faced a serious problem of corruption and “I would like to go there if my visit is going to help” the anti-corruption movement there.

Need changes in ODI format- Sachin Tendulkar

Tendulkar, the world’s highest run-getter in both Tests and ODIs s pen down a letter to ICC CEO Haroon Lorgat for changes in ODI format.

Tendulkar wants ICC to make “a radical switch” from 50-50 to four 25-over innings.

The Indian batting icon had spoken about this new concept in television interviews in the past but had never written a letter to ICC in this regard.

Apart from reducing the number of overs per innings, Tendulkar has also proposed several more changes for the ODIs.

“I have been capturing my thoughts on what I think would be the way forward to ensure that all three formats in the game co-exist and ensure value creation,” he wrote.

Tendulkar’s letter also proposed changes in voluntary Powerplays.

In each 25-over block, Tendulkar wants only two Powerplays at the behest of the batting side but suggested that up to four bowlers should be allowed up to 12 overs each, rather than the present limit of 10.

Let see may if new regulations appeared can overcome the relatively dull and predictable middle-over phases of 50-over games.

IIM Bangalore student wasted over break-up!

                                   Name- Malini Murmu
                                   Age- 22
A first-year MBA student and a native of Jamshedpur ,hanged herself in her hostel room no. 421 in the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, on Monday evening.
According to an investigation officer she found out from Facebook on Sunday that her boyfriend had dumped her.
The couple had had an argument, which resulted in the breakup. Later, her boyfriend had left a post on Facebook saying,

“Feeling super cool today. Dumped my new ex-girlfriend. Happy independence day.”

She had left a suicide note on her laptop, saying her boyfriend had left her and she was killing herself over it. She’d also scribbled ‘He ditched me‘ on a board in her room. She had no roommates.

Police are waiting for her parents to reach Bangalore before carrying out an autopsy.

IIM-B officials refused to comment.

I saw your face in a crowded place & I run into Love at First Sight!

The only true love is love at first sight; second sight dispels it

Yes, I believe there is such a thing as love at first sight.

Love at first sight is when you look at someone in a way you’ve never looked at anyone else and she catches your attention instantly.

Imagine you are staring at girl from the bus window and you both didn’t stop, shame the bus kept moving. Problem is, this has happened with three different strangers, although one of the few could have been considered a pervert,  point is, if you believe in love at first sight you know God sent her you, everything looks perfect. Please don’t mix this up with lust at first sight! If you are lusting after someone, you just want to get in bed with her and you always think about her body. Love at first sight is the kind of love where your breath gets longer when you are around her, you get nervous, you can’t get her out of your mind.

There exist so many cases where girls complaint: After we had sex, he never talked to me. After we had sex, he left me for another girl. After we had sex, he told all his friends that I was not good. Love have for you and your body. Once it is given to someone else and they abuse it or dishonor it then the love goes away. Love is the feeling that you have for yourself and it does not include sex. Infatuation has an element of sexual excitement. Whenever you are together you hope it will end in intimacy. Love is not based on sex. Infatuation says: “We must get married right away. I can’t risk losing him.” Love says: “Be patient. Don’t panic. Plan your future with confidence.”

If a girl, can go from normal to bitch in 6.5 seconds, why can’t a boy fall in love at first sight in 8.2 seconds!

There is no love at first sight for those who believe love is blind, love is not blind. In my opinion she would always be the most beautiful girl I have ever come across even if the whole world disagrees!

Love is a very complex experience. Can it be felt and known at first sight is a question that can only be answered by the moment and by those experiencing it. To say that it is not possible is to say that a cancer victim has no chance of survival once it hits the third stage.

Belief is a powerful tool. It is needed especially when dealing with the ideals of love. Just because it may not have happened to you does not mean that it can never happen. Love at first sight does happen, but people need a way to meet

that way can even come from social networking websites 😉

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“Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai, Ajab Sa Risk Hai”

               Location:  North Campus (Delhi University),                                                                      Bonta Park                                                                                              6:30 PM

She stretched her hand towards me.

I could feel the numbness of her, something that distances cool air from my skin. I fought to open my mouth or stretch a finger, but nothing.
“Harsh….” she whispered in a soft accent.

I can recognize that sweet voice & soft touch anywhere on this planet.
Somehow, I manage to smile & look back at her…

She was fighting with her eyelids, trying desperate not to get them wet.

Suddenly, I became aware of my ringing cell phone, Zaky our mutual friend had called-up:

A conversation between me and Zaky:-

Zaky: I heard you broke-up with Princess?
Me: Not exactly, I can never blew her off, eh-mm

Zaky: Dude be clear….!

*I looked at the princess face… her eyes were shut tightly. I know there was pain behind her eyelids, I wish I could take that pain away , but I could not*

Me: Zaky brother, I am occupied with some important work, I will call you back. I hang-up the phone and turned it off…I held her hand and walked away, trying to leave the Bonta and sadness behind.

“Everyone hate sadness, but sadness love us, It never leaves us alone.”                                                                                                                              Location- IP College Women’s Hostel                                                                     (Room No. 27)                                                                                           8:00 PM

As we swung the door open, her friend Pooja gave us a warm welcome:

Pooja: Hey Harsh!
Me: Hi…

Pooja: What’s up? You both looking tense?
 Nothing, just tired of shopping you know your friend always suffers from shopping fatigue…….I replied back, though inside I know girls catch you badly when you lie, but the best part is that they never tell you on the face that they cracked it.

Princess sat down, with her back towards me

Pooja stood-up and said,”I am going to Ankita’s room, you guys can have quality time here” . Again the door swung and Pooja’s retreating footsteps, made me realize that the time has come….!

I rubbed Princess’ back. She turned her body towards me and  slipped face in the crook of my neck. I could feel the saltiness of her tears falling upon my neck. I know she didn’t want me to see her cry, so I held her close to me.

“Harsh, you know I planned my life to be with you and not without you but things seemed to be shattered.”

Me: My heart is shattered, but I haven’t lost hope on us, I never stopped and                                                                                              I’d never stopped either. I think of you every once in a while.

“Harsh, you know how I much I love you…!

Me: Are you asking me to wait?
Princess: Yes, I am. are you going to?

Come on Princess….You said your family is against our relationship because we are from different religions, You said you do not want to continue with this relationship, you asked to meet you for the one last time.

Princess: I know things are not going like I dreamed them to be, but I am scared to lose you.

We both were staring at each-other. Our eyes piercing each other’s soul searching for something that I don’t know but the act was cute in itself!

She Continued, “I know my family doesn’t favor our relationship, I know the boy (Mayank) who follow me every day after tuition wants to kill you, I know we are from different religions, I know our life-style is different, I know it Harsh but I couldn’t take my eyes from you…. Harsh, I love you.

For a second my world became stagnant and I got disappointed.

Sometime, it is too difficult to understand a girl especially when they get emotional and change their decisions (and it is often…!)

I was prepared for a break-up, but this seemed to be a new beginning.
I raise my concerns again: 

Are you sure about this? Well, we can wait if you want to…

Princess: I am sure; I want you in my life. I don’t want to waste anymore time being without you and listening to my family.

Me: *approaching a bit toward her*…..Well I am here now for you….I will be here forever.

Her phone started ringing.

My story was going good, but the devil called up. It was her dad on the other end. While she was on the phone I realized I hadn’t turned-on my phone, quickly, I did it…

No, I am not going to meet that boy again, okay dad, bye and she hung-up, looking at me *rolling her eyes & a cute smile adorned her face*

Her nose was looking so good, I just wanted to kiss her, but someone interrupted…
“knock-knock”       Pooja was back!

Pooja: Guys time-up, its 9:00 pmHarsh, you have to leave (Awww….Breathtaking moment for me and Princess)

Just give-us five more minutes…..I said

Pooja: Permission granted… and she left.

(Looking deeply at Princess) I asked, “Is this true?”

She replied”, this is true, this is our fate. You and me, no one will get between us.” Saying this she squeezed my hand.

*My heart was pumping fast. I felt such a rush of blood through my head.  Like a touch of Midas, she had sparkled my life again..*

“Guys, your five minutes are over, can I come inside….?”

Oh yes, you can, I replied back in fumble voice... Princess, I have to go.
Wait, I am coming….Princess said

Bye Pooja, take care….We shook hands!

Pooja: you both looking recharge again, no more Shopping tiredness, hmm… it seem something interesting happened in the last one hour, though the room doesn’t seem to messed-up!

Princess: Come on Poo… you know we can’t do that in hostel 😉

    Finally, a farewell to Pooja….

                            Location: IP College Women’s Hostel                                                                 (Outside Main Gate)
                                                    9:20 PM  

Her voice was much louder then the voice of a bitch barking somewhere, “Harsh you give me a reason to live. Don’t worry together we can achieve whatever we want. We can make us.”

Me: You give me hope and faith with your words. (Kissing her forehead) I do not want to live my life without you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you; I do not want to think anymore… I just want to be with you, my love.

Okay, Harsh, it’s too late now, you have to go.

Yes, I must leave before your guard arrives and the situation turn worse..

Okay, bye my loveshe said, again with that cute smile which can flatter anyone on the planet.

Bye, Princess…I would love to see you soon. A hand shook and I turned back to move,


What, I asked her? Be careful, from Mayank….Okay, take care!

Yeah, I will…Bye. * flying kiss *

         Location- __________                                                 Driving 😀                                                                                           9:45 PM

*Talking to myself*

Boys usually talk to themselves about their relationships, unlike girls who love to share things with their friends….

So, she loves me and I thought.….. huh, such a fool I am !

Some random thoughts poured in, showing me problems in my relationship with Princess….

Her family is against our relationship.

She belongs to different religion. My Mom would never give-up against this. 

This boy (Mayank) following her since last two years, can be a problem.

 If the security guard had came on time, it could have been a problem. 

What if she again came under her family pressure?

Her words, “I am not going to be in touch with Harsh in the future” to her dad.

 She also agreed no one can come between us…. Is she strong and firm enough to stand against her family?

God… so many Questions!!

Amidst all these mind boggling questions I played my stereo …

Suddenly a voice of Rahet Fateh Ali Khan, with Irshad Kamil lyrics and Sohail Sen music struck my ears, Ohh! this song is written for me only….I wondered

“Kaisa Ye Ishq Hai, Ajab Sa Risk Hai”

I decided to screw away all the problems coming along with Princess and drove like crazy listening to this crazy song!


     No one’s more lame

  Your jokes are a pain

 Whether there’s sun or rain

You should be picked by a crane

                                           Should be throw under a train

                      or thrown off a plane

                     It’ll be the Worldgain

                  As you are totally InSaNe!!!

Still In Love With You :( :(

Judai Ki Baatein Soch Ker Aksar Rota Tha Mein,

Teri Bewafai Ki Yaad Mein Aksar Din Raat Jalta Tha Mein,

Teri Khushi Ke Liye Bane Bewfa Hum Teri Neegaho Mein Badal Gai Hum Dono Ki Duniya Gamo Ke Hisaabo Mein,

Sakdo Ilzaam Dil Pe Liye Reh Gae Hum Tanhai Yo Mein…..Baata Bhi Na Pae Us Ghadi Nahi The Hum Harjaiyon Mein,

Na Honge Tumse Juda Kabhi Maine Yeh Kaha Tha Jub Aayi Judai Ki Ghadi Toh Mein Kuch Bhi Na Keh Paya Tha,

Kaise Reh Payengi Lehre Sagar Se Juda Hokar Socha Tha Mer Jayenge Ek Din Mohabbat Mein Juda Hokar,

Kambakht Mer Bhi Na Paye Tere Aane Ki Aas Mein…Pal-Pal Marne Ki Aada Sikhai Tere Pyar Ne,

Nas-Nas Mein Basi Teri Har Yaad Rula Jati Hai Gumnam Raaton Mein Behbas Neeghae Bas Baras Ke Reh Jaati Hain,

  Mein Bewfa Sahi Teri  Neegaho Mein Per Pyar Tujhe Se Karta Hoon Badnaam Saari Duniya Mein Per Aaj Bhi Tujh Pe Marta Hoon!!!

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