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I am writing on some market based reforms keeping aside the Lokpal debates or Narendra Modi for Prime Minister. The recent initiatives by the UPA-2 are just another stepping stone towards the Manmohanomics initiated some two decades back. It is the recent policy changes that throw some more light towards the India Shinning Campaign that was turning dark curbed by inflationary pressures and civil societies uprising. This present FDI polices would help the farmer attain the maximum gains. They could fetch a better price with no influence of middlemen. Waste in transit will minimized, and the buyer gets the benefit of fresher produce, longer shelf/fridge life and of course cheaper goods. Secondly, if the local ration shops were to be affected it could have happened much before during the Kishor Biyani’s revolution(BigBazar). The only possible people to suffer are the middlemen who control the major junk of agricultural yields. It strictly kills the speculation in the food market which has been dangerous for the society. A Rs.2 per kg onion costs Rs.15 due to these middle men. Where does it stand different? These policies would enhance the quality of market accessibility and a better bargaining power for the Indian Consumer. It sustains for a stable market dynamics with a controlled price index and nothing less but the food issues that finally finds a solution. There are several issues where the present bill stands quite different and advanced from the earlier neo-liberal policies. -In consent of Census 2011, retail stores could only come up in cities whose population is more than 1 million. -The minimum investment for the foreign players should be $100 million in which half proportion of investment should be in the back end infrastructures. e.g- Cold Storage. – A compulsion for 30% of the finished and processed goods which should come from the small scale producing units Considering the different sectors the policies depict different but similar gains.

FMCG Goods: The pumping of wealth in the sector would boost a better supply-side management for the future years to process. It reduces the stock wastage with a better infrastructure in place and further the reach of products in the domestic markets. Secondly, the market for processed foods or Can-Food would develop creating more choices for the consumers.

Real estate: Certainly, no bigger beneficiary could exist that this one. Shopping malls and other infrastructures are a necessary source for any FDI policy to process smoothly. It sets in picture some good quality malls with an incentive of some heavy investment in this sector. The big fishes in the pond like DLF, Unitech have already announced their proposals of Rs.3000 crore and 2200 crore respectively.

Pharmacy: It has been the stock performances that depict the prosperity. The Indian Pharmaceuticals industry has registered a substantial growth in the past with the small and medium scale industries expanding in African continent. The present policies would help in attaining a substantial innovative technology helpful in producing drugs etc. Further, it would help several hospital chains in covering more geography and provide a better managed hospital. Hospitals are somewhat being badly managed in the country for now. The treatments of patients needs due care and a hygienic environment.


Welcome Wiki

In the midst of sweeping technological innovation and development that take in India, what better could land as a gift? The mother of all innovations often in recognition as an encyclopedia,

A dictionary and an online friend that carries an answer for almost every question. Yes!

Wikipedia has opened its first office outside the dimensions of United States here in India. It is a gift to 1.2 billion Indians who could now access information in their respective regional languages.
Wikipedia is a free web-based, collaborative work-force with more than 20 million articles which have been written by different people around the globe. It is an online encyclopedia that operates without any expenses occurred from advertising.
The operation India promotes the task of accessing the information in different India languages which are primary for the readers. India with a large variance in the youth population often has the requisites for a quick source of information and none better could happen than Wiki in their own respective languages.
The fifth-most viewed site Wiki after Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft anticipates a high growth in their traffic structure after a recent increase of 420 billion from 340 billion earlier. The Wiki activity would certainly also help in provoking the culture of research and innovation in the country.
As Internet happens to gets cheaper in India with the advent of electronic gadgets like ‘Aakash the value of Wiki in general enhances to a sustained height well above the past. Secondly, Wikipedia also provides an incentive to write an original piece of work. As Wikipedia is an online based collaborated work of different volunteers together who write, share edit and re-edit the different articles which promotes the writing habits among Indians at large.
The volunteers and their work is a prior step based towards research mythology and an effective ability to converse. Promotion of such culture is effectively regarded as a development of educational index for a developing world like India who needs it in lieu. Till now sharing of photography, video, documents and similes took place with the already existing electronic mails and social networks like Facebook but this new revolution would enhance the knowledge sharing.
Hence, Wikipedia makes a formal opening conference in the heart of Mumbai (Churchgate) this week with an inaugural ceremony by the founder itself Jimmy Wales.

                      On behalf of Critical Thinkers Team


The TRP Swami

Well, Swami’s have been known for meditation and deliverance of peace away from the market yard in some arid or freeze place.  Take A Break!! Something different happens out here, a saffron- clad swami has just entered the BIG BOSS House.

Religion cum Business

Yes, religion is another color of an umbrella all directed towards monetary gains. Swami Agnivesh promoting this culture in it’s true essence making TRP market for Indian Television. What more to except? A Sadhu cum Swami is certainly being lost out somewhere midst of market culture leaving aside his mandal philosophies.

Let the Swami Say

Keeping the Indian Democracy prior, Swami embarks upon his reputation which got disturbed earlier this year during the Massive Anna-Hazare LokPal campaign. Swami was challenged by few to act as an informer to the government in the Anna Hazare camp. Hence Swami puts it clearly his intention to re-establish his ruined relationship with the public.

Where is the Mistake

Swami has kept on committing mistakes and they add on with just a few more. There is already a difference between him and the other contestant further the Hindu Sangs have already objected his idea’s of being in any reality show.

Hence, it’s all losses for Swami Agnivesh here.

Dear Agnisvesh,

                             Would love to write on you some more condition if it was only on bonded labour. These activities are only meant for Television and write-ups.


A Little Malice- Revolution 2020

Where books became FMCG!
I am kind of bad at solving quant’s, trigonometry not my cup of tea and Mr. Engineer that went embedded with my name almost everywhere. Yes, I am a young Indian fellow aspired to be a part of Shinning India Campaign but my quant’s that separates me from the same. Family, Friends and Fame that flow with an aptitude for quant’s, being a student at IIT/IIM makes it all.

Just what the former President Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam has embarked upon creating a stronger India by 2020, the new book by Chetan Bhagat targets the complexities and the challenges to attain. From the World Bank Aid to clean the holy Ganges that in lieu of dirt and pollutants, the defective educational system of India that Jairam Ramesh often quotes and ending on the main stream Journalism that is often described bad and paid-up news bulletin. Everything is compiled up in with beauty in the form of a story- Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat.

It puts a nice picture, a picture of Gopal who finds it difficult to attain a seat in an engineering college while Raghav a childhood friend who although attains the qualification of an engineer happens to become a journalist in a battle to fight against the bad media and corruption. To add a little more spice in the story Aarti a typical Indian girl is depicted who fails with her love between good and bad.
Honestly, this made me almost cry out. A battle between the corruption, money, love and quant’s is highly depicted in picture which often leads to sorrow and sympathy but no solution.

Why are the Indian Face with so many controversies and complexities?
Are they the son/daughter of a lesser god?

The question of one’s willingness is often challenged with the culture. Aarti desire for an airhostess is curbed up while Raghav almost lost his journalism and Gopal becomes a wealthy edupreneur with no education at the graduation stage.
The love triangle depicted is truly a functional phenomenon of one’s daily life. Aarti is a confused person while being in relation with Raghav, she had always kept giving wrong signals to Gopal and tried hard to run from a dilemma whether she wanted to be in relationship with Gopal. While Raghav happens not to estimate the fact of being in relationship it is Gopal who still finds Aarti as her companion.
Nothing more to express, reading the same would help one understand the beauty of the novel.

Revolution 2020 A book worth reading!

Pocket filling politics

Calling on Corruption! Calling on Revolution! Calling on Fast!

The three different glimpse of an empty Indian political jug that has nothing more left in it. Some have went ahead to refill the jug while others have gone on a strike which includes the fancy hunger-cum Anna/Bapu way.
Recently the Union Cabinet Minister who are often designated with ‘honorable’ have disclosed their portfolio of assets. It strictly depicts the progress and a shinning India campaign. The Civil-Aviation Minister Praful Patel has recently shown in public, on an average wealth of half-a-million to his assets in just 28 months the time he held that minister. Contrary to it, Air India has been crying over some split milk! They are struggling to even pay their workers with a basic salary.

During the 2009, Praful Patel had an asset worth of 79 crores while Rs122 crores in 2011. It happens to be some basic mathematics. Nearly,5 lakh a day. It strictly cut seals the argument made by Aruna Roy against the Planning Commission. While some have debated Rs32 or Rs25 for a daily wage laborers the minister are widely filling up their pockets.

Who says Corruption?
No, this is not corruption in my dictionary. Corruption is basically the art of illegal activities that happen unnoticed. Praful Patel and several others have made sure we expose that remains unexposed.
He didn’t do any wrong. We knew it long since 2009 asset deceleration to the present one. Simultaneously we all read, shared and debated on the labor unrest at Air India. The Patel story was left unnoticed just nothing more than a blind eye.
Fancy Anshans
From the Green to the Telecom and the Fast revolution that revolutionizes another mystery of what it being all about. Certainly, the food and telecom had provided enough development and growth while the revolution of hunger just gives a deadly weapon in the hands of the public.
The pilots have just added some more strikes while calmly Patel have filled his pocket all high. Being Blind is all we could do for now.
New Fabrics
The story doesn’t end here. The young leaders who are a master of management or rather some MBA tag-holders have already joined the party. Milind Deora who holds the Ministry For Communication and Technology has almost doubled his portfolio of assets within two years. From Rs.17 crores to Rs.33 crores in 2011. The Young Indian intellects have told us all about our future. A future where everything is dim under a 100watt blub.

Let’s Think

Neither more or less, are we deceiving ourselves. India happens to be ruled by some Anna and Baba who provoke and dictate the countrymen with some false stories. Stories where at times Democracy dies while at others good men elected bad people. Among all this, ministers keep filling up their pockets.

I rather not be Modi

If I will admire a fairly tale, it would have elements of Arun Shorie, Arun Jaitely, Jashwant Singh, Raman Singh,but rather not the present-day epic hero Narendra Modi. Certainly, the recent drainage of the Congress trust have made way for the second greatest political party, which I refine as a consequenceof negative voting resulting from the basket of scams produced by the present government. Bhartiya Janta party and its hero Narendra Modi have nothing good in store to be the Prime Minister and rule the nation. It’s no secret they ruled the nation just few strokes back when on some occasion their partyPresident Bangaru laxman was caught accepting bribe while on other the party provoked communal violence and disrupted the civil peace of the society.

Modi Won’t Talk Godhra

Why won’t he  speak on the Godhra? A man of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh who further has a hard bound rubber stamp “Communal”. None, but the issue has said it all. Modi had walked out when interviewed by Karan Thapar regarding the same. The court witnesses have said a more prolonged story in this regard. Let’s keep the Hindu-vote bank aside, has Modi done well for secularism? Answers may be many that stick to Modi’s agenda for keeping development over vote bank politics while the happy Muslims in Gujrat have answered it correctly. The statements doesn’t end here, will Narendra Modi  enlighten a movement of development a prior objective or rather support his poor party Mandir agenda. It strictly calls him a person of weak planning and management and a silence on Godhra just gives a Replica of Dr. Singh who is often put under shadow being balmy criticized.

Are these Prime Minister’s wrong or just a perception of a human mind for them to be wrong.
If Modi happens to be good, I rather not support for the society that would make him. Else, he never had the seeds of honestly just like the present Prime Minister of India has.

Lok Ayukta Fear

While Dr. Manmohan Singh is ready to be under any ambit then what makes Modi fear ahead. It makes one question Narendra Modi, is he the next Karnataka? His hard business driven models on whom we categorize as a prosperous Gujarat have a list of scams for which the present chief minister is not comfortable to answer.

The Singur controversy on the world’s cheapest car ‘Tata Nano’ has a tale full of scams even when it lands in Gujarat. The 1100 acres of land near Sanand was allotted at Rs900/- per acre while the market rate for the same had been Rs 10,000/-per acre . It accounts for the 33,000cr benefit to the Tata Motors.

Has the bad capitalism driven bureaucracy being a driver for the prosperity in Gujarat today?

The story doesn’t end here there are some more big fish like L&T, Adani Group, Essar Group who have been found under the same pond. A list of 17 cases from which Narendra Modi strictly fears to answer out.

The Hunger Brand

The hunger jersey worn by Narendra Modi has ended it all. He could have been a hero for the masses,but the campaign for New Delhi, makes me feel A believer of Promises rather work. There has been no good reason and neither could it ever exist. It disrupts the essence of democracy and this time no other than the Chief Minister himself.

I rather not vote for Narendra Modi-2014

September Back

It happens to be the lament excuse with the most pronouncing mark that began the century. Certainly, a coffee-table discussion for a few while an opportunist politics who quotes the fancy but sovereign speeches. The twin-tower collapse and the pentagon that strikes the US dinner table with an ever enduring quote that haunts the US President with a nightmare….”Terriosm Happens to Make US Unsafe”.
The burning flames of fuel are witnessed again in the picture as the passenger planes had struck against those tall building. The chocking dust in the atmosphere with high amount of carbon content had made that night turn day, where the day’s heat still burn. While some paint on the invasion of Iraq others on the terrifying pictures of hooded prisoners in Abu Ghraib and the recent association of Bin Laden.
The pages in the calendar have once again been back on September with the Festival of 9/11 that continues on.

“War on Terror” But With Whom???

It has often been described as the war, won’t contest on it. The reply I put forward, “A war has the existence of two different armies.” Further, it comprise of two or more different government that declare the start of war and end it. A tussle with Al-Queda makes it no less but some heap sandy football game. It is not even a nation-state to embark. Just a terrorist organization that has its supporters in scattered distress, operations in shadow and the aims being vague enough.

It recalls back the Marxist ideology, individual terrorism is not a productive function and plays hard with the conflicts among the ruling elites. It disrupts the common civil societies with its economy and trade, who had no price attached on the war. It plays heavily in the hands of Big American Business Bureaucrats who got free functioning from the Bush-Administrator to pursue business in Middle East on a large scale.

The Imperialism
The US battles today in quest to broadcast their military strength. The number injured in US are far lesser than in other states, still US requires all sovereignty and revenge for things that didn’t even happen.
It’s no secret the 9/11 battle had been a demonstration of aggression to set-up the military mechanism for the power domination. The canon of strong militants, proclaiming themselves to be a Superpower.
When India bashes Kenya in Cricket, people of Kenya call India a champion, not the Kangaroos.
US happens to create imperialism, it could be real or even be imaginary proclaiming the foreign wars that seek justice. Those high screams in the sky making people recall the “Pearl Harbor”, “Maine”. The Osama’s association just adds to it.

Bush Vs Osama-cum Obama
The battle that bush fought was more a personal conflict in his own senate and internal conflicts that led to the revolt against Osama. Initially it had all begun with the Soviet Union tussle, when they happened to be friends. Similarly, The Obama as a president and the withdrawals of troops could be marked upon The Republican- Democrat conflicts.
A battle of few that injured many, some to death while others to wounds and fear. The global insecurity that happens around the world was just a conflict by a few.

Another September, Another Condolence!!!!!!!

Bhopal That Didn’t Happen!!!

It happens to be the worst industrial disaster of the century, when some chemicals of hard chemistry enters our society and burning the body from skin to the eyes. While the victims still prevail in distress, it is the compensation that hunts for an answer. It succumbed people with different chronic and cancer diseases accounting for more than 6 lakh people.


Every Story Has A Happy Ending!
The 27 –year Bhopal story is still searching for an answer to the solution. No court has yet condemned the person guilty of this tragedy. The amount of compensation to be is a pittance for a big industrialized American firm. Further, the actions processed by the Indian Government have been fairly ineffective. The story still lies in distress in search for an answer to end on a high note.

What made it Possible??

The accident has clearly stated the inadequate capitalist system and the lack of organizational ability of the system for the same. Like a simple Capitalist System that aims at profit maximization for a few, keeping the workers welfare and society aside.

  • The machine inspection program during the night hours had been at dismay, like a typical capitalist who finds such things unproductive with value.
  • In order to cut short the expenses the workers were reduced from 6 to 2 during the night hours.
  • To add more pills, the safety systems had been switched off to reduce the production costs.

It is has been excessively humiliating but it says something. It was never an accident that happened but poor arbit culture of the crony capitalist that played with the lives of several hundreds.


The Tragedy Rebates

Well, Capitalism has no space for any rebate. Bhopal incident have told us in general. Their first response had been to shirk the issue off, taking no responsibility altogether. A more pathetic situation had occurred when related to the Sikh terrorism relevant in those days. The height of Anderson’s business today has said it all.
While many have debated for compensation being equivalent to that received by a citizen in America, the courts in US had stated that for no jurisdiction to determine human worth of a life, especially for the citizens that reside in Less Developed world.
The reason India had never being harsh was the highly funded government bureaucrats and a negative impact that the country could have suffered on attracting foreign investment.

Knowing Further

Bhopal had worked on one basic system of social, economic and political decisions under Arjun Singh: maximizing profits! The Carbide firm firmly knew that the safety standards in lesser developed world like India is fairly low when compared with the US. Further, all the imperialist countries having operations in country like India want to maximize their own profit.
It violates the human labour laws and human rights prevalent in the judiciary system. It further embarks upon the bourgeoisie who always support the imperialist. Health and safety measures could only be understood and implemented through an efficient and planned state. The Capitalist driven government could only reform development for destruction.

Almighty Marx!

Yes I am a Whiteman, Yes I belong to a developed nation, Yes I have ruined my finance !

It happened some time back in the 18th century, an old man Karl Marx who died in the era, noticed to be the most-hatred person. When the Europeans bloomed under the industrial revolution they made Marx nothing less but a devil itself. The devil who had opposed the mankind progress and wealth prosperity. Further this devil made all stale theories to exploit one’s happiness.

One was Santa, while the other was Marx. Both had a beard worth the Niagara Falls.

The devil had lived in extreme poverty with filthy skin that suffered with boils and carbuncles, all happened due to the unhygienic state. The issue prevailed all around his family, on some occasions with his Capitalist father while on other with his wife. To embark upon his education, he graduated his PhD at the age of 24..Recalling the Devil Himself

The Excess of Spending and Lending recalls Marx and his philosophies back today, though it happens for just a small duration. Eventually it is capitalism that drags a human mind. The present day European crisis have nothing more in store than to remember what Marxist schools had said before making a critic of their policies. 1 Currency = 1 Destruction

The second largest and traded currency in the global economy, “Euro” used in 17 different nations has provided for a European Sovereign Debt Crisis. Contrasting upon what Marxist school had warned them before

Theories that contradict practice– The capitalist system of a common currency has beauty and points out to be quite logical. It would save enough time and would further facilitate trade and long term planning and investment in the economy. But the practical aspect has all destruction to happen as it did happen. All currencies happen to be locked in a system with no agreed exchange rate hence restoration by devaluation of currency during crisis fails out and off.

No Devaluation In an attempt for a domestic solution at home, unemployment and deflation often happen about. It happens to unease the difference between different states and classes that lie under the same state. It sketches out a monetary unit that is unviable at large and which creates large conflicts.

Anarchic Capitalism It’s no secret that the  capitalism has a very anarchic nature. The different ideologies of different nations that could be dragged under common currency system with a common control, is clearly a false statement. Who happens to be favored when a state demands for a high interest rate while other for a low.

Never ending recession The idea that a common currency could end the ghost of recession is ideally false. Grants and lending could just stimulate the economy for a time being but it can’t get over. All the burden of recession to be met by member states unaided is not viable. The only outcome would be the rich economies growing bigger while poor being poorer. It was Karl Marx who predicted it in the 18th century and it has happened for Germany and Greece.

The present day economic crisis in Europe has certainly shed enough blossoms over the graveyard of Karl Marx. It always had enough light to be visible, just that capitalism had more fancy tubes. It is the state welfare that happens to keep the individual welfare, well understood in Europe for now.

The European socialist societies had earlier shared far healthier and educated society. Even when Marx ideas had been imposed with some intolerant communism, people got liberated from the ancient traditions that had locked them into monarchy or corrupt dictatorship.

Events happen to move faster than the speed of the light, stocks freefall around the world and crisis happen to be a packet of biscuits with different brands. Some are found in the American continent while others in Pakistan and Europe.

The idea of capitalism being false in nature has been well- noticed. Not to contest on the implementation but it is the ideology that makes a difference.

The Soviet-Union fall has thrown enough light on the unprecedented ideological difference against the ideas of socialism. It has been considered offensive and the Berlin Wall fall had made the ruling class ecstatic. The capitalist dream for a new world based on peace and prosperity and an undisrupted high growth rate happened to lie under the common man desire.

All these illusions of a capitalist thinker have happened to be shattered and turned to dust. The promises have not been kept and the current crisis remains to be a danger for the global economy. The heavy debts of banks to government have created insecurity today. Further, what had failed in Soviet Union was never Socialism or Marx but a bureaucratic caricature of socialism that created all forms of corruption

It is time to bring back Karl Marx in the picture. The great political thinker is a god, a helper for poor and a guide for the rich.

Be Proud To be a Marxist !

BCCI- Tell me why?

If you have a bug for the cricket credentials who restrict you to watch your favorites play, it is the time to ask..!!

Respected BCCI ,
Kindly tell me why was he dropped?


Fan supporter club  ,

It happened in 2005 when ‘DADA’ got dropped from the squad, it happened again on some issues with Laxman while on others with Dravid and Kumble. What made Greg Chappel the coach, Why Eden Gardens being ignored? Which broadcaster gets what to broadcast, on what basis? If the anger still penetrates in your mind, let’s question these culprits for now.

The echo is high up in the sky, the quest is for an answer for which the country waits in anticipation and eagerness. It is the time for the countrymen, countrymen for whom ‘DADA’ resides as the God and Cricket as a religion.
Although RTI has a different application which is not in consent with the squad selection, it strictly kills the devil inside the management. It kills the culprits who govern it as a business-driven profit model making players nothing worse than stock driven. It is the profit driven model that calls Dravid, Ganguly on the requisite, dumping their sportsmen spirit at large.

The bullet has already being triggered by Ajay Maken, the Honorable Sports Minister of India for the refusal made by BCCI to come under RTI. Maken has slapped BCCI for acquiring government funds indirectly by land facilities and tax-subsidies that they enjoy.

“Ajay Maken has lost the moral right to continue. He should resign”
– Senior BCCI Official

Well, it is the Board of Cricket Control in India that comprises all the moral rights, the morality that makes cricket culture fair at large. I often wonder whether I should contemplate BCCI as an argumentative bold body that can debate with courage or a typical man of black and white suit.

It is often said, the crony capitalist have no morality of their own.

Certainly, BCCI has nothing more than to fall in that function. But the issue involves around questioning to that of others. Has BCCI gained enough integrity to question the parliamentarians like Anna Hazare? Certainly, No they haven’t.

The Next Tax-Heaven
It’s no secret, they are financially the biggest cricket organization present around the globe and the fish gained more weight after the launch of its own league. Further, they account for tax holidays on account of cricket promotion. It honestly snoozes me when my ear drums penetrate of hearing “Cricket Promotion”

Though common salt has more importance, it is cricket in india that dominates.

It marks upon the prestigious tax benefits that the organization attains. They are nothing less than a heaven, days are not far off when people would contest to work at BCCI. Just as they do in banks these days.

Let’s Bring BCCI Under RTI!!!

Let’s Revolt!!!