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Wrong…is it really wrong…??

Wrong…is one of the harshest words in an English dictionary….one of the most unwanted word in a student’s life…and in reality nobody likes to hear it.
According to Oxford dictionary…wrong means incorrect, in error, undesirable etc…etc.
But what actually is wrong…??
Is it really wrong…??
Can’t it be right at the same time….??
This is because most of the people only know literally meaning of the wrong. But just like a coin has two sides….so has the word wrong…the situational side of wrong. A situational wrong is nothing but a situation of course…where what maybe wrong for one….may not be wrong for other. It is just a game of one’s perception…level of understanding and attitude. Confused..?? Here are few examples…
• Spreading terror in the name of religion maybe wrong for us…but for terrorist it is protecting their religion.
• Setting up quota system and reservations in every field maybe wrong in the eyes of general public…but for OBC’s it is their right.
• Begging may seem wrong to the society…but for poor people it is their source of living.
And there are many examples….
Just like two people can’t have same personality…similarly this side of wrong can’t be judged. That’s just because…no stage in life is constant. People grow everyday…their understanding towards life changes…and as the time passes…so does their definition of wrong. Some people might even adopt the officially declared wrong paths as right track of living also…hence it is a relative concept.
So…the next time you judge and declare a person as wrong…always take a look at the situation behind him….who knows…you might even change your decision…


Superstitions, the impracticality in disguise…!

A black cat near my house….! 

Crosses road everyday to catch a mouse… 


They say…that black cat is an omen…
I look at it and say…poor cat..!! Can’t even have dinner because of these humans!

A crow sitting on a banyan tree…!
Flew to my balcony…to drink the milk…left free.
Oh look…!!!

They said….the crow says…you’ll surely have guests…
I look at the crow and said…you look after their luggage’s and comforts to your best!


I just don’t understand…
If surprises and shocks of life could be so easily be interpreted by these superstitions….
Then…either the poor and cute cats would have become extinct…
Or the crows would have enjoyed a comfortable living at railway stations…!! 😉


Life is a journey to be enjoyed in its raw state…
And definitely not something to be tested and evaluated…
For its complications… can never be solved with calculations of superstitions.
So…live the life the way it is….not according to something based on impractical calculations…!!

Struggle, the salty experiences of life…!

Struggles of life….a journey never forgotten…. It makes you, It moulds you….but never leaves you rotten…                                                                                            It begins with every dawn….sometimes might leave you torn…                                                                                  But you have to fight….to have your future bright.

People struggle for position…to have identity with recognition
As for them…life is full of never ending expectation…

Fulfilling of which gives a soothing satisfaction.
So struggle everyday….struggle every night
Struggle for tomorrow…like there’s nothing so bright..!!

Struggles are those experiences you gather…
Which not only makes you and moulds you….but
Certainly takes you farther and farther…!!!

FACEBOOK…Breaking News!!!

Headlines of 2020…
Area…the space taken by your laptops or desktops

Yeah…!! This is what the headlines of 2020 would say.

It even won’t be surprising if students would soon be asked to plot Facebook on their virtual maps (this is a technology driven…my friend…!) it won’t even be a bad idea if facebook is used for global citizenship…with all of as its residents (you need not to change your nationality…be a member of Facebook.
Yeah…this is the importance of Facebook in our lives…. it has become an integral part of our lives. People not only share WHAT’S IN THEIR MINDS…but also make new friends (increasing friend list is a status symbol in Facebook)search the old ones…join new clubs…like different pages (the favorite time pass when sitting idle)…upload photographs(comments can’t be forgotten for sure) and nowadays even share them and what not..!! In fact it is the most feasible…viable…and popular way of

Bonding, Meeting and Sharing all at one place…afterall its all about CONNECTING PEOPLE

Being such an integral part of people’s lives…Facebook has sure become a replica of its member’s personal lives. From hookups to breakups….from marriages to new- born babies….it’s all on Facebook. And the latest activity to join the club is democracy eg: The people of Egypt used Facebook as a medium to unite their country’s people to fight against dictatorship and stand up for themselves and their country (what a use…a real use…Indeed).

Well….after describing our dearest Facebook…everybody would like to be its member…and that day is not far off when we would surely have Facebook as

WORLD’S largest Country and A Religion called FACEBOOK

It’s all about “Karma” !!!

People say GOD exists for everyone,he is present everywhere. People look for him,be it good ones or bad ones and even believe that he will help because god is the almighty,the supreme creator and the father of all.
But how is it possible for god to help both good and bad people for accomplishing their goals???
For that we should not forget the god inside every living being in this universe, so how to identify the god within. For that I must say that

                                                                         “Our karma is our biggest God”

One gets rewarded according to their deeds. So, basically it’s all about the game of karma and winning this game leads to framing one’s destiny. The game of “karma” is similar to the game of “snakes and ladders”. The rules remain the same , the only difference lies in the meaning of winning and losing.

So the RULES are somewhat like this….
• You get your way out upto the goal without any obstruction ( bites of snakes) by adhering to your duties and the task allotted to you.
Doing good to someone or for somebody by going off track awards you with ladders (big or small depends on the deed) to skip some few steps and get a shortcut to your goal of life.
• But,if you do something unacceptable i.e. bad to someone , you will get snake’s bite(hurdles) sooner or later and however hard you try,you won’t be able to achieve your goal. The bigger the bad deed,the longer the snake , the harsher is the effect.
•  GOD:THE SUPREME CREATOR is the judge and the score keeper.

With such simple rules , one frames the destiny of their life. So it is actually true that we are the one who make our destiny and no one else. A well-known saying;

                                                                                                 “God helps those who help themselves”
So play this simple game of karma carefully,as no other complicated thing works,it’s all upon you and as they rightly say….
It’s your own life(game) so keep it simple silly…!!!

The way we live….!

Let me first introduce ourselves, We are nobody’s living in the crowds of helpless, worthless and workless unskilled laborers.

We too have a body and a soul but have to live without an identity, What an Irony…!!!
Most of us only came into existence because parents consider us “Asset”, however the government calls us a Living liability, What an Irony…!!!
To support body and soul we work at various places (wherever we get work) but are still consider Unemployed, What an Irony…!!!

We are the actual examples of work in worship, but like always we are given the tag of an ideal people, What an Irony…!!!
We sweat all day either to build strong homes for the rich or schools for students or even hospitals for the patients, but our lives are full of Ironies. We neither have a  permanent place to live (technically no shelter over our heads) nor the privilege of holding a book or being treated as Doctor, What an Irony…!!!

And the story continues….

But we are survivors. We any how manage the three most basic needs of life food, shelter and clothing. We are the most persistent people on this earth and can be found working, no matter whether the country is facing recession or inflation, yet we still remain poor, What an Irony…!!!
Living in clusters and groups are standard norms of a worker’s life and yes of course many synonyms do exist. We call it home people call it slums and for politicians we are the great vote bank. Differentiation on the basis of caste and religion hardly ever existed in our lives (we were long ago excluded from the so-called developed world, yet still we are one of major sources of terrorism, What an Irony…!!!
With a life full of ironies and fate full of failures we still live everyday as if there’s not going to be a tomorrow and rise before the morning sun wakes up to achieve our ultimate goal in life,  What an Irony…!!!

Story of an unborn girl child…..

It was a summer morning, When I was conceived
But my dad gave a warning I couldn’t believe….
I’m a few days old with a body that’s like a fold
Not much of a site not bigger then pies bite…

It’s the time after one month…I feel I almost weigh a ton
I now have a body with hands and legs with complete ends…         
I have been wondering for a while would I be able to be a good child??
But I’ll try my best “Mommy.YOU would be proud. Just take rest.!

Today I’m very happy and gay Passing my time with my girlie play
But my mom is a bit tired these days crying a lot and filling up bays
After three months of time my mom’s singing me a rhyme
And her face shines with tears streaming in lines

I know there’s something not right and I can sense the fight
I guess the days not right, but everything will be alright.
Today we are at doctor’s place, but I can sense my mom’s tensed face

The doctor looks at her long face. Is everything alright in my case?
Look there’s someone at my house A new toy I doubt
But it’s sucking my house this toy is bad take it out.
mommy “it’s hurting me”.! “It’s got my leg”~defend me

Ooooo my hands out of its place protect me
Stop this mommy YOU have got to free me.
Please free me.!

After one month.
It’s been long. Since YOU lost me
A fateful decision that YOU didn’t foresee
But mommy.I still love YOU don’t cry.I believe YOU
I will be waiting for YOU with open arms.

For that day would soon come when I would be welcomed.. by now YOU would already be knowing.
With lots of love mommy….from your unborn girl child…

In this competitive world where would the underdogs go?

India has been witnessing a lot of inflation lately.But a straight hike in the field of education is something seen only in India. No. No.! I am not talking about the donations and the fee structure (these criteria’s have a permanent inflation rate in them) but the sky touching percentages and cut-offs.
This year’s AISSE examination 12th board examination had overwhelming results (with four students securing 100 on 100 in English as a subject from Chennai region) which is appreciable on the part of the education system of India. However, what about the underdogs….the non-achievers? Where would they go? Is a bunch of achievers pushing the future of others in dark?


Moreover, this “yes” is firmly supported by the impossible cut-offs limitations set by the well renowned college.SHREE RAM COLLEGE OF COMMERCE (which was forced to be lowered down). Even the “not so renowned colleges” have raised their cutoff stands and the authorities seem to have forgotten about the average grade students.The so-called group of non-achievers? Where would they go?

Our voices are often misunderstood and that is what might be happening in the minds of the readers reading this article. Well I am not advocating against the achievers because I know it requires a lot of hard work and consistency to achieve such results, which is commendable.However, the question again comes to the same point-what about those who were not able to achieve? Who are not so intelligent?

This competitive 21st century has turned cruel to those who can’t prove themselves.This world doesn’t let them survive.And it can actually be witnessed everywhere. A student cannot get admission in a good college because of its demand. Therefore, the hierarchy goes this way->


Moreover, the pressure that keeps on rising, ultimately leads to the forbidden things. People fail to face the world…so they escape. Escape in the form of SUICIDES or fall into deep DEPRESSIONS.

Who is responsible for all this?

Can this inflation be controlled?

Answers. Please answer.!

Winter season….the season of minute joys….!

WINTER the season of paleness, barrenness and what not.!!! But have YOU ever tried to look beyond this paleness & barrenness??

If you would have observed…no life blooms in winter. It’s all barren and pale and dull in winters….cold windschilly handsdry skin….a complete bad and no-no atmosphere. But the point that most often is overlooked is the fact that winters actually preserves life. All new forms come to life only after winters.  All of us are like dull during winters (laziness is just an understatement) . It’s true one only enjoys and feels energized only when one has experienced dullness. These are minute things which might irritate you, but when understood…feels great…

This was just the scientific or let’s says the most acknowledged part of winters which almost everyone knows (still is often overlooked). But that part which I personally love the most is the stagnant nature of winter season. Although stagnant and stubbornness are some words which one should avoid, but winters has the joy to celebrate this dullness with cool breeze and lazy daisy mornings.

So it goes like this…

  • when do you most enjoy your tea or coffee..?
  • the warmness of your blankets and sweaters?
  • the comforting hot massages and the most important of all the beautifully warm and comforting sunrise???

    to these is the only  season which is now coming to YOUR MIND one and only winter season.

The soothing hotness of tea is best understood in winters. The cozy warm beds and blankets. The warm breaths for chilling hands never feels so mesmerizing as like in winters. The first rays of morning sun and the heat along the busy birds are some unforgettable moments of winters. The best part is the sleep-the deep and sound sleep just like an infant sleeping with all its vivid dreams.These are some most special attributes of winters which are mostly overlooked and taken for granted by us. Everything has a deep and comforting meaning when looked deep and this is what winters mean to me.

On a concluding note….winter is like a treasureyou get the opportunity to explore and actually enjoy every minute details of your regular habits with such a perspective that once perceived would never be lost.
P.S.- These are my feelings for the wonderful winters.