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Girls…respect them, they deserve it!

“The emotional, sexual and psychological stereotyping of females begin when the doctor says, “It’s a girl!”
– Shirley Chisholm

At first glance, the statement might not sound powerful enough to astound you, but even if it succeeds in touching the tiniest percentage of your conscience, well, it will recede in a while!

The glaring fact that girls are killed prematurely and women are bought and sold is a harsh reality of the society with which everyone is acquaintedBut the big questions is how many of us ponder over such issues or feel even inclined, forget about being bold enough, to work for a change.

At a time when the media is promoting several Bollywood flicks, the stock markets are booming, new technologically superior gadgets are making their way into our so called ‘Jet Life’, and Indians are ecstatic about having the richest man of the world in their midst, there are millions of impoverished and vulnerable women who are waiting with anguish their doomsday

Our past lies in the future. The society gradually seems to be moving from polygamy to polyandry!
Yes! The patriarchal society will soon move towards the marriages of one woman to five men, just as it was in the Mahabharata!

The high dowry demands during the marriage of a girl child are one of the most important reasons of female feoticide. With the alarming rate at which our society is exterminating small girls, it often makes me wonder whether this practice would actually enhance the value of women and small girls.

In India, preference of male child appears to be undiminished by socio-economic development: a ‘son’ is a support in old age. Also customs, in which the last rites of the parents are performed by the son, only go on to show how desirable a male-child is.

this discussion can go on and on. Therefore, it is time we took up this cause as  a social emergency and tackled it on all fronts.

The scenario is likely to improve with the upcoming development cells and bodies which work for women empowerment and education.

The whole new concept of feminism seems to bring a ray of hope. Education and employment of women is extremely essential. We have to do much for the womankind. They are, after all, women- our mothers, our creators! 


A Death Unsung (A girl story) : Child Marriage

The thing which comes to our mind on hearing the word- “Womanis epitome of sacrifice and selfless love. This is because they are portrayed that way by our ‘mass media’.

See ‘Balika Vadhu’ or the ‘Bidaai Sisters’ who must have shed tons of tears by now, but, still they bear it all. After all, they are the Bhaartiya Naaris and have to go through the Agni Pariksha time and again.

Most importantly, the mass media has once again raised the ever debatable and one of the most sensitive issues prevalent in the country- ‘Child Marriage’

In the early 1800’s, the birth of a female baby was looked down upon as an ill-omen. ‘Burden’ was the word used for the girl child. The insecure parents never realized that by marrying her off at the tender age of seven-eight years, they did not relieve themselves of any burden; instead, they jeopardized the innocent life.

A child, so young and naive, who had just about opened her eyes to the world, was handed over huge responsibilities, and before she could understand anything, the world completely changed for her. Little did she know that utensils would replace her dolls.

Woman often finds herself succumbing to the will of the society, for the sake of acceptance.

‘Her’ identity is often reduced to that of a commodity;
‘Her’ life, to an existence revolving around the whims of men.

The question is not about her merely listing the hardships of a woman’s life or crimes against her, nor is the solution as simple as a constitutional law; the situation demands an ‘ideological resolution’, as there is no other form of abuse that is more painful and more shameful than this.