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Trans Atlantic Sojourn….

While happily being tucked away from the sights and
sounds of everything usual and normal to me I am here, in the middle of nowhere flying by my time. When at
times the days seem longer than usual and at times they are shorter
than I can comprehend in detail.

The sand is white, and the waters are of the colour of blue, green, and deep olive,
so clear that I can see down the depths through it. A 100 year old ship
wreck of an unlucky sailor, lying deep down tucked away silently in the lap of nature.
As far beyond as i can see, the sky is a clear colour blue. Lighter than the ocean but
meeting it down at the horizon. I am sitting on the edge of a sailing dock and
I see a water snake its body glimmering in the sun. In beautiful ringlets it swims past me.
I finally dive in the bay the first thing I feel is the depth
and the perfect temperature…. not cold not warm….. just right. Its nearing
sunset and all I can see is the beautiful changing colours of the sky, from
blue to deep yellow to streaks of purple and mauve, to the final redness and
its all gone, and as quickly as it’s said the stars are out. As if waiting their
turn to come out as bright and glittering diamonds in the stark dark of the sky. The moon shines down on me and I can see that I am halfway in the beach waters with not a human soul as far as I can see. Some fireworks glowing in the far vicinity add colours to the deepness of the night sky.
I go home
with soaked clothes and reminiscent of what
I’ve just experienced.