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True enough that some New Age belief systems do little more than dabble in devotion, backing off quickly whenever spiritual decipline becomes too incompatible with one’s lifestyle. One cannot really be a part-time Buddhist any more than a self-described Christian can purchase salvation with one hour a week in church. But the irrefutable truth is that heart of each of the great religious traditions are three small words:

God is One!

The Buddha’s prescription for pain was deceptively simple: One must free oneself from desire and persue “right consciousness” through meditation and an awareness of the “oneless” of the creation. Some have speculated that Jesus “teaching were influenced by Buddhist thoughts, though expressed in the less abstract language of Dudaism. India ultimately foreswore Buddhism on the grounds that its austere language made no room for the transcendent God, but this very fact has increased its appeal to those Wasterners soured on organized religion and has made its tenets compatible with new physics.

Chinese philosophy anticipated the Big Bang theory by insisting that everything sprang from emptiness, or the void. Creation occurs from nothing. As difficult as this is to conceive, the observations of modern science bear out the words written by Lama Anagarika Govinda in his foundations of Tibetan Mysticism:”The relationship of form and emptiness cannot be conceived as a state of mutually exclusive opposites,but only as two aspects of the same reality that co-exist and are in continual cooperation.

Einstein remarked that science grew out of the refinement of our daily thinking. In its infancy,science was a close cousin of philosophy. Newton’s Principia,considered to be the first great scientific text, bears the title, the Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, but ever since relativity theory and quantum physics described a reality strikingly at odds with our perception, physics increasingly has become the provinence of mathematicians. This is because math furnishes the only vocabulary capable of precisely describing this reality. Naturally, this has driven even many highly educated people away from science.

If may offer one aide for navigating in the remarkable “space” we are about to enter,it is this: While you’re here,try to relax your mental fix on the image of God that has been most familier to you since childhood. Let it sleep to the back of your mind; you can always reclaim it later (and that is perfectly all right). It isn’t required that you do this, but it will help, and you may be surprised by what new visions come bubbing up from inside.


Internet friends, Oh that sucks!

In modern society every work is done through internet or I should say it has become a necessity. Lots of people are connected through it. Some are using it for good and some for bad purpose. People get a lots of information, inventions etc happening in the world. At the same time so many social networking siteswhere people interact each-other. It’s good that everyone is growing contacts, because in modern time everyone is too busy with their schedule and work and have no time for others. So, in little bit of time you grow more contacts through it.

And at the same time young generation friendship through internet is growing day by day—

Question rises is it good or bad ?

Everyday lots of suicide cases, broken relationship etc come into light, Many of them just because of it. People interact here immediately, it’s not because of attraction just professional interaction. At the same time opposite sex attract itself everywhere, females gets lots of proposals even men also. They interact here, know each-other….meet regularly…….then broke-up.

Young generation is using these friendship networks for their romance and relationships. They use to change their partners fluently. It’s only the attraction towards each-other, there is no any social base. Nowadays, mostly are going for love marriage and divorce rate is increasing, affecting our society.

Married people are enjoying this internet friendship for their own happiness. They don’t have time for their families and maximum time they spend with their co-workers, mostly in metro cities and MNC’s sector!

But the result is BREAKING of—-

1 Heart
2 Relationship
3 Family
4 Trust

Blast: who is Responsible?

Blast After Blast In India: Who Is Responsible?

7 September, 2011.

A Bomb Blast outside High Court, with no tangible inputs left 13 people dead, more that 70 injured  :’-(  

Who is responsible??

No one.

Is it so? 

Looking at current scenario, the answer seems to be yes, our politicians want to justify that it happened on its own, No one is responsible.

Bjp leaders  blaming Congress policies for this and Congress want to hold the neck of security. 

It a become a privilege now  for terrorist to attack Indian capital.“The excuse of ‘not being able to prevent every attack’ by our government wearing perilously thin,”

While investigators tried to find a breakthrough in the Delhi high court case of the explosion, another terror e-mail warning of imminent attack on  Ahmedabad reportedly surfaced. Ahmedabad is now put on high alert, Gujarat, in particular.

Our loving and caring government has appealed to people to stay alert,they are doing their best, to build  their capacity to fight terror!

Which of these statements best describes government commitment towards people of this country!

There exist no CCTV’s as PWD dragged feetBy the government, departments did not took decisions that time regarding CCTV”s and now building capacity takes time for this, appeal all to alert and its state responsibility also.

Again the Question arises “who is responsible?”

The reason for failure are in the system:–

1. Lack of strong governance,will power.

2. Lacking of decision making quality and leadership is an issue.
3. Attitute of passing buck on others.
4. Lacking of self intiated on the part of governtal agencies.
5. Unable to pre-empt the situation.
Government needs to be vigilant and should involve the community people  to fight against the upcoming or future terrorism like Ahmedabad, It should act as leader rather being sympathetic!

Your Character is Unique

How can you identify a character?            Man himself is the central theme. He is the end more valuable than any possession in the universe. He must be salvaged, augmented and liberated in his own being.

So, what is character?                                                   Character is what a person truly is, and his reputation is what he is supposed to be. When character and reputation are the same that is the ideal state of being.

The Greek word for character means to engrava one’s mode of being in the world. History is made by character.

Character is defined as qualities or features by which a person or a thing is distinguished from another; the aggregate of distinguishing mental and moral qualities of an individual or a race as a whole; the stamp of an individuality impressed by nature, education or habit; that which person think really.

In opinion of Swami Vivekananda:

“What you want is character strengthening of the will. Continue to exercise your will and it will take you higher. This will is almighty. It is character that can cleave through adamantine walls of difficulties.”

Character is that ensemble of actualized qualities of the head and heart of an individual through the help of which he learns facts and forces of life in a creative manner and gradually reaches self-fulfilment in a way helpful to others as well.

The man of character develops upwards, the man without character slips downwards. The man of character makes history marred by history. Character holds the key to any riddle of life. It can break each and every vicious circle.

The family constituting the most basic social unit consisting of the trinity of father, mother and child, is the first training ground for the building of the child’s character.

Character-building depends much on what kind of food for its mind the parents supply to the growing child. Next to parents, come teacher’ influence in moulding the character of children.

Besides influences unknowingly, but surely exercised for good or bad on children by parents and teachers, there is the powerful influence of social environment. This influence can be creatively handled for character-building only through homes.