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Rockstar : A different and good watch(Rating 3/5)

Rockstar: Yet another love story with a different angle by Imtiyaz Ali after ‘Jab we met’ and ‘Love Aaj Kal’.

Story of struggle and passion of of a wannabe rockstar, from college to the big stage. First half of the movie is fun-filled and entertaining.
The second half of movie is a bit monotonous according to the demand of story. Story narration is quite impressive at most of the time, apart from the switching between present-past, this switching was much good in ‘Love Aaj Kal’.
Ranbir Kapoor has done fantastic job, a true rockstar starting from the innocence in the opening reels to the arrogance in the end.
Actress, Nargis Fakhri has also done true justice to her role.

Just go for this movie for entertainment with no expectations as hyped.
Why to Watch: Ranbir’s acting , Nargis Fakhri’s acting and beauty , A different angle to love story
Why not to Watch: Not upto the much hyped expectations.

Rating: 3/5


RA.One: Why and What??

Technically speaking Ra-One was a good attempt but not comparable to Robot. The story is about a game which is played very well throughout the story. A game designer makes a game inspired by his son’s views and for his son in which, villain is more powerful than the hero. The villain and hero (Robots) come out of the game in real world; which can be compared as Robot-Terminator Soup, to save the son of designer of the game.
The climax is already written and explained in the first half of the movie by the game designer. So, after first half you can watch the movie if you like watching video-games played by others. Adult comedy unnecessarily inserted in some scenes, sometimes it makes one think,was it comedy punch or something else.
Talking about the acting, SRK was not this bad before. Kareena totally resembled Katrina in terms of acting. Arjun Rampal and the child actor were much better than others.
Apart from technicality and animation NOTHING is there in the movie to make you feel entertained.
Don’t go after critic’s reviews they are paid enough for this movie, well I am neither a critic nor paid.
Why to watch: Kareena Kapoor’s looks, Animation, songs are good, And of course SRK fans should go for it ; if Salman’s fans can make bodyguard a hit then why not Ra-one.
Why not to watch: Weak Storyline, Roles exchanged (Kareena was acting as Robot while Robot SRK was sensible), PJs on the name of comedy, the first 15 minutes are insane.
                                                                                                 Rating: 2/5

Not a Love story: Ask Google for the Story!

*Contains no spoilers*

‘Not a love story’ a movie based on Neeraj Grover Murder case.

Its a story about obsession, passion , murder and guilt. A better result out of RGV’s experiment movies.

The movie revolves around Anusha (Mahi Gill) who is a wannabe actress and her journey towards a fate, you can rhyme her fate as

” Koi khud se bura nahi hota, Pal to kisi ka saga nahi hota”

Here goes the story:

Cinematography and background score (Rangeela song) of the movie is the most criticized part. Talking about cinematography it’s quite unique and catchy, the cameraman was continuously seeking something inside the undergarments of the heroine, all the scenes of were shot as to make some mark of preference on them.

Also by the time you reach the court scenes, the wavering hand held camera goes haywire and one feels dizzy at points. I have read that camera was held by some NFDC students at court scene shots, and yes it seems like a school project rather than a movie.

Rangeela song the theme song and ringtone of actress irritates one in the whole movie. The best part of movie is the acting of Robin (Deepak Dobriyal), pappiji of ‘tanu weds manu’, great acting by him, Mahi Gill is average.

Watch this movie if you want some different taste in all departments of cinema.

Movie Rating 2.5/5

Aarakshan: Better to be named as “Education: The Rajneeti or The Politics

Aarakshan garners mixed reviews of the critics and viewers. The movie is among the rare mainstream bollywood movies going beyond boy-meets-girl kind of story and presents the real aspects of reservation and education system of India.

The story centers around education system; the first half relates to Aarakshan peripherally and the second half showing the condition of our education system as a business in our society, quite unconnected with the first half. The message of movie is although very good, but you can not shake of the feeling that you are trapped in a three hour long lectureSongs are good, but unnecessarily introduced in between the story.
Prakash Jha so-called raising the public issue talking like a great man in press conferences and making the point of anti-reservation just to get publicity. In fact, the movie is just the flip side of the coin.

When you watch the movie, first thing, you will laugh on our mighty politicians who were in favour of banning this movie, even after watching the movie. This shows the intellectual level of all of them.
The supreme court quashed the suspension of screening of the movie and lifts Uttar Pradesh ban on reservation. Speaking for the bench, Justice Sharma said: ‘In fact, such discussions on social issues bring awareness, which is required for effective working of democracy. In fact, when there is such public discussion and dissent there would be an informed public opinion which, is necessary for our society.’
Addition to that the court said: ‘Once the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has cleared the film for public view, the screening of the film can’t be stopped’. A very warm welcomed decision by the supreme court.
In short Aarakshan shows great insight into socio-political insight of education system in India, worth watching for that. But if you are looking for entertainment or some ‘Rang de Basanti’ type of bang you will be disappointed….choice is yours