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Welcome Wiki

In the midst of sweeping technological innovation and development that take in India, what better could land as a gift? The mother of all innovations often in recognition as an encyclopedia,

A dictionary and an online friend that carries an answer for almost every question. Yes!

Wikipedia has opened its first office outside the dimensions of United States here in India. It is a gift to 1.2 billion Indians who could now access information in their respective regional languages.
Wikipedia is a free web-based, collaborative work-force with more than 20 million articles which have been written by different people around the globe. It is an online encyclopedia that operates without any expenses occurred from advertising.
The operation India promotes the task of accessing the information in different India languages which are primary for the readers. India with a large variance in the youth population often has the requisites for a quick source of information and none better could happen than Wiki in their own respective languages.
The fifth-most viewed site Wiki after Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft anticipates a high growth in their traffic structure after a recent increase of 420 billion from 340 billion earlier. The Wiki activity would certainly also help in provoking the culture of research and innovation in the country.
As Internet happens to gets cheaper in India with the advent of electronic gadgets like ‘Aakash the value of Wiki in general enhances to a sustained height well above the past. Secondly, Wikipedia also provides an incentive to write an original piece of work. As Wikipedia is an online based collaborated work of different volunteers together who write, share edit and re-edit the different articles which promotes the writing habits among Indians at large.
The volunteers and their work is a prior step based towards research mythology and an effective ability to converse. Promotion of such culture is effectively regarded as a development of educational index for a developing world like India who needs it in lieu. Till now sharing of photography, video, documents and similes took place with the already existing electronic mails and social networks like Facebook but this new revolution would enhance the knowledge sharing.
Hence, Wikipedia makes a formal opening conference in the heart of Mumbai (Churchgate) this week with an inaugural ceremony by the founder itself Jimmy Wales.

                      On behalf of Critical Thinkers Team



Concerned about India’s soaring price Scenario!!

    “When I was a kid, I heard theories about raising children
    Now when I am older, I hear theories about raising prices.”
The present India has become a difficult for the common person who finds it increasingly impossible to make both ends meet.

The primary cause is the rising prices of essential commodities. The prices of domestic items are skyrocketing and three square meals a day has become a distant dream for many of us. The drastic changes in the economy invariably lead to hike in prices of commodities. The increase in the prices of petrol and diesel tends to affect the entire economic structure of the nation.

The trade, industry and agricultural sectors are put at stake because the prices of petrol govern the life of the common consumers.

 The spiraling inflation do not have any impact on the elite sections of the society.

It is the middle class and the people living below the poverty line who have been hit hardest.

With the liberalisation and globalisation, there has been an increased entry of multinational and other corporate giants. The government should ensure that the rich should not enjoy these services at the cost of the poor. To ensure equity, higher taxes should be levied on these companies and indigenously produced options should be encouraged. This will ensure a minimum level of quality of life for the lower socio-economic groups.

The government should also seriously boost the marketing and sales of its own agricultural produce. This will ensure a favourable environment for domestic agricultural growth and will help in overcoming this problem and avert its recurrence in the future.