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I am writing on some market based reforms keeping aside the Lokpal debates or Narendra Modi for Prime Minister. The recent initiatives by the UPA-2 are just another stepping stone towards the Manmohanomics initiated some two decades back. It is the recent policy changes that throw some more light towards the India Shinning Campaign that was turning dark curbed by inflationary pressures and civil societies uprising. This present FDI polices would help the farmer attain the maximum gains. They could fetch a better price with no influence of middlemen. Waste in transit will minimized, and the buyer gets the benefit of fresher produce, longer shelf/fridge life and of course cheaper goods. Secondly, if the local ration shops were to be affected it could have happened much before during the Kishor Biyani’s revolution(BigBazar). The only possible people to suffer are the middlemen who control the major junk of agricultural yields. It strictly kills the speculation in the food market which has been dangerous for the society. A Rs.2 per kg onion costs Rs.15 due to these middle men. Where does it stand different? These policies would enhance the quality of market accessibility and a better bargaining power for the Indian Consumer. It sustains for a stable market dynamics with a controlled price index and nothing less but the food issues that finally finds a solution. There are several issues where the present bill stands quite different and advanced from the earlier neo-liberal policies. -In consent of Census 2011, retail stores could only come up in cities whose population is more than 1 million. -The minimum investment for the foreign players should be $100 million in which half proportion of investment should be in the back end infrastructures. e.g- Cold Storage. – A compulsion for 30% of the finished and processed goods which should come from the small scale producing units Considering the different sectors the policies depict different but similar gains.

FMCG Goods: The pumping of wealth in the sector would boost a better supply-side management for the future years to process. It reduces the stock wastage with a better infrastructure in place and further the reach of products in the domestic markets. Secondly, the market for processed foods or Can-Food would develop creating more choices for the consumers.

Real estate: Certainly, no bigger beneficiary could exist that this one. Shopping malls and other infrastructures are a necessary source for any FDI policy to process smoothly. It sets in picture some good quality malls with an incentive of some heavy investment in this sector. The big fishes in the pond like DLF, Unitech have already announced their proposals of Rs.3000 crore and 2200 crore respectively.

Pharmacy: It has been the stock performances that depict the prosperity. The Indian Pharmaceuticals industry has registered a substantial growth in the past with the small and medium scale industries expanding in African continent. The present policies would help in attaining a substantial innovative technology helpful in producing drugs etc. Further, it would help several hospital chains in covering more geography and provide a better managed hospital. Hospitals are somewhat being badly managed in the country for now. The treatments of patients needs due care and a hygienic environment.


Wrong…is it really wrong…??

Wrong…is one of the harshest words in an English dictionary….one of the most unwanted word in a student’s life…and in reality nobody likes to hear it.
According to Oxford dictionary…wrong means incorrect, in error, undesirable etc…etc.
But what actually is wrong…??
Is it really wrong…??
Can’t it be right at the same time….??
This is because most of the people only know literally meaning of the wrong. But just like a coin has two sides….so has the word wrong…the situational side of wrong. A situational wrong is nothing but a situation of course…where what maybe wrong for one….may not be wrong for other. It is just a game of one’s perception…level of understanding and attitude. Confused..?? Here are few examples…
• Spreading terror in the name of religion maybe wrong for us…but for terrorist it is protecting their religion.
• Setting up quota system and reservations in every field maybe wrong in the eyes of general public…but for OBC’s it is their right.
• Begging may seem wrong to the society…but for poor people it is their source of living.
And there are many examples….
Just like two people can’t have same personality…similarly this side of wrong can’t be judged. That’s just because…no stage in life is constant. People grow everyday…their understanding towards life changes…and as the time passes…so does their definition of wrong. Some people might even adopt the officially declared wrong paths as right track of living also…hence it is a relative concept.
So…the next time you judge and declare a person as wrong…always take a look at the situation behind him….who knows…you might even change your decision…

Superstitions, the impracticality in disguise…!

A black cat near my house….! 

Crosses road everyday to catch a mouse… 


They say…that black cat is an omen…
I look at it and say…poor cat..!! Can’t even have dinner because of these humans!

A crow sitting on a banyan tree…!
Flew to my balcony…to drink the milk…left free.
Oh look…!!!

They said….the crow says…you’ll surely have guests…
I look at the crow and said…you look after their luggage’s and comforts to your best!


I just don’t understand…
If surprises and shocks of life could be so easily be interpreted by these superstitions….
Then…either the poor and cute cats would have become extinct…
Or the crows would have enjoyed a comfortable living at railway stations…!! 😉


Life is a journey to be enjoyed in its raw state…
And definitely not something to be tested and evaluated…
For its complications… can never be solved with calculations of superstitions.
So…live the life the way it is….not according to something based on impractical calculations…!!

Sunny Leon: The NRI, Porn Star!

So finally The Thunder of Excitements for TV Industry has arrived.

We the people of India who just give a think of response to serious problems happening in our country through newspaper headlines or news channels till the coffee in our cup is not finished this tie not drinking our coffee because we got something new from mainstream news.

The Big Boss 5th Season which was counting its last days for survival gets something to cheer about.

The Sunny Leon the NRI, Porn Star  entered in the Big Trouble House.

Surely, this time it is a win -win situations for our TV Industry getting high TRP also  News Channel, Who are bored of showing the habitual scam, Corruptions etc, now they surely have some Crap to show for broadcasting on channels.

A big Questions, How our social Netas of Society are going to React over this step of news channels? More important the countrymen of our country for whom these Social Netas will rise the issues actually going to react? Finally, coming to the young generation of country. It has become a topic of Discussion in college canteens among the youngsters who don’t use to give a look at our Desi TV Channels. The most common lines of our Indian Society: “Foreign is Land of Opportunity and India is Land of Possibility.”

In end I wish Sunny Leon, have a good time in India & enjoy the stay at bigboss5. Don’t know why we get so excited with all these C grade Hollywood people coming here, these actors are not like the Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt’s of Hollywood. They’re almost nobody there but, let see if some bollywoods Director, give her a break in their movie (serious movie…:D)

Many of our film star have also experienced a C grade movies and she is somehow their related to  well known industry. Also if she didn’t get any offers from our bollywood industry, She gets a lots of people Indians peep in to her web.

This post has been written by Alam Sartaj (

As a guest author  (Critical Thinkers)

The Reality TV

The idea of a reality show is to tap into emotions . Television is all about creating shock and awe moments. You might have noticed that reality shows looks quite similar to fiction shows. That’s because the same editing techniques are used to keep us ( *the viewers*) hooked up and thereby making things (here ,*things*,  implies “Profit”) convenient for the producers.

Editing is the key to success when it comes to reality shows! If there are no editors, who makes a TV show “masaledar” to watch, you wouldn’t find many of us glued to the “idiot-box” .

In reality, Reality shows are made on editing table. Editing is done to make the show “watchable”, with an aim to entertain the viewer. If the viewer is not entertained , he wouldn’t watch the show. So, In order to gain more viewership or let say massive footage, the editors have to cull out “those” interesting bits that would make for an exciting viewing.

Nothing is scripted or manipulated in these reality shows..Its just the editing table that works wonder and convert a “simple argument” into a “heated and blown out  of proportion brawl”. The motive behind this kind of editing is that “WE” the viewers want it that way!! We can call it “gimmicky”, which the editors use to heighten our curiosity.

Remember Dolly Bindra???? Ah! that rings  a bell!! right?? 🙂

How can we even dare to forget her aggressive clashes with the other inmates of Big Boss house. It was her abusive tone and her aggressive temper which made this reality show a big and a “masaaledar ” hit show for the viewers. Its the “Editor” who spruce up the show for getting high TRP’s  for his so-called “Reality show”.

So, the next time you are watching a reality show .. Don’t forget these words of wisdom : “Reality shows are everything but not REAL.” 😉

You Stole my Stomach!

Well! The realization of the following stuff came quite a while ago, but there’s something inside me that’s coaxing me to pen the stuff down. So, here it goes… Have you ever realized…that almost all the sensations and feelings that we (humans and not-so-humans) experience affects our stomach…and all the credit goes to our heart?! Seriously. I mean…okay…let’s see, In school or college, when you can’t (or don’t) complete your work even after the last date had been re-re-re-adjusted, and the teacher starts developing symptoms of Dolores Umbridge and one unfortunate day, when she asks you to stand up in front of the whole class…insults the life out of you and god-forbid you answer her back which leads to her final transformation into Umbridge and she asks you to step out of your bench (and face her head-on) then what is the immediate reaction that your body experiences? Just recollect one of those moments… at that very instant when you know that your Firebolt is inside some dark dingy closet that probably Malfoy is guarding and you’ve no where to go but in front of her…your stomach punches you hard! So hard that you want the earth to treat you like Goddess Sita and lovingly engulf you inside her! Don’t you feel like it? Like…your stomach clenches itself so much that for a millisecond you think that your belly has actually shrunk a few inches? See my point? It’s the stomach! Okay, another one… Think of the moment when you got something that you didn’t quite expect to be given to you… Like, when you got a surprise test on a Monday morning whose marks will be added in the finals! 😛 how did you feel? Like your whole world crashes down and the dreams that you weaved for your prep holidays before finals smashes into pieces? 😛 didn’t your stomach growl then? Sure it did! Next time, pay a li’l more attention to it. It might make you smile through the pain of the test. 😛 Next time, do remember to smile! 😛 Take one more: For those of you who, while driving, think that nothing’s gonna happen to you. You’re the king of the roads, everybody else is a fool, and you’re going to Hit the Road And Rock It Hard! \m/ okay, being less cynical, even for those who are the first timers on road, and are experimenting their not-so-developed driving skills on someone else’s vehicle… What happens when the road is oh-so-smooth! And your pillion is saying those encouraging (which sounds more like prayers for survival) words to you and you increase the speed just a li’l to fulfill your dream of flying in the air and TADA!! Wish Granted! You desperately search for the break and press the accelerator and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! And somehow the vehicle miraculously stops just when it is about to bang into a wall and the world around you comes to a standstill… Its not exactly your heart that stops beating…its your stomach kicking the hell out of you! I don’t ever want any of you to notice it, but next time…I hope you could smile when this piece comes to your mind 😛 Okay, enough of the painful stuff, now time for some butterflies! Yeah! Now! For those who’re in love… Remember the first time he/she said those words? Was it really your heart that flip-floped? 😉 No! It was your stomach! Didn’t it suddenly feel so light and then something whirled inside it and you couldn’t help smiling and calming yourself down and smiling again?  *_* It was your stomach! Tumhara apna petu! 😛 you feel like hugging your pillow so tight so close to your stomach and oh! I have started blushing! 😛 See? And all you say is that the person has stolen your heart! Why so much prejudice against your own stomach? He/She stole your stomach!! When you laugh hard, you hold your stomach as if it would fly off! And still you say you had a “hearty laugh”. Justice denied? When your loved ones leave you, you cry or become upset and who do you punish? Your stomach…your very own stomach!! You stop eating as if that would bring them back! Its not your heart that’s broken! Its your stomach! That poor li’l tummy! 😥 Your voice comes not from your throat but from your stomach! When you look good, you treat yourself a chocolate! (stomach smiles) When you don’t look good, you diet! (stomach frowns) When your stomach’s upset (m sorry, but it’s a part of life :P) you can’t concentrate on anything….can you? next time, notice this! 😛 Well, m running short of examples, so your feelings are very much invited… And to tell you the truth, its time to cheer up my “petu” with some food…so I’ll be off! But remember…we really Really need to spend some time with our stomach…to listen to its worries and rejoice with its special moments! Stomach Revolution is on its way! Hehe 😛 I don’t care how ridiculous this stuff sounded, but I really had a great time writing it! 😀

A Little Malice- Revolution 2020

Where books became FMCG!
I am kind of bad at solving quant’s, trigonometry not my cup of tea and Mr. Engineer that went embedded with my name almost everywhere. Yes, I am a young Indian fellow aspired to be a part of Shinning India Campaign but my quant’s that separates me from the same. Family, Friends and Fame that flow with an aptitude for quant’s, being a student at IIT/IIM makes it all.

Just what the former President Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam has embarked upon creating a stronger India by 2020, the new book by Chetan Bhagat targets the complexities and the challenges to attain. From the World Bank Aid to clean the holy Ganges that in lieu of dirt and pollutants, the defective educational system of India that Jairam Ramesh often quotes and ending on the main stream Journalism that is often described bad and paid-up news bulletin. Everything is compiled up in with beauty in the form of a story- Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat.

It puts a nice picture, a picture of Gopal who finds it difficult to attain a seat in an engineering college while Raghav a childhood friend who although attains the qualification of an engineer happens to become a journalist in a battle to fight against the bad media and corruption. To add a little more spice in the story Aarti a typical Indian girl is depicted who fails with her love between good and bad.
Honestly, this made me almost cry out. A battle between the corruption, money, love and quant’s is highly depicted in picture which often leads to sorrow and sympathy but no solution.

Why are the Indian Face with so many controversies and complexities?
Are they the son/daughter of a lesser god?

The question of one’s willingness is often challenged with the culture. Aarti desire for an airhostess is curbed up while Raghav almost lost his journalism and Gopal becomes a wealthy edupreneur with no education at the graduation stage.
The love triangle depicted is truly a functional phenomenon of one’s daily life. Aarti is a confused person while being in relation with Raghav, she had always kept giving wrong signals to Gopal and tried hard to run from a dilemma whether she wanted to be in relationship with Gopal. While Raghav happens not to estimate the fact of being in relationship it is Gopal who still finds Aarti as her companion.
Nothing more to express, reading the same would help one understand the beauty of the novel.

Revolution 2020 A book worth reading!

“Ladies Only”~! reservations..

Trend so indifferent!

Being graceful, glossy, gorgeous, gregarious, glamorous is what we want to be described or defined as. May be why this is the etiology that “Originality of Nature still captures the horizon of Beauty” and is still a source for unattained bliss from time so Immemorial.

Idiosyncrasy attracts but not idiosy. Initially calving out from one’s grotto provides one with a wide range of obnoxious and independent thinking what to follow what not to follow depends after all Life is all about Being Competitive particularly in this Improbable World Of today.

Cheesy talks, flash lights, ball Gowns etc have helped enough in order to make us forget the lonely walk on a sea shore, a mug of coffee accompanied with your window couch on a rainy day complementing Nature. We have moved on from a Heart soothing entice towards an Eye soothing Candy.

Love has lost its aroma. It is no more a divine feeling rather has changed its meaning and is a concept now which even can be defined now a days. Quite Hilarious But Factual.

Being lonely, sitting in silence is don’t know why considered to be a Sin. Always carrying a human company is equally a Sin. It erodes you from knowing the one within. The eternal pleasure which still exists deep down in our heart’s valley somewhere fades and slowly eliminates. We dream about an upcoming party which is yet not planned but never about an adventurous journey into the dark forests all alone trying to curb out new ways.

We have compiled our life in a manner which seems complex but in actuality we are running away from the real complexities. Complicated relationships are one of the best example of our upcoming illogical human behavior. When we fail in analyzing and recognizing one self how can we expect and trust our intellect while choosing our partner in a right manner.

The critical aspect of Life is too long to describe. Everything we do has different modes and mechanisms by which anything can be performed. Choosing the right kind is a difficult job. Thinking Before Adopting Can Help Make It a Bit Easier Else My Friend’s Life Goes On…………!!

Privacy, oh crap.. nothing is private here!

Privacy -an idea that is rapidly vanishing under the concerted assault of social media and aggressive marketing.

Nowadays, it seems to be an endangered concept. I don’t know about you, but I find it incredibly annoying when my privacy is breached. Yes, yes! You heard it right. I’m not willing to share my personal experiences with the whole world. I believe that private life should be kept private. I hate making my personal life a public property by posting it on the internet. In other words, I have a peculiar horror of sharing my private moments with people on a public forum.

But when I look around I seem to be a part of minority. Majority is consisting of people who see nothing amiss in sharing every moment of their lives. It’s almost as if they don’t believe that any event has truly occurred until it has been shared with the world via Internet- and someone has pressed the “like” button or posted a comment. It is really amazing to see youngsters who don’t like their parents interfering even a bit in their lives, are propagating trivial things on Facebook or via their tweets. They have actually become enslaved by these social networking sites.

I have always wondered how people can share every second of their lives and make it public news for no reason!! Whatever it is, one thing is pretty clear that in today’s scenario people want validation for every moment of their lives– and they can only get that by sharing every single detail of their routines online.

 I leave it on the readers to decide ” Is it a genuine desire to share everything with others or is it AN ATTENTION GRABBING ACT ???????

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