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Live life: Passion se

Guess what generates the courage and confidence required to tread the path very few dared to explore? What drives people with high incomes in corporate sector to leave their jobs and go pursue their childhood dream of becoming a painter, chef or actor? What gives a person the reason to live life, oblivious to all the muck and mire around?
PASSION. It is passion that fans the flames of courage inside us to take the unconventional route, to go down the path less travelled, to lead a rivetting and fulfilling life.
Bhagat Singh, Pandit Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi , why, all those several men and women, had one thing in common, besides the fact that they were fighting for the freedom of the country. They were all passionate, passionate about a free India. They didn’t do what they did for fame or for money. It was their passion that kept them going even when the going was tough.
People often take a lifetime to discover their calling. Some never do. Lucky indeed are those whose life’s calling comes in an age when they have enough time left to pursue it for, when one is doing something that comes straight out of the heart, one is transferred to a different world altogether. Work becomes play and this is also when the soul is fed, nourished and elevated.
Some associate success with fame, some with money, some with position and power, and yet, some others with the satisfaction they get when they are running a race with themselves, on a track that was not forced on them, but one they themselves chose knowing full and well that this is the area they would flourish in without having stress or fear of failure. The last category of people are most likely to have the potion of success, happiness and all the good things success and happiness combine to generate. Others may be successful but not happy, at least after the initial glitz of fame, money and power is gone. And boy how can you call someone successful when the person is not happy?


In Pursuit Of Happiness

To go by the words of Abraham Lincoln, “most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

These words find support in what the famous psychologist Richard Lazarus explained in his Cognitive Mediational Theory(1991). In this theory, Lazarus proposed that the most important aspect of any emotional experience is how the person interprets, or appraises the stimulus that causes the emotional reaction. in simple terms, the happy man is he, who thinks he is.

Nobody’s life is hunky-dory all the time. Every person has to face trials and tribulations, go through difficult times. He indeed, is wise, who chooses to put on the glasses of optimism and faith and interprets the events of his life as positively as humanely possible.
Life, if you look at it this way, is not a race.
It is a hurdle race. You can’t question the presence of hurdles. They will be there, for that’s the nature of the sport.
If you bang your head on the hurdles and try to remove them out of your path, you going against the flow, attempting the illogical and the fruitless. Not just that,you are not putting your heart and soul to win the race, for your focus has actually slipped into some other territory. There is no way you are going to win in this manner.
If you lose your strength at the sight of a hurdle, and ask “why such things happen to me all the time, WHY ME?”, you yourself are delaying your victory.
Again, if you just sit there, waiting for the hurdle to disappear, you are only deceiving yourself.
Not just the best, but the only option you have is to jump over the hurdles, as and when they come, without creating any fuss.

It often helps if you are a person deeply connected to nature.
Feeling low? Well then go smell the flowers, let the breeze kiss your hair, leave your slippers on the porch and let your feet feel the moist grass, savour the delightful courtship dance of the butterflies, go out in the sun and let the blameless blue of the winter sky be your confidante, let the zephyr carry your message to that distant companion. Go, fall in love with nature.

Learn to appreciate the beauty that the mundane things of everyday life have to offer. Just imagine life without the things you take the most for granted. You will know their value then.
Maintain a gratitude journal. list all those things, people and moments in it that had made you smile someday and that make your everyday life worth living. It can be your coffee mug, or a compliment your teacher paid you that fine day, anything. When you are low in spirits, just flip through its pages, and you will have a hundred and one things to be happy about.

It is often seen that people find it easy to forgive, but not to forget. What we don’t understand is, forgiveness is incomplete in such a scenario. By repeating emotional episodes over and over in our mind, we inadvertently etch them in our memory. So, the key is to let go, to not think at all about anything unpleasant that we have been through.

Equally important is to first know ourselves. It is always desirable to keep the doors of improvement open, but we also need to learn to distinguish between comments that are credible and that are not. If you have put on a white dress and a friend of yours with black sunglasses comes and tell you that the black dress you have worn does not look good on you, and on top of that, you get upset on hearing that…..well, to say the least, nothing can be more ridiculous.

Not to forget, nothing succeeds like success and the high one gets out of achievement is just unmatched. Have a clearly defined goal, make sure it is challenging enough but realistic and put in every possible effort to achieve it. If you are able to achieve it, well and fine. If not, you did not lose either, in the actual sense of the term, for in the process, you actually grew as a person and learnt things you not have, had you not been in pursuit of the goal. At least you will not be amongst those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.

Last, but not the least, cultivate a taste for literature, for poetry. It will be with you when nobody else is.
Go, live your days of happiness!!!!


Get ‘high’ on Spirituality!

All of us have a soul (now proved by the noetic scientists) and a social role by virtue of having a body and hence being a part of society.

The soul is nothing but who we actually are without the embellishment that our body is, without our name, surname, religion, social relationships, worldly achievements.

And what we actually are, I repeat, is our ‘soul’ and not our ‘social role’. The moment this is realised, one gains entry into the deluxe membership of spirituality and has easy accessibility to get rid of all hurt, pain and anger that this mortal world might have to offer.
One may find it difficult to see where one stands without having all these frames of reference of body, name, religion, country and we have none but our society and the aculturisation we receive from the moment we are born to blame for this.
The child is taught everything ; from toilet habits to dining table etiquette, save about himself/herself. It is assumed probably that things such as ‘soul’ etc. would be too difficult for a child to understand. Never mind childhood, these things are not taught even in teenage when identity crisis, emotional turbulence, relationship problems and career issues all call for the healing touch of spirituality. For it is supposed to be reserved for those in their 60s and 70s, when there is not much to do in any case.

So who is to blame if a teen deals with his breakup by drinking like there is no tomorrow? Who is to blame if he takes drugs to hide his frustration over his parents’ divorce? Who is to blame if he commits suicide the day he is declared a ‘failure’ in some exam? Who is to blame if he doesn’t know that he could very well have drunk from the elixir of bliss that meditation showers? Who is to blame if he doesn’t know that establishing a connection with the supreme soul would have tranquilized him or given him a ‘high’, whichever he wished? Who is to blame if he doesn’t know that ending life is no solution, that the cycle of birth and death and hence the same problems will continue until he is ready to experience who he actually is?

And most often one can’t even blame the parents and teachers. Not everybody is lucky enough to be disillusioned out of the ignorance of taking our social role for our actual self, early enough. And even when they HAVE stumbled upon the truth, it is of very less use. Their children, no more children, are no more mouldable, having a mind of their own and they prefer to not learn any such thing from their parents and continue to make the journey with no knowledge of where they are headed, preferring to learn only after they themselves have fell down and are hurt.

The point I am trying to put across is that spirituality needs to be explored by the youth. Let it be studied and researched upon just like any other topic of fascination.

Let it not remain the exclusive property of the old and the sanyasis. And the society needs to wake up to all this. Let there be spirituality lessons in schools, in easy language and with a modern approach, let children be encouraged to take up meditation at an early age and let there be this healthy peer pressure to read spiritual stuff just like there is to listen to Eminem and read Stephanie Meyer or Agatha Christie.
One myth I would like to bust here is that spirituality calls for detachment and hence is not for a family person. This is absolute rubbish. One can wear the trendiest clothes, have the funkiest gadgets and be in a family and a job, yet be spiritual. A white sari or a saffron robe and leading a hermit’s life are not necessary.

Yes spirituality brings detachment. But not detachment from people, family, relationships. It brings detachment from pain of hurt and anger. It brings detachment from fear-of failure, of loss, of death. It brings harmony into all our relationships. It makes our head free of all clutter and makes us more fit than ever for success in our field of study.

Most importantly, it makes us happy. At the end of the day, whatever we run after is for happiness right? Isn’t it cool that instead of searching it outside, we just have to discover our true ‘identity’ and learn a few ‘truths’ regarding this world to be happy?
So to lead a holistic life, spirituality seems to be an indispensible tool, and not a threat! And yes, it is not boring either!
How about looking up ‘awakening with the Brahmakumaris’ in YouTube or picking up ‘Conversations with God’ from the bookstall?

Life and the game of Death!

It’s all about “Karma” !!!

People say GOD exists for everyone,he is present everywhere. People look for him,be it good ones or bad ones and even believe that he will help because god is the almighty,the supreme creator and the father of all.
But how is it possible for god to help both good and bad people for accomplishing their goals???
For that we should not forget the god inside every living being in this universe, so how to identify the god within. For that I must say that

                                                                         “Our karma is our biggest God”

One gets rewarded according to their deeds. So, basically it’s all about the game of karma and winning this game leads to framing one’s destiny. The game of “karma” is similar to the game of “snakes and ladders”. The rules remain the same , the only difference lies in the meaning of winning and losing.

So the RULES are somewhat like this….
• You get your way out upto the goal without any obstruction ( bites of snakes) by adhering to your duties and the task allotted to you.
Doing good to someone or for somebody by going off track awards you with ladders (big or small depends on the deed) to skip some few steps and get a shortcut to your goal of life.
• But,if you do something unacceptable i.e. bad to someone , you will get snake’s bite(hurdles) sooner or later and however hard you try,you won’t be able to achieve your goal. The bigger the bad deed,the longer the snake , the harsher is the effect.
•  GOD:THE SUPREME CREATOR is the judge and the score keeper.

With such simple rules , one frames the destiny of their life. So it is actually true that we are the one who make our destiny and no one else. A well-known saying;

                                                                                                 “God helps those who help themselves”
So play this simple game of karma carefully,as no other complicated thing works,it’s all upon you and as they rightly say….
It’s your own life(game) so keep it simple silly…!!!

The way we live….!

Let me first introduce ourselves, We are nobody’s living in the crowds of helpless, worthless and workless unskilled laborers.

We too have a body and a soul but have to live without an identity, What an Irony…!!!
Most of us only came into existence because parents consider us “Asset”, however the government calls us a Living liability, What an Irony…!!!
To support body and soul we work at various places (wherever we get work) but are still consider Unemployed, What an Irony…!!!

We are the actual examples of work in worship, but like always we are given the tag of an ideal people, What an Irony…!!!
We sweat all day either to build strong homes for the rich or schools for students or even hospitals for the patients, but our lives are full of Ironies. We neither have a  permanent place to live (technically no shelter over our heads) nor the privilege of holding a book or being treated as Doctor, What an Irony…!!!

And the story continues….

But we are survivors. We any how manage the three most basic needs of life food, shelter and clothing. We are the most persistent people on this earth and can be found working, no matter whether the country is facing recession or inflation, yet we still remain poor, What an Irony…!!!
Living in clusters and groups are standard norms of a worker’s life and yes of course many synonyms do exist. We call it home people call it slums and for politicians we are the great vote bank. Differentiation on the basis of caste and religion hardly ever existed in our lives (we were long ago excluded from the so-called developed world, yet still we are one of major sources of terrorism, What an Irony…!!!
With a life full of ironies and fate full of failures we still live everyday as if there’s not going to be a tomorrow and rise before the morning sun wakes up to achieve our ultimate goal in life,  What an Irony…!!!


True enough that some New Age belief systems do little more than dabble in devotion, backing off quickly whenever spiritual decipline becomes too incompatible with one’s lifestyle. One cannot really be a part-time Buddhist any more than a self-described Christian can purchase salvation with one hour a week in church. But the irrefutable truth is that heart of each of the great religious traditions are three small words:

God is One!

The Buddha’s prescription for pain was deceptively simple: One must free oneself from desire and persue “right consciousness” through meditation and an awareness of the “oneless” of the creation. Some have speculated that Jesus “teaching were influenced by Buddhist thoughts, though expressed in the less abstract language of Dudaism. India ultimately foreswore Buddhism on the grounds that its austere language made no room for the transcendent God, but this very fact has increased its appeal to those Wasterners soured on organized religion and has made its tenets compatible with new physics.

Chinese philosophy anticipated the Big Bang theory by insisting that everything sprang from emptiness, or the void. Creation occurs from nothing. As difficult as this is to conceive, the observations of modern science bear out the words written by Lama Anagarika Govinda in his foundations of Tibetan Mysticism:”The relationship of form and emptiness cannot be conceived as a state of mutually exclusive opposites,but only as two aspects of the same reality that co-exist and are in continual cooperation.

Einstein remarked that science grew out of the refinement of our daily thinking. In its infancy,science was a close cousin of philosophy. Newton’s Principia,considered to be the first great scientific text, bears the title, the Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, but ever since relativity theory and quantum physics described a reality strikingly at odds with our perception, physics increasingly has become the provinence of mathematicians. This is because math furnishes the only vocabulary capable of precisely describing this reality. Naturally, this has driven even many highly educated people away from science.

If may offer one aide for navigating in the remarkable “space” we are about to enter,it is this: While you’re here,try to relax your mental fix on the image of God that has been most familier to you since childhood. Let it sleep to the back of your mind; you can always reclaim it later (and that is perfectly all right). It isn’t required that you do this, but it will help, and you may be surprised by what new visions come bubbing up from inside.

Story of an unborn girl child…..

It was a summer morning, When I was conceived
But my dad gave a warning I couldn’t believe….
I’m a few days old with a body that’s like a fold
Not much of a site not bigger then pies bite…

It’s the time after one month…I feel I almost weigh a ton
I now have a body with hands and legs with complete ends…         
I have been wondering for a while would I be able to be a good child??
But I’ll try my best “Mommy.YOU would be proud. Just take rest.!

Today I’m very happy and gay Passing my time with my girlie play
But my mom is a bit tired these days crying a lot and filling up bays
After three months of time my mom’s singing me a rhyme
And her face shines with tears streaming in lines

I know there’s something not right and I can sense the fight
I guess the days not right, but everything will be alright.
Today we are at doctor’s place, but I can sense my mom’s tensed face

The doctor looks at her long face. Is everything alright in my case?
Look there’s someone at my house A new toy I doubt
But it’s sucking my house this toy is bad take it out.
mommy “it’s hurting me”.! “It’s got my leg”~defend me

Ooooo my hands out of its place protect me
Stop this mommy YOU have got to free me.
Please free me.!

After one month.
It’s been long. Since YOU lost me
A fateful decision that YOU didn’t foresee
But mommy.I still love YOU don’t cry.I believe YOU
I will be waiting for YOU with open arms.

For that day would soon come when I would be welcomed.. by now YOU would already be knowing.
With lots of love mommy….from your unborn girl child…

Winter season….the season of minute joys….!

WINTER the season of paleness, barrenness and what not.!!! But have YOU ever tried to look beyond this paleness & barrenness??

If you would have observed…no life blooms in winter. It’s all barren and pale and dull in winters….cold windschilly handsdry skin….a complete bad and no-no atmosphere. But the point that most often is overlooked is the fact that winters actually preserves life. All new forms come to life only after winters.  All of us are like dull during winters (laziness is just an understatement) . It’s true one only enjoys and feels energized only when one has experienced dullness. These are minute things which might irritate you, but when understood…feels great…

This was just the scientific or let’s says the most acknowledged part of winters which almost everyone knows (still is often overlooked). But that part which I personally love the most is the stagnant nature of winter season. Although stagnant and stubbornness are some words which one should avoid, but winters has the joy to celebrate this dullness with cool breeze and lazy daisy mornings.

So it goes like this…

  • when do you most enjoy your tea or coffee..?
  • the warmness of your blankets and sweaters?
  • the comforting hot massages and the most important of all the beautifully warm and comforting sunrise???

    to these is the only  season which is now coming to YOUR MIND one and only winter season.

The soothing hotness of tea is best understood in winters. The cozy warm beds and blankets. The warm breaths for chilling hands never feels so mesmerizing as like in winters. The first rays of morning sun and the heat along the busy birds are some unforgettable moments of winters. The best part is the sleep-the deep and sound sleep just like an infant sleeping with all its vivid dreams.These are some most special attributes of winters which are mostly overlooked and taken for granted by us. Everything has a deep and comforting meaning when looked deep and this is what winters mean to me.

On a concluding note….winter is like a treasureyou get the opportunity to explore and actually enjoy every minute details of your regular habits with such a perspective that once perceived would never be lost.
P.S.- These are my feelings for the wonderful winters.

My life , My rules.” karma my will “

“Work is worship”, I don’t know who said it. But the person said something which changed the life of millions around the world.By attaching ourselves to the law of karma ( Hindi term which means our doings). We can truly maintain better system of living which will be destined towards our development by professing rules of karma in our life.

Lord Krishna in “Geeta” (Spiritual Hindi text book) while designating his words to Arjuna his favorite archer and friend said to, Dear Arjun “Karm kar phal ki icha nahi kar” means (Arjun do the needful which is required and don’t expect the outcome).

What does he exactly meant by saying these words to Arjun ?

Though it’s very simple logic, you don’t expect the outcome of the work before hand, keep doing the required which is desired, expected or needed.The outcome will be there for you for sure.

Life for People including some great Personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Licoln, John kennedy, Mother Terresa had some objectives. No matter how much they needed to sacrifice to achieve them, they never backed out any single time.

The lifestyle of the people in today’s world is becoming too very leisure seeking. Everybody is running after the materialistic world . A Person position in the society is more regarded in terms of his monetary strength. Too much of desires are there for a person to fulfill . I am not saying that having desires regarding things of this world is bad or being rich and striving towards acquiring strong monetary strength is wrong .

However I am trying to stress on the too much factor and wrong, unethical and illegal means to acquire it. Man is losing his senses for morality and ethical features. Throughout the world there are cases of Government officials being bribed or Corruption in the various important departments. Crime rate is increasing every single day.

The question is how the rules of karma and self control helps an individual to achieve strength in his work and society as a whole? And what does Miles to go before I sleep mean?

The attachment to karma itself demands you to profess self control in your life. How?

The answer is, once you are devoted towards achievement or attainment of certain goals or objectives in your life, it is highly likely that you will come across deviations, and these deviations just arouse from the attraction towards worldly pleasures and desires. Then it becomes necessary in this status that you must be equipped with weapon of self control to overpower these deviations, the acts of person start tilting towards the materialistic designs, the actual problem arose when in absence of self control, the acts of the person start becoming immoral, unethical and illegal at times for the sake of minting money and fulfilling his desires . That is why corruption is increasing like anything and People are losing faith even in the judiciary in some of the countries including India.

In the age of over 60, Mahatma Gandhi marched miles to the shore for breaking the Law on Salt against the British Government (The incident in the history is famous with the name of Dandi March).When I was reading the auto biography of the Mahatma Gandhi (His book, “My Life”). I came across lot of instances where I felt that the power of will can really overpower the power of body and mind. In the age of over 60, Mahatma Gandhi marched miles which showed the world the power of strong will and mental strength of that character.

The point is that we are lessening down upon our internal strength to fight the evils of this world. The whole life he professed the lifestyle consisting the laws of karma, self control and spirituality. The dedication and devotion towards our work keeps us focused upon our goals to achieve in life. It strengthens the internal mechanism of our body to fight the evils and to overpower the deviations which comes in our way.

In the modern day scenario, where the industrial world is showering its expensive gifts to the society in the form of leisurely living. The attraction of man stays towards acquiring the leisure, pleasure and fulfilling his desires. Self control provides a mechanism in this case to fight the senses and provide a feeling of self satisfaction to required extent. It also monitors our acts and actions towards other beings and keeps away the shadows of negative thoughts entering our mind. Our goals, ambitions and targets stay protected from the infliction of any harm or corrupting acts.

The non expectation of the outcome allows us to stay focused and sticking to our goals in life. I will go miles before i sleep by inculcating the system of life which consists of the rules or Karma, coupling with the mechanism of self control to achieve my objectives by professing white color means and focusing my life towards societal, personal and global development. Are you people ready to join me?

Are you convinced by the thought in the matter?



There can be different other ways .

Never got anything . Crap ! we dont need it .

Sex ,drugs and rock n roll is the best way out .

corruption is right way of living .