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I rather not be Modi

If I will admire a fairly tale, it would have elements of Arun Shorie, Arun Jaitely, Jashwant Singh, Raman Singh,but rather not the present-day epic hero Narendra Modi. Certainly, the recent drainage of the Congress trust have made way for the second greatest political party, which I refine as a consequenceof negative voting resulting from the basket of scams produced by the present government. Bhartiya Janta party and its hero Narendra Modi have nothing good in store to be the Prime Minister and rule the nation. It’s no secret they ruled the nation just few strokes back when on some occasion their partyPresident Bangaru laxman was caught accepting bribe while on other the party provoked communal violence and disrupted the civil peace of the society.

Modi Won’t Talk Godhra

Why won’t he  speak on the Godhra? A man of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh who further has a hard bound rubber stamp “Communal”. None, but the issue has said it all. Modi had walked out when interviewed by Karan Thapar regarding the same. The court witnesses have said a more prolonged story in this regard. Let’s keep the Hindu-vote bank aside, has Modi done well for secularism? Answers may be many that stick to Modi’s agenda for keeping development over vote bank politics while the happy Muslims in Gujrat have answered it correctly. The statements doesn’t end here, will Narendra Modi  enlighten a movement of development a prior objective or rather support his poor party Mandir agenda. It strictly calls him a person of weak planning and management and a silence on Godhra just gives a Replica of Dr. Singh who is often put under shadow being balmy criticized.

Are these Prime Minister’s wrong or just a perception of a human mind for them to be wrong.
If Modi happens to be good, I rather not support for the society that would make him. Else, he never had the seeds of honestly just like the present Prime Minister of India has.

Lok Ayukta Fear

While Dr. Manmohan Singh is ready to be under any ambit then what makes Modi fear ahead. It makes one question Narendra Modi, is he the next Karnataka? His hard business driven models on whom we categorize as a prosperous Gujarat have a list of scams for which the present chief minister is not comfortable to answer.

The Singur controversy on the world’s cheapest car ‘Tata Nano’ has a tale full of scams even when it lands in Gujarat. The 1100 acres of land near Sanand was allotted at Rs900/- per acre while the market rate for the same had been Rs 10,000/-per acre . It accounts for the 33,000cr benefit to the Tata Motors.

Has the bad capitalism driven bureaucracy being a driver for the prosperity in Gujarat today?

The story doesn’t end here there are some more big fish like L&T, Adani Group, Essar Group who have been found under the same pond. A list of 17 cases from which Narendra Modi strictly fears to answer out.

The Hunger Brand

The hunger jersey worn by Narendra Modi has ended it all. He could have been a hero for the masses,but the campaign for New Delhi, makes me feel A believer of Promises rather work. There has been no good reason and neither could it ever exist. It disrupts the essence of democracy and this time no other than the Chief Minister himself.

I rather not vote for Narendra Modi-2014


Teresa Remembered 26TH..

26th August was observed as Mother Teresa’s 102nd birth anniversary. So , while the whole world is busy dealing with
their own issues, let us all Indians shift our focus from Anna Hazare and Lokpal Bill
to this issue, for a little while…

Awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace, she was the Mother of the underprivileged-gifted with immense amount of kindness, love, affection and tenderness. She could not bear to see the pitiful condition of the children on the streets. Hungry, malnourished children, begging on the streets-ached her heart the most. For the poor, the orphaned, the sick, the under-privileged, she was a ‘Messiah‘. Till this day, the world observes her contribution as something that is unmatched, yet so simple. She is not with us anymore, but it was always her dream that people-irrespective of ethnicity, religion, and place-always lent a helping hand to those who were needy.

But how far have we succeeded in doing so?
Today we are so happily participating in rallies, staging a peaceful protest, associating ourselves with pride, in this August Krantibut how many of us really remembered our obligations towards the underprivileged of the society?

Everyday, I see a million of rag-pickers-most them being 4-8 yr old kids. When asked, they give a confused expression. It seems that the very idea of not dreaming, was infused in them. Everyday whenever I go out, and there is a stoppage at the signals, I would see children coming out of their hoods-some start cleaning car-bonnets, some sell roses, some try their best to woo us with toys made of cheap plastic, and some, just beg-a clear sign of their desperation and an inability to satisfy their hunger. Cannot blame God but, we the people overlooked something, somewhere, which resulted to this.

Statistically speaking,India’s one of the major democracies where child labour is a raging issue-hideous in its own terms. And this gets worse as soon as you get down to the core of the issue, because then , evils such as Human Trafficking too come to play. Our Govt. has taken up initiatives, and has churned out certain policies too, but these alone are not sufficient to track down and destroy this problem.

                                WHAT ONE NEEDS TO DO-

Yes, it’s us, the people, who should really look into this matter.

See a child selling roses-ask him/her, why is he/she doing this. compel them to question themselves-why should they leave this. Make them dream-give them hope by offering them some help-maybe a few hours of our work would be sufficient enough to make their life better like never before. Take up a “social- drive”, where you and your friends can go to slums to offer simple but priceless education, some basic amenities, and, just a little love. I have done that, and I am sure that the smile that will light up in those kids’ face, will be rewarding enough for your noble work.

With that note, I conclude, with this beautiful quote by Mother Teresa:

“If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out.
To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.”