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Sunny Leon: The NRI, Porn Star!

So finally The Thunder of Excitements for TV Industry has arrived.

We the people of India who just give a think of response to serious problems happening in our country through newspaper headlines or news channels till the coffee in our cup is not finished this tie not drinking our coffee because we got something new from mainstream news.

The Big Boss 5th Season which was counting its last days for survival gets something to cheer about.

The Sunny Leon the NRI, Porn Star  entered in the Big Trouble House.

Surely, this time it is a win -win situations for our TV Industry getting high TRP also  News Channel, Who are bored of showing the habitual scam, Corruptions etc, now they surely have some Crap to show for broadcasting on channels.

A big Questions, How our social Netas of Society are going to React over this step of news channels? More important the countrymen of our country for whom these Social Netas will rise the issues actually going to react? Finally, coming to the young generation of country. It has become a topic of Discussion in college canteens among the youngsters who don’t use to give a look at our Desi TV Channels. The most common lines of our Indian Society: “Foreign is Land of Opportunity and India is Land of Possibility.”

In end I wish Sunny Leon, have a good time in India & enjoy the stay at bigboss5. Don’t know why we get so excited with all these C grade Hollywood people coming here, these actors are not like the Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt’s of Hollywood. They’re almost nobody there but, let see if some bollywoods Director, give her a break in their movie (serious movie…:D)

Many of our film star have also experienced a C grade movies and she is somehow their related to  well known industry. Also if she didn’t get any offers from our bollywood industry, She gets a lots of people Indians peep in to her web.

This post has been written by Alam Sartaj (

As a guest author  (Critical Thinkers)


The Reality TV

The idea of a reality show is to tap into emotions . Television is all about creating shock and awe moments. You might have noticed that reality shows looks quite similar to fiction shows. That’s because the same editing techniques are used to keep us ( *the viewers*) hooked up and thereby making things (here ,*things*,  implies “Profit”) convenient for the producers.

Editing is the key to success when it comes to reality shows! If there are no editors, who makes a TV show “masaledar” to watch, you wouldn’t find many of us glued to the “idiot-box” .

In reality, Reality shows are made on editing table. Editing is done to make the show “watchable”, with an aim to entertain the viewer. If the viewer is not entertained , he wouldn’t watch the show. So, In order to gain more viewership or let say massive footage, the editors have to cull out “those” interesting bits that would make for an exciting viewing.

Nothing is scripted or manipulated in these reality shows..Its just the editing table that works wonder and convert a “simple argument” into a “heated and blown out  of proportion brawl”. The motive behind this kind of editing is that “WE” the viewers want it that way!! We can call it “gimmicky”, which the editors use to heighten our curiosity.

Remember Dolly Bindra???? Ah! that rings  a bell!! right?? 🙂

How can we even dare to forget her aggressive clashes with the other inmates of Big Boss house. It was her abusive tone and her aggressive temper which made this reality show a big and a “masaaledar ” hit show for the viewers. Its the “Editor” who spruce up the show for getting high TRP’s  for his so-called “Reality show”.

So, the next time you are watching a reality show .. Don’t forget these words of wisdom : “Reality shows are everything but not REAL.” 😉

The TRP Swami

Well, Swami’s have been known for meditation and deliverance of peace away from the market yard in some arid or freeze place.  Take A Break!! Something different happens out here, a saffron- clad swami has just entered the BIG BOSS House.

Religion cum Business

Yes, religion is another color of an umbrella all directed towards monetary gains. Swami Agnivesh promoting this culture in it’s true essence making TRP market for Indian Television. What more to except? A Sadhu cum Swami is certainly being lost out somewhere midst of market culture leaving aside his mandal philosophies.

Let the Swami Say

Keeping the Indian Democracy prior, Swami embarks upon his reputation which got disturbed earlier this year during the Massive Anna-Hazare LokPal campaign. Swami was challenged by few to act as an informer to the government in the Anna Hazare camp. Hence Swami puts it clearly his intention to re-establish his ruined relationship with the public.

Where is the Mistake

Swami has kept on committing mistakes and they add on with just a few more. There is already a difference between him and the other contestant further the Hindu Sangs have already objected his idea’s of being in any reality show.

Hence, it’s all losses for Swami Agnivesh here.

Dear Agnisvesh,

                             Would love to write on you some more condition if it was only on bonded labour. These activities are only meant for Television and write-ups.