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Blast: who is Responsible?

Blast After Blast In India: Who Is Responsible?

7 September, 2011.

A Bomb Blast outside High Court, with no tangible inputs left 13 people dead, more that 70 injured  :’-(  

Who is responsible??

No one.

Is it so? 

Looking at current scenario, the answer seems to be yes, our politicians want to justify that it happened on its own, No one is responsible.

Bjp leaders  blaming Congress policies for this and Congress want to hold the neck of security. 

It a become a privilege now  for terrorist to attack Indian capital.“The excuse of ‘not being able to prevent every attack’ by our government wearing perilously thin,”

While investigators tried to find a breakthrough in the Delhi high court case of the explosion, another terror e-mail warning of imminent attack on  Ahmedabad reportedly surfaced. Ahmedabad is now put on high alert, Gujarat, in particular.

Our loving and caring government has appealed to people to stay alert,they are doing their best, to build  their capacity to fight terror!

Which of these statements best describes government commitment towards people of this country!

There exist no CCTV’s as PWD dragged feetBy the government, departments did not took decisions that time regarding CCTV”s and now building capacity takes time for this, appeal all to alert and its state responsibility also.

Again the Question arises “who is responsible?”

The reason for failure are in the system:–

1. Lack of strong governance,will power.

2. Lacking of decision making quality and leadership is an issue.
3. Attitute of passing buck on others.
4. Lacking of self intiated on the part of governtal agencies.
5. Unable to pre-empt the situation.
Government needs to be vigilant and should involve the community people  to fight against the upcoming or future terrorism like Ahmedabad, It should act as leader rather being sympathetic!

Terror strikes again!!

Terror struck Delhi yet again on Wednesday, when an explosive was found in the parking lot of  the Delhi High Court. The blast took place around 10:14am- moments before the court was to begin work for the day. The high-intensity bomb targeted gate number 5, which is the main entry point for people. It killed 11 people and left 76 others injured.

Although the Prime Minister said its “too early” to identify the group behind this terror attack, there are clear indications that an indigenous group with no linkages to the known remnants of the Indian Mujahideen is responsible.

The sketches of the two suspects ,one believed to be in his 50s and the other in his mid 20s- were prepared following the descriptions provided by the eye-witnessess , who claimed that they saw someone with a briefcase standing in the queue.

A high alert is been sounded and security stepped up across the national capital after this high-intensity blast , which rocked the Delhi high court premises. Security is beefed up at highly sensitive places including the IGI airport and Delhi Metro. Security personnel have been alerted to keep their eyes wide open!

With terrorists succeeding in carrying out a second bomb blast outside the Delhi High Court in less than four months, our very own PM is of the opinion that “Cooperation is the need of  the hour”, and  instead of accusing each other ” we all must come together to fight Terrorism”. Sheila dikshit, Delhi Chief Minister, also shares the similar views . She stated in an interview  that “people should not panic.. It is a very tragic incident and everybody should condemn it. Our heart goes to the families who lost their kins.”

But sadly, this kind of meaningless sympathy shown by our renowned leaders will do nothing to curb future attacks. The bitter truth is that : our security and our intelligence agencies have failed to either predict these terror attacks or to take preventive measures to minimise the damage caused by such attacks.

In my view,  Providing  safety against terror attacks for its citizens should be a foremost priority for our law enforcement agencies. And Before condemning the bomb blast , the govt. should apologise to the people for taking such a soft line of terror. Attention must be paid at the ground level first and then appropriate measures must be taken to ensure safety and security to the common masses.