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FACEBOOK…Breaking News!!!

Headlines of 2020…
Area…the space taken by your laptops or desktops

Yeah…!! This is what the headlines of 2020 would say.

It even won’t be surprising if students would soon be asked to plot Facebook on their virtual maps (this is a technology driven…my friend…!) it won’t even be a bad idea if facebook is used for global citizenship…with all of as its residents (you need not to change your nationality…be a member of Facebook.
Yeah…this is the importance of Facebook in our lives…. it has become an integral part of our lives. People not only share WHAT’S IN THEIR MINDS…but also make new friends (increasing friend list is a status symbol in Facebook)search the old ones…join new clubs…like different pages (the favorite time pass when sitting idle)…upload photographs(comments can’t be forgotten for sure) and nowadays even share them and what not..!! In fact it is the most feasible…viable…and popular way of

Bonding, Meeting and Sharing all at one place…afterall its all about CONNECTING PEOPLE

Being such an integral part of people’s lives…Facebook has sure become a replica of its member’s personal lives. From hookups to breakups….from marriages to new- born babies….it’s all on Facebook. And the latest activity to join the club is democracy eg: The people of Egypt used Facebook as a medium to unite their country’s people to fight against dictatorship and stand up for themselves and their country (what a use…a real use…Indeed).

Well….after describing our dearest Facebook…everybody would like to be its member…and that day is not far off when we would surely have Facebook as

WORLD’S largest Country and A Religion called FACEBOOK


Increasing rate of “Cyber Crimes”

On September 19, a facebook post by her boyfriend saying that he had dumped her, allegedly drove IIM Bangalore student Malini Murmu to suicide.

In July 2011, the cyber cell of Bhopal Police arrested a youth for creating  Madhya Pradesh’s CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s fake profile.

In April 2011, a man posted morphed photos of a girl when she turned down his marriage proposal.
With social networking sites invading in our lives like never before, Cyber crimes are emerging as a serious threat  for the times to come and posing one of the most difficult challenges before the judiciary and law enforcement agencies. Today, Cyber crimes are being carried out with impunity by teenagers who are oblivious of its consequences. Offences related to fake profiles and cyber stalking and other cyber crimes have increased two-folds since last year. A majority of offences related to cyber stalking and offensive behaviour involve people in their teens or early 20’s.

According to the police and Cyber crime experts, cases of cyber bullying and abuse are also on the rise. As more and more teenagers are getting to know about Worldwide Web, they are becoming vulnerable to offences such as pornography, hacking, stalking and even facebook flaming.

Last week, A guy after his break up with his girlfriend  morphed the photographs of the girl on the face of a nude model and circulated them on the Web. Such is the prevalent menace of the social networking sites. It seems we have completely forgotten about Internet ettiquettes and the privacy issues related to it.

One of the major reason responsible for fuelling a rise in the Cyber crimes is the “anonymity of the Net”, which gives the net users an immunity of sorts. In a way providing the culprit with an opportunity to elope.

According to Dr. Subho Ray of Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), “the net users need to evolve a culture of net ettiquette and should not get carried away by the uninhibited nature of social networking sites. We should think twice before uploading any picture or updating any information on the Net, which is a public forum”.

Internet friends, Oh that sucks!

In modern society every work is done through internet or I should say it has become a necessity. Lots of people are connected through it. Some are using it for good and some for bad purpose. People get a lots of information, inventions etc happening in the world. At the same time so many social networking siteswhere people interact each-other. It’s good that everyone is growing contacts, because in modern time everyone is too busy with their schedule and work and have no time for others. So, in little bit of time you grow more contacts through it.

And at the same time young generation friendship through internet is growing day by day—

Question rises is it good or bad ?

Everyday lots of suicide cases, broken relationship etc come into light, Many of them just because of it. People interact here immediately, it’s not because of attraction just professional interaction. At the same time opposite sex attract itself everywhere, females gets lots of proposals even men also. They interact here, know each-other….meet regularly…….then broke-up.

Young generation is using these friendship networks for their romance and relationships. They use to change their partners fluently. It’s only the attraction towards each-other, there is no any social base. Nowadays, mostly are going for love marriage and divorce rate is increasing, affecting our society.

Married people are enjoying this internet friendship for their own happiness. They don’t have time for their families and maximum time they spend with their co-workers, mostly in metro cities and MNC’s sector!

But the result is BREAKING of—-

1 Heart
2 Relationship
3 Family
4 Trust

Activate Facebook timeline!

Mark Zuckerberg Launched the Facebook TIMELINE at Developers Conference, 2011. Facbook’s one of the most ambitious projects to redefine connections & social networking with our very own Modern Day Scrapbook Facebook TIMELINE.

This new feature will be rolled out to everybody in the coming time.

Critical Thinkers guiding you how you can activate this much anticipated feature ,

Follow the steps:

1) Log in to Facebook 

2) Type “Developer” in search box, click the first result (it is an application made by Facebook with a few hundred thousand users. Allow the application.

3) On Facebook Developers, Apps Main Page, Click +Create New App you can find this on top right corner of the page.

4) In the New App box put in any display name, eg your name,  fill namespace. Agree to the Platform Privacy Policy

5) Then on the App’s main home screen , Click on Open Graph on the left menu on the page.

Look for the “Open Graph” header, and click the “Get Started using open graph” link.

6) Create a test action for your app, like “read a book”, or “eat a sandwich”

For eg. write Watch a Movie & Click on Get Started

7) On the next page , Go to the bottom Save Changes & go for Next. And again Click Save & Finish

8 ) Wait for a couple of minutes & Go back to your Facebook Profile. An invite to start the new timeline will be at the top of your profile.

And your are DONE. It has worked with us & we are sure will work with you also.

NOTE : Once you activate your TIMLINE , only those people who have also activated it will be able to see your TIMLINE. Rest of them will still see your old Facebook Profile , till the time this feature goes public to everyone which will happen in the coming next few weeks.

Enjoy and do not forget to add a comment below.

IIM Bangalore student wasted over break-up!

                                   Name- Malini Murmu
                                   Age- 22
A first-year MBA student and a native of Jamshedpur ,hanged herself in her hostel room no. 421 in the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, on Monday evening.
According to an investigation officer she found out from Facebook on Sunday that her boyfriend had dumped her.
The couple had had an argument, which resulted in the breakup. Later, her boyfriend had left a post on Facebook saying,

“Feeling super cool today. Dumped my new ex-girlfriend. Happy independence day.”

She had left a suicide note on her laptop, saying her boyfriend had left her and she was killing herself over it. She’d also scribbled ‘He ditched me‘ on a board in her room. She had no roommates.

Police are waiting for her parents to reach Bangalore before carrying out an autopsy.

IIM-B officials refused to comment.

Privacy, oh crap.. nothing is private here!

Privacy -an idea that is rapidly vanishing under the concerted assault of social media and aggressive marketing.

Nowadays, it seems to be an endangered concept. I don’t know about you, but I find it incredibly annoying when my privacy is breached. Yes, yes! You heard it right. I’m not willing to share my personal experiences with the whole world. I believe that private life should be kept private. I hate making my personal life a public property by posting it on the internet. In other words, I have a peculiar horror of sharing my private moments with people on a public forum.

But when I look around I seem to be a part of minority. Majority is consisting of people who see nothing amiss in sharing every moment of their lives. It’s almost as if they don’t believe that any event has truly occurred until it has been shared with the world via Internet- and someone has pressed the “like” button or posted a comment. It is really amazing to see youngsters who don’t like their parents interfering even a bit in their lives, are propagating trivial things on Facebook or via their tweets. They have actually become enslaved by these social networking sites.

I have always wondered how people can share every second of their lives and make it public news for no reason!! Whatever it is, one thing is pretty clear that in today’s scenario people want validation for every moment of their lives– and they can only get that by sharing every single detail of their routines online.

 I leave it on the readers to decide ” Is it a genuine desire to share everything with others or is it AN ATTENTION GRABBING ACT ???????