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Eve-teasing – An Evil

On 20 October 2011, Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandez were out with their friends when some “EVE- TEASERS” started misbehaving with the girls in the group. These two young men objected to their behaviour and got into an altercation. The goons stabbed both Keenan and Reuben. Keenan died on the spot and Reuben passed away a week later. Reuben and Keenan died because they took a stand against the menace of “eve-teasing”.

 Eve-teasing is the incessant and unremitting sexual harassment of women by men who takes perverted pleasure in tormenting them. Nowadays, Cluster of young boys can be seen standing in groups at public places like bus-stops, street corners, parks, etc. When a young girl or a couple of girls happen to pass near them they invariably subject them to verbal abuse, filthy remarks and lewd comments and obscene gestures. This eve teasing menace has been omnipresent in our society since many decades and, has become an endemic part of public life. No city in India is barred from this social evil. There is hardly a girl in India who is not subjected to it. Women are still not respected in this male dominated country. It can be seen as an expression of masculine sexual control over women who have stepped out of the private sphere. These men just think that women are weak & always target them. BUT Keenan and Rueben were the MEN who couldn’t tolerate such non sense and paid the ultimate price for standing against this heinous act of Eve-teasing

In the Indian Penal Code, the word ‘eve-teasing’ does not exist. Eve teasing is an attitude, a mindset, a set of behaviours that is construed as an insult and an act of humiliation of the female sex. It has been argued that  one of the reasons for the audacity of abuse against “women” is that police do not regard this as a “serious” crime.

At one point, we people say that today’s woman is a free and a modern woman but I wonder what kind of  freedom and modernity are we talking about?? Every now and then SHE is raped, insulted, beaten up, teased, humiliated and what not!! Every human being has a right to live with freedom, respect and dignity , THEN why SHE (woman) is always made the victim and the oppressed. I guess this is a by-product of our patriarchal culture in which MEN are treated differently than the women. Women are always seen as “targets” and “victims” for any kind of violence across the World. She is the one who is always to be blamed for everything. It is often heard that “She might have provoked or seduced the opposite sex and that’s the reason why she is raped, molested or  teased”!! BUT ,It is the patriarchal mindset of the Indian men which is to be blamed. They are always believed to be the powerful sex , on the other hand , Women are always made to feel vulnerable and weaker. Eve- teasing is an act which is really shameful for males as womens do deserve respect and by eve- teasing we are doing no good at all instead we are harming them!! It violates the basic right of a woman to live with dignity. It makes the life of the” women folk” miserable.

Eve teasing should be dealt with unbailable custody of the accused. Unless we make stringent laws to deal with eve teasing our women folks will not be safe on the streets. This is a call to ACTION, we need to protect the social fabric ,make it safe for women and highly unsafe for the culprits. Secondly, women should not ignore these incidences of eve-teasing, instead they should protest strongly against them and should immediately report to the police. And the Government should take stern measures regarding this issue and ensure security to the Women folk. And most importantly, MEN, should change their mindset on gender equations, to make Women feel safer and out of danger.


Capitation fee- A curse!!

Liberalisation of economy in India has generated more wealth and a never satiating consumerism. Unfortunately even education has fallen into the clutches of consumerism and the economics of demand and supply. The increasing menace of capitation fee has become prevalent at the time of admission. Though it can be said with a certain amount of authority that there is nobody who likes to willingly part with hefty amounts, yet the practice seems to flourish. Leaving aside a few reputed and established names, most of the newly-sprung up schools and institutes  are no better than “teaching shops”.

The other day i had to visit A.P.J  School for admission of my nephew to the KG class. I contacted the admission incharge of the school and i was shocked to learn that the admission test is merely a formality. The admission will be granted not based on the merit of the child but on the parents capacity to pay a fat capitation fee of Rs. 10,000 to 30,000.

To me, it seems nothing short of corruption to seek funds in the name of providing quality education. Isn’t it a shame that in a country where education was once free , it is now being sold and that too at a price. This system is a fraud system which exploits the parents and is being carried out shamelessly with impunity.

The government should not remain a mute spectator and must take stringent action against these dealers of education and lay down as well as enforce strict laws to curb this evil practice. Accepting donations or capitation fee in admission should be declared illegal and a cognizable offence. All sections of society including parents, teachers, students and educationists should come up in arms against this system and force the educational institutions to discontinue this evil practice forthwith.

Blast: who is Responsible?

Blast After Blast In India: Who Is Responsible?

7 September, 2011.

A Bomb Blast outside High Court, with no tangible inputs left 13 people dead, more that 70 injured  :’-(  

Who is responsible??

No one.

Is it so? 

Looking at current scenario, the answer seems to be yes, our politicians want to justify that it happened on its own, No one is responsible.

Bjp leaders  blaming Congress policies for this and Congress want to hold the neck of security. 

It a become a privilege now  for terrorist to attack Indian capital.“The excuse of ‘not being able to prevent every attack’ by our government wearing perilously thin,”

While investigators tried to find a breakthrough in the Delhi high court case of the explosion, another terror e-mail warning of imminent attack on  Ahmedabad reportedly surfaced. Ahmedabad is now put on high alert, Gujarat, in particular.

Our loving and caring government has appealed to people to stay alert,they are doing their best, to build  their capacity to fight terror!

Which of these statements best describes government commitment towards people of this country!

There exist no CCTV’s as PWD dragged feetBy the government, departments did not took decisions that time regarding CCTV”s and now building capacity takes time for this, appeal all to alert and its state responsibility also.

Again the Question arises “who is responsible?”

The reason for failure are in the system:–

1. Lack of strong governance,will power.

2. Lacking of decision making quality and leadership is an issue.
3. Attitute of passing buck on others.
4. Lacking of self intiated on the part of governtal agencies.
5. Unable to pre-empt the situation.
Government needs to be vigilant and should involve the community people  to fight against the upcoming or future terrorism like Ahmedabad, It should act as leader rather being sympathetic!

Concerned about India’s soaring price Scenario!!

    “When I was a kid, I heard theories about raising children
    Now when I am older, I hear theories about raising prices.”
The present India has become a difficult for the common person who finds it increasingly impossible to make both ends meet.

The primary cause is the rising prices of essential commodities. The prices of domestic items are skyrocketing and three square meals a day has become a distant dream for many of us. The drastic changes in the economy invariably lead to hike in prices of commodities. The increase in the prices of petrol and diesel tends to affect the entire economic structure of the nation.

The trade, industry and agricultural sectors are put at stake because the prices of petrol govern the life of the common consumers.

 The spiraling inflation do not have any impact on the elite sections of the society.

It is the middle class and the people living below the poverty line who have been hit hardest.

With the liberalisation and globalisation, there has been an increased entry of multinational and other corporate giants. The government should ensure that the rich should not enjoy these services at the cost of the poor. To ensure equity, higher taxes should be levied on these companies and indigenously produced options should be encouraged. This will ensure a minimum level of quality of life for the lower socio-economic groups.

The government should also seriously boost the marketing and sales of its own agricultural produce. This will ensure a favourable environment for domestic agricultural growth and will help in overcoming this problem and avert its recurrence in the future.

Lokpal bill: our first step!

On 15th August, 1947, the day when India became a free nation, approximately five lakh Indians gathered outside the ‘Viceroy’s House to ‘witness the historic event of ushering in the freedom of India at the hour of midnight’. They all had a dream in their eyes and a desire to undertake a journey of which independence was the first step -a step that devoured 200 years of our nation.

On the eve of Independence Day, while watching a documentary on a news channel, a sudden thought passed through my mind: what aspirations did our countrymen had that night while witnessing the first time hoisting of our Indian flag on the grounds of Viceroy’s House? What India did they build during that one single moment of pride? In my opinion, their dream involved a democratic nation where every man has an equal say. A nation that is prosperous economically, socially, culturally and above all else they desired a strong political system that is responsible for safeguarding the above-mentioned interests.

No doubt India is prospering if not with a speed of light, but definitely with a speed of sound, but can we say the same for our political system? If we look at the present scenario, we’ll observe that our belief in our nation’s political system has declined at every step and in 2011 it completely shattered, thanks to those record breaking scams and a spectacular murder of democracy in case of Anna Hazare by our honorable government and Delhi police.

To put it straightforwardly our political system has become so dirty and stinky that the

Gems of our nation like Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, etc, do not want to be a part of it at any cost. They will rather fight from the outside, but they will not take the trouble of cleansing the whole system from the inside. This is the present condition of our money sucking, corruption-nurturing political system.

Now amidst all this, even if Anna’s lokpal bill is passed, can we ensure at least 90% corruption free system?

I doubt because lokpal bill is again just an intangible system and from our past experience we know that our leaders and administrators have never shown any respect for the system. So, even after implementing a strong lokpal bill our ‘brainstorming and highly skilled’ leaders will again invent some new loopholes, thus, undermining our efforts to curb corruption.

So what purpose will lokpal bill actually serve?

Like our independence, lokpal bill will act as a first step towards our fight against corruption.
People may then ask- what should our second step be?

To answer this question I’d like to quote Amir Khan’s blockbuster Rang de Basanti’s famous dialogue:-
“koi bhi desh perfect nai hota …usse perfect bnana padta hai
Police main bharti honge, military join karenge, IAS banenge,
Politics ka hissa banke iss desh ki sarkar chalaenge yeh desh badelega
Hum badlenge isse ……”

Though today, Anna is enjoying our full support, but we cannot deny the fact that his method of improving our nation is incorrect. Blackmailing the government is no solution. It’s ironical to see that people who stand in the elections are always seen as corrupt and undeserving while the people who appear deserving and honest refuse to be a part of our political system.

So let’s take a pledge today and resolve to ourselves that if we really want to be a citizen of a prospering nation we will first become a selfless integral part of its government.

Jai hind …..!!!!!!