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Life is a beauty…!

Life was a Beauty to “play Cricket and have Kaccha Gola’s at BH-85”.

P.S. To miss them at hostel Now.

Life was a Beauty to ” School Bus rides in the rickety buss no.8″

P.S. To Alone Two wheeler runs Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Finger on your lips at little angels”

P.S. To Arguments Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Join your hands and close your eyes”

P.S. To Prove your existence Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Get excited for Return Gifts”

P.S. To proposals Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Cry for broken pencils and Stolen Erasers”

P.S. To Broken Hearts Now.

Life was a Beauty to “Recite twinkle twinkle in class”

P.S. To Presentations Now.

Life was a Life “Sleep in Mom’s Lap”

P.S. To Sleepless Nights Now.

Life was Naughty to “Play Kitchen Kitchen With Friends”

P.S. To Cook For Yourself Now.

Life was satisfaction to “Share your Cloths with Cousins”

P.S. To Lock Codes in mobiles now.

Life was fun to “Drink Milk And then Sleep”

P.S. To Black Coffee to stay awake now.

Life was rude to “Summer Vacation Homework”

P.S. To at least Getting Holidays Now.

Life is demanding to care to share to satisfy souls in different forms. So is the Pleasure of remebering them and giving importance to each jewel. 



Life and the game of Death!

It’s all about “Karma” !!!

People say GOD exists for everyone,he is present everywhere. People look for him,be it good ones or bad ones and even believe that he will help because god is the almighty,the supreme creator and the father of all.
But how is it possible for god to help both good and bad people for accomplishing their goals???
For that we should not forget the god inside every living being in this universe, so how to identify the god within. For that I must say that

                                                                         “Our karma is our biggest God”

One gets rewarded according to their deeds. So, basically it’s all about the game of karma and winning this game leads to framing one’s destiny. The game of “karma” is similar to the game of “snakes and ladders”. The rules remain the same , the only difference lies in the meaning of winning and losing.

So the RULES are somewhat like this….
• You get your way out upto the goal without any obstruction ( bites of snakes) by adhering to your duties and the task allotted to you.
Doing good to someone or for somebody by going off track awards you with ladders (big or small depends on the deed) to skip some few steps and get a shortcut to your goal of life.
• But,if you do something unacceptable i.e. bad to someone , you will get snake’s bite(hurdles) sooner or later and however hard you try,you won’t be able to achieve your goal. The bigger the bad deed,the longer the snake , the harsher is the effect.
•  GOD:THE SUPREME CREATOR is the judge and the score keeper.

With such simple rules , one frames the destiny of their life. So it is actually true that we are the one who make our destiny and no one else. A well-known saying;

                                                                                                 “God helps those who help themselves”
So play this simple game of karma carefully,as no other complicated thing works,it’s all upon you and as they rightly say….
It’s your own life(game) so keep it simple silly…!!!

Trend so indifferent!

Being graceful, glossy, gorgeous, gregarious, glamorous is what we want to be described or defined as. May be why this is the etiology that “Originality of Nature still captures the horizon of Beauty” and is still a source for unattained bliss from time so Immemorial.

Idiosyncrasy attracts but not idiosy. Initially calving out from one’s grotto provides one with a wide range of obnoxious and independent thinking what to follow what not to follow depends after all Life is all about Being Competitive particularly in this Improbable World Of today.

Cheesy talks, flash lights, ball Gowns etc have helped enough in order to make us forget the lonely walk on a sea shore, a mug of coffee accompanied with your window couch on a rainy day complementing Nature. We have moved on from a Heart soothing entice towards an Eye soothing Candy.

Love has lost its aroma. It is no more a divine feeling rather has changed its meaning and is a concept now which even can be defined now a days. Quite Hilarious But Factual.

Being lonely, sitting in silence is don’t know why considered to be a Sin. Always carrying a human company is equally a Sin. It erodes you from knowing the one within. The eternal pleasure which still exists deep down in our heart’s valley somewhere fades and slowly eliminates. We dream about an upcoming party which is yet not planned but never about an adventurous journey into the dark forests all alone trying to curb out new ways.

We have compiled our life in a manner which seems complex but in actuality we are running away from the real complexities. Complicated relationships are one of the best example of our upcoming illogical human behavior. When we fail in analyzing and recognizing one self how can we expect and trust our intellect while choosing our partner in a right manner.

The critical aspect of Life is too long to describe. Everything we do has different modes and mechanisms by which anything can be performed. Choosing the right kind is a difficult job. Thinking Before Adopting Can Help Make It a Bit Easier Else My Friend’s Life Goes On…………!!