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Indiatoday is facing a widespread disease in its administrative government functioning known as CORRUPTION. The very prevalence of the disease is due to its nature and strength to influence the human mind. It poses a challenge to the moral, ethical and behavioural conduct of humans.
It has a fascination towards the human social needs and an ability to penetrate through the system quickly which lacks a strong mechanism to fight and curb it. This can threat a country’s dignity and reputation. In spite of all the efforts towards making the government administrative functions free from its spread, it has been receiving overwhelming figures in scams every year. The very question stands, that where is the loophole or if an appropriate antidote has been devised till date to fight the menace? The answer is “yes”, the antidote has been devised long back and it is the Lok Pal Bill. To understand the very functioning and nature of the Lok Pal, one definitely has to go through its base in the Constitution of India and its very nature. Let us have a look at the present and proposed Lok Pal bill of the Civil Society and its difference, also eventual effect upon the system.
• -No politician or senior officer ever goes to jail despite huge evidence because  Anti Corruption Branch (ACB) and CBI directly come under the government.
• –Before starting investigation or initiating prosecution in any case, they have to take permission from the same bosses, against whom the case has to be investigated.
• -No corrupt officer is dismissed from the job because Central Vigilance Commission, which is supposed to dismiss corrupt officers, is only an advisory body. Whenever it advises government to dismiss any senior corrupt officer, its advice is never implemented.
• -No action is taken against corrupt judges because permission is required from the Chief Justice of India to even register an FIR against corrupt judges. Nowhere to go – People expose corruption but no action is taken on their complaints.
• -There is so much corruption within CBI and vigilance departments. Their functioning is so secret that it encourages corruption within these agencies.
• -Weak and corrupt people are appointed as heads of anti-corruption agencies. •-Citizens face harassment in government offices. Sometimes they are forced to pay bribes. One can only complaint to senior officers. No action is taken on complaints because senior officers also get their cut.
• –Nothing in law to recover ill gotten wealth. A corrupt person can come out of jail and enjoy that money.
• -Small punishment for corruption- Punishment for corruption is minimum 6 months and maximum 7 years


• –Lokpal at centre and Lokayukta at state level will be independent bodies. ACB and CBI will be merged into these bodies. They will have power to initiate investigations and prosecution against any officer or politician without needing anyone’s permission
• –Investigation should be completed within 1 year and trial to get over in next 1 year. Within two years, the corrupt should go to jail.
• –Lokpal and Lokayukta will have complete powers to order dismissal of a corrupt officer. CVC and all departmental vigilance will be merged into Lokpal and state vigilance will be merged into Lokayukta.
• –Lokpal & Lokayukta shall have powers to investigate and prosecute any judge without needing anyone’s permission.
• –Lokpal & Lokayukta will have to inquire into and hear every complaint.
• -All investigations in Lokpal & Lokayukta shall be transparent. After completion of investigation, all case records shall be open to public. Complaint against any staff of Lokpal & Lokayukta shall be inquired and punishment announced within two months.

• –Politicians will have absolutely no say in selections of Chairperson and members of Lokpal & Lokayukta. Selections will take place through a transparent and public participatory process.
• –Lokpal & Lokayukta will get public grievances resolved in time bound manner, impose a penalty of Rs 250 per day of delay to be deducted from the salary of guilty officer and award that amount as compensation to the aggrieved citizen.
• -Loss caused to the government due to corruption will be recovered from all accused.
• –Enhanced punishment – The punishment would be minimum 5 years and maximum of life imprisonment.


Now if we make an evaluation of the proposals of the civil society , a very effective bill has been proposed taking into consideration the very nature and aspects of the corruption in the Government administration , the point that has to be noted here are very clearly mentioned in the draft itself , that the bodies like CBI and ACB will be made independent of the government administrative control , hence making them more liberal and free in carrying out the investigation proceedings against the government officials and politicians. Moreover, Lok Pal has been made much more powerful in terms of taking any immediate action after the establishment of the facts against the officer concerned. He has been conferred the powers of their dismissal which is not present in the existing system .Lok Pal can initiate inquiry against judges accused of misconduct/misbehaviour without the consent of the Chief Justice. The investigative proceedings have been kept extremely transparent in nature. It is clearly stated that after the investigations transparency will be maintained and all the records will be made public (also through the website). The selection of the Lok Pal at the centre and the Lok Ayukt at the state level will be transparent and with public participation. With the whole process being transparent and in the public domain, there will be no room for any confidentiality of the matter under investigation and henceforth leaving no room for corruption to take place. Under the new draft proposed by the civil society , specific provisions have been kept for recovery of misappropriated money . The Punishment has also been increased to a minimum of 5 years and max life imprisonment. Therefore, it is pertinent that a strong draft has been prepared and the intentions of the draft makers have been very serious towards curbing corruption in all the areas, i.e. procedure, process and punishment.

I leave it for the readers now to pose questions and queries regarding this and initiate a room for discussion as to which system would be better or rather to say that which antidote will work much effectively.


AUTHOR : Ankur Mudgal
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Noodle – Foodle

It takes three years to arrest A. Raja for a 2G scam. It takes three minutes to arrest Anna Hazare for a hunger strike. While the prior has enough time to set-up a noodle industry, later would help you cook a packet of Maggi.

Anna mystery is all jacked up like a dried noodle with enough ketchup (media in general) while the civilians are still perplexed whether are they “Uncivil” and Team Anna “Civil”.

Is it the people of India that make a difference or the people in media? I poured masala with different variance in the burning bowl, in search of an answer to the question being put.

Certainly, it is the packet of masala that differentiates Nestle Maggi from others. Similarly, it is the people in media who make a difference.

While the short-bulletin that range for a minute better categorized as “Breaking News” have all said regarding the Government as a medium for corruption, none ever talked about the agrarian output which the country achieved in surplus this year.

It couldn’t have been that complicated noodle, condition the civilians had a view of their own for a condition they had access to direct reports. Complications are nothing more than those complicated yellow noodles.

Learning the remedies

A worm in a packet disturbs it all. It happened for Cadbury, it would happen for the Congress.

The movement happens to be the end of Congress era and it lies now as no secret. It has just being an extension of the reservation quota that even happened under the UPA Government by the late Arjun Singh. To add some irony, the same kind of resistance is being offered by the government to accept the reasonable conditions of the people.

Has the time arrived for a Maggi substitute? It could be some form of Pasta that has a new consumer preference these days.

The battle of “_”

A battle of dissolution, just as firms has been in competition to replace maggi. Team Anna has been trying hard to dissolve the present Congress. It’s not a war for a Draft Bill, bills are generally made in coalitions with all.

While the Team Anna has made a wide support, he further urges the government officials for a mass leave and further adds him with strong support. If the battle lies government agencies, then why its employees on the better side of the spectrum.

Anna, may have no political ideology refined to a specific party but, has certainly trying to beat the bush of the present UPA government.

Some Good men?

Some good branded noodles are only what we consume, not all like the local manufactured though it consists more utils. Some people who register for a trademark similar to Maggi, calling themselves Civil while the others have been Uncivil. The others are not supposed to be described as a civil, condition they don’t support your ideology.

Some good men like “Anna” would help us remove corruption in the country, but how would it happen, lies a million dollar question.

Situations are many, but solutions are only like a noodle.

The idea of having a good Lokpal is as difficult as Stretching a noodle unbroken. It can certainly influence the minds, but would it certainly influence’s our society like it did in 1991.

It was Dr. Manmohan Singh who saved the country from a crisis; it would be Dr. Manmohan Singh again. Although it seems our own Hero has been considered a devil these days. Like a noodle, where it would different for its tail and head.

Lokpal bill: our first step!

On 15th August, 1947, the day when India became a free nation, approximately five lakh Indians gathered outside the ‘Viceroy’s House to ‘witness the historic event of ushering in the freedom of India at the hour of midnight’. They all had a dream in their eyes and a desire to undertake a journey of which independence was the first step -a step that devoured 200 years of our nation.

On the eve of Independence Day, while watching a documentary on a news channel, a sudden thought passed through my mind: what aspirations did our countrymen had that night while witnessing the first time hoisting of our Indian flag on the grounds of Viceroy’s House? What India did they build during that one single moment of pride? In my opinion, their dream involved a democratic nation where every man has an equal say. A nation that is prosperous economically, socially, culturally and above all else they desired a strong political system that is responsible for safeguarding the above-mentioned interests.

No doubt India is prospering if not with a speed of light, but definitely with a speed of sound, but can we say the same for our political system? If we look at the present scenario, we’ll observe that our belief in our nation’s political system has declined at every step and in 2011 it completely shattered, thanks to those record breaking scams and a spectacular murder of democracy in case of Anna Hazare by our honorable government and Delhi police.

To put it straightforwardly our political system has become so dirty and stinky that the

Gems of our nation like Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, etc, do not want to be a part of it at any cost. They will rather fight from the outside, but they will not take the trouble of cleansing the whole system from the inside. This is the present condition of our money sucking, corruption-nurturing political system.

Now amidst all this, even if Anna’s lokpal bill is passed, can we ensure at least 90% corruption free system?

I doubt because lokpal bill is again just an intangible system and from our past experience we know that our leaders and administrators have never shown any respect for the system. So, even after implementing a strong lokpal bill our ‘brainstorming and highly skilled’ leaders will again invent some new loopholes, thus, undermining our efforts to curb corruption.

So what purpose will lokpal bill actually serve?

Like our independence, lokpal bill will act as a first step towards our fight against corruption.
People may then ask- what should our second step be?

To answer this question I’d like to quote Amir Khan’s blockbuster Rang de Basanti’s famous dialogue:-
“koi bhi desh perfect nai hota …usse perfect bnana padta hai
Police main bharti honge, military join karenge, IAS banenge,
Politics ka hissa banke iss desh ki sarkar chalaenge yeh desh badelega
Hum badlenge isse ……”

Though today, Anna is enjoying our full support, but we cannot deny the fact that his method of improving our nation is incorrect. Blackmailing the government is no solution. It’s ironical to see that people who stand in the elections are always seen as corrupt and undeserving while the people who appear deserving and honest refuse to be a part of our political system.

So let’s take a pledge today and resolve to ourselves that if we really want to be a citizen of a prospering nation we will first become a selfless integral part of its government.

Jai hind …..!!!!!!



If any of the above-mentioned tags fit in any of your recent in-box messages you surely are a part of Indian Youth

The Anna,s issue has stricken like  hype in networks and like network jams in wifi college campuses during peak time.

The question here is about  HUMANITY

One man stands for all and we see charges of arrest against him. We see HOAX corruption reports behind him.

Welcome to the nation of  330 million gods,  i.e. INDIA

A short test for youth:-


Oh come on actually once in or life time we have surely been that might be even for a payment of driving licences or pan card numbers

If not you, then surely our closest family member..? No issues in that..

But the test for your humanity is that still for the NATION’S SAKE YOU are ready for LOKPAL AND YOU PROMISE that if found GUILTY thenYOU ARE READY TO FACE THE CONSEQUENCES. ARN’T YOU??

Then why is the government not challenging our prime prime  Prime Minister Sir?

An extract of talks between fear stricken fellow MP’s.

“Finally people are becoming sensitive, everyone is joining Anna in his Freedom Fight against the slavery of Corrupts and Looters. At any cost we can’t show our will to pass the bill otherwise whole nation will come to know we are in the spider-net of corruption made by us.”

And to conclude this article is written just to make the YOUTH so much secure that even if our beloved



Vande Mataram

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