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Another Cricketer & Another Farewell Story.

Rahul Dravid, take a bow!! :)         

*stands and applauds in appreciation*Sachin is God, Dravid is Lord.

There are some sporting personalities that comprise from Michael Schumacher to Roger Federer to Cristiano Ronaldo who have defined sporting culture in an entirely different arena making it more beautiful. Rahul Dravid is truly a dependent variable of the function, hence truly a legend.

He has often being called The Wall of Indian Cricket, a batsman that even happened to keep wickets. He is another legendry who could firmly sit back and entertain on those glorious days he had. On some glorious days, he scored a century while on others he lifted the trophy. Rahul Dravid is an intense man who prefers his bat to do all the talking. A man who remarks cricket as a gentlemen’s game.

Running with a Reebok kit, a well smart man who has shaved with Gillette with efficiency like the Castrol oil and ensured with Max Life Insurance is no other but Rahul Dravid. It doesn’t end here, he has several more brands to promote like Bank Of Baroda, Sansui, Samsung, Karnataka Tourism , Citizen etc.

It all began in 1996 though the seeds had been sown much before. A Benguluru boy who had flown to London after being replaced of an eminent cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar. Along with him travelled another boy, the boy from Bengal ‘DADA’. Hence, came the Lord with a historic score of 95 at the Cricket Macca- the Lords. Rahul had made things clear, the cricketing era was witnessing something new.

He had compensated hard with due concentration to become a perfect athlete, he had been termed as a liability in the one-day arena by few but it was his consistency that made him a master for the same. While the giants were seen anguished, the man of silence kept climbing high.

Has the farewell happened?

I still wonder, there are columns in the daily these days. While some write about the crucial statistics the others are known to compare him with a wide range of cricketing seasons that Rahul had acknowledged. They are bread-earners who would work to be fed, while there are sportsperson who are fed for their work.

The Dravid story is narrated in a similar passion to that of Kumble.

Another Benguluru boy who lost his identity some years back from the time he retired in the one-dayers. Time hence, they are being called back for sake to retire. It happened in the case of Dada, Jumbo and it happens in case of the Wall.

Are these sportsmen deceiving themselves?  

Going through a lean form in the one-dayers, Dravid was dropped from the squad in 2007.  After being called back in 2009 for just 6 matches as the young branch of Indian fertility weren’t capable enough to face the foreign soil. He has further being called back, for the English tour in the same basic requisites.

What does BCCI stand for?

BCCI- Board of Cricket Control in India

BCCI- Board of Credit and Commerce in Investment Cricket

They treat players as a commodity, one traded on the stock market. Purchase it when they perform and sell it, when they fail. When legends have a temporary price attached to it, consider the ones who struggle to play.

All this has made Dravid adieu cricket, nothing more than few columns would boast about his cricketing career and would be further seen in some leagues or commentating others.

It is simply another Cricketer and another farewell story.

Good-Bye – Rahul Dravid- The Lord.