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Trend so indifferent!

Being graceful, glossy, gorgeous, gregarious, glamorous is what we want to be described or defined as. May be why this is the etiology that “Originality of Nature still captures the horizon of Beauty” and is still a source for unattained bliss from time so Immemorial.

Idiosyncrasy attracts but not idiosy. Initially calving out from one’s grotto provides one with a wide range of obnoxious and independent thinking what to follow what not to follow depends after all Life is all about Being Competitive particularly in this Improbable World Of today.

Cheesy talks, flash lights, ball Gowns etc have helped enough in order to make us forget the lonely walk on a sea shore, a mug of coffee accompanied with your window couch on a rainy day complementing Nature. We have moved on from a Heart soothing entice towards an Eye soothing Candy.

Love has lost its aroma. It is no more a divine feeling rather has changed its meaning and is a concept now which even can be defined now a days. Quite Hilarious But Factual.

Being lonely, sitting in silence is don’t know why considered to be a Sin. Always carrying a human company is equally a Sin. It erodes you from knowing the one within. The eternal pleasure which still exists deep down in our heart’s valley somewhere fades and slowly eliminates. We dream about an upcoming party which is yet not planned but never about an adventurous journey into the dark forests all alone trying to curb out new ways.

We have compiled our life in a manner which seems complex but in actuality we are running away from the real complexities. Complicated relationships are one of the best example of our upcoming illogical human behavior. When we fail in analyzing and recognizing one self how can we expect and trust our intellect while choosing our partner in a right manner.

The critical aspect of Life is too long to describe. Everything we do has different modes and mechanisms by which anything can be performed. Choosing the right kind is a difficult job. Thinking Before Adopting Can Help Make It a Bit Easier Else My Friend’s Life Goes On…………!!


Internet friends, Oh that sucks!

In modern society every work is done through internet or I should say it has become a necessity. Lots of people are connected through it. Some are using it for good and some for bad purpose. People get a lots of information, inventions etc happening in the world. At the same time so many social networking siteswhere people interact each-other. It’s good that everyone is growing contacts, because in modern time everyone is too busy with their schedule and work and have no time for others. So, in little bit of time you grow more contacts through it.

And at the same time young generation friendship through internet is growing day by day—

Question rises is it good or bad ?

Everyday lots of suicide cases, broken relationship etc come into light, Many of them just because of it. People interact here immediately, it’s not because of attraction just professional interaction. At the same time opposite sex attract itself everywhere, females gets lots of proposals even men also. They interact here, know each-other….meet regularly…….then broke-up.

Young generation is using these friendship networks for their romance and relationships. They use to change their partners fluently. It’s only the attraction towards each-other, there is no any social base. Nowadays, mostly are going for love marriage and divorce rate is increasing, affecting our society.

Married people are enjoying this internet friendship for their own happiness. They don’t have time for their families and maximum time they spend with their co-workers, mostly in metro cities and MNC’s sector!

But the result is BREAKING of—-

1 Heart
2 Relationship
3 Family
4 Trust

The Spellbinder …

Once upon a time there lived a spellbinder!
She met a non-abler, who was also a dabbler
And now,
The dabbler sings the rhyme, thinking it as sublime
“She makes me spellbind, I thought she was mine
And was totally consigned,
Although knowing her opine that we can never entwine
I love her like divine
People say that love is blind, but I didn’t ever mind
For the sake of mankind, I am telling this first time

Don’t ever get spellbind
Coz love is really blind..