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Blast: who is Responsible?

Blast After Blast In India: Who Is Responsible?

7 September, 2011.

A Bomb Blast outside High Court, with no tangible inputs left 13 people dead, more that 70 injured  :’-(  

Who is responsible??

No one.

Is it so? 

Looking at current scenario, the answer seems to be yes, our politicians want to justify that it happened on its own, No one is responsible.

Bjp leaders  blaming Congress policies for this and Congress want to hold the neck of security. 

It a become a privilege now  for terrorist to attack Indian capital.“The excuse of ‘not being able to prevent every attack’ by our government wearing perilously thin,”

While investigators tried to find a breakthrough in the Delhi high court case of the explosion, another terror e-mail warning of imminent attack on  Ahmedabad reportedly surfaced. Ahmedabad is now put on high alert, Gujarat, in particular.

Our loving and caring government has appealed to people to stay alert,they are doing their best, to build  their capacity to fight terror!

Which of these statements best describes government commitment towards people of this country!

There exist no CCTV’s as PWD dragged feetBy the government, departments did not took decisions that time regarding CCTV”s and now building capacity takes time for this, appeal all to alert and its state responsibility also.

Again the Question arises “who is responsible?”

The reason for failure are in the system:–

1. Lack of strong governance,will power.

2. Lacking of decision making quality and leadership is an issue.
3. Attitute of passing buck on others.
4. Lacking of self intiated on the part of governtal agencies.
5. Unable to pre-empt the situation.
Government needs to be vigilant and should involve the community people  to fight against the upcoming or future terrorism like Ahmedabad, It should act as leader rather being sympathetic!

Noodle – Foodle

It takes three years to arrest A. Raja for a 2G scam. It takes three minutes to arrest Anna Hazare for a hunger strike. While the prior has enough time to set-up a noodle industry, later would help you cook a packet of Maggi.

Anna mystery is all jacked up like a dried noodle with enough ketchup (media in general) while the civilians are still perplexed whether are they “Uncivil” and Team Anna “Civil”.

Is it the people of India that make a difference or the people in media? I poured masala with different variance in the burning bowl, in search of an answer to the question being put.

Certainly, it is the packet of masala that differentiates Nestle Maggi from others. Similarly, it is the people in media who make a difference.

While the short-bulletin that range for a minute better categorized as “Breaking News” have all said regarding the Government as a medium for corruption, none ever talked about the agrarian output which the country achieved in surplus this year.

It couldn’t have been that complicated noodle, condition the civilians had a view of their own for a condition they had access to direct reports. Complications are nothing more than those complicated yellow noodles.

Learning the remedies

A worm in a packet disturbs it all. It happened for Cadbury, it would happen for the Congress.

The movement happens to be the end of Congress era and it lies now as no secret. It has just being an extension of the reservation quota that even happened under the UPA Government by the late Arjun Singh. To add some irony, the same kind of resistance is being offered by the government to accept the reasonable conditions of the people.

Has the time arrived for a Maggi substitute? It could be some form of Pasta that has a new consumer preference these days.

The battle of “_”

A battle of dissolution, just as firms has been in competition to replace maggi. Team Anna has been trying hard to dissolve the present Congress. It’s not a war for a Draft Bill, bills are generally made in coalitions with all.

While the Team Anna has made a wide support, he further urges the government officials for a mass leave and further adds him with strong support. If the battle lies government agencies, then why its employees on the better side of the spectrum.

Anna, may have no political ideology refined to a specific party but, has certainly trying to beat the bush of the present UPA government.

Some Good men?

Some good branded noodles are only what we consume, not all like the local manufactured though it consists more utils. Some people who register for a trademark similar to Maggi, calling themselves Civil while the others have been Uncivil. The others are not supposed to be described as a civil, condition they don’t support your ideology.

Some good men like “Anna” would help us remove corruption in the country, but how would it happen, lies a million dollar question.

Situations are many, but solutions are only like a noodle.

The idea of having a good Lokpal is as difficult as Stretching a noodle unbroken. It can certainly influence the minds, but would it certainly influence’s our society like it did in 1991.

It was Dr. Manmohan Singh who saved the country from a crisis; it would be Dr. Manmohan Singh again. Although it seems our own Hero has been considered a devil these days. Like a noodle, where it would different for its tail and head.