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Somewhere Someday we’ll meet up again!

Like always Somewhere Someday We’ll Meet up Again..

Like yesterday We’ll admire our love again..

Like tomorrow there will be no yesterday again..

Like always Somewhere Someday We’ll  Meet up Again..

Like Pancakes we’ll blossom up again..

Like that day We’ll smile once again..

Like rustling lives we’ll chirrup again..

Like roaring voice we’ll patch up again..

Like always Somewhere Someday We’ll  Meet up Again..

Like always there will be winter insane..

But summer’s waiting we’ll shine once again..

Like Seasons Change we’ll not refrain..

Like always Somewhere Someday We’ll  Meet up Again..

I hope to gather not only your memories everyday

I want you to feel me someday..

Somewhere I Miss You

Sometimes I See You

And Surely Someday I’ll Get You.. 

Dedicated To :- All my … 😀


Internet friends, Oh that sucks!

In modern society every work is done through internet or I should say it has become a necessity. Lots of people are connected through it. Some are using it for good and some for bad purpose. People get a lots of information, inventions etc happening in the world. At the same time so many social networking siteswhere people interact each-other. It’s good that everyone is growing contacts, because in modern time everyone is too busy with their schedule and work and have no time for others. So, in little bit of time you grow more contacts through it.

And at the same time young generation friendship through internet is growing day by day—

Question rises is it good or bad ?

Everyday lots of suicide cases, broken relationship etc come into light, Many of them just because of it. People interact here immediately, it’s not because of attraction just professional interaction. At the same time opposite sex attract itself everywhere, females gets lots of proposals even men also. They interact here, know each-other….meet regularly…….then broke-up.

Young generation is using these friendship networks for their romance and relationships. They use to change their partners fluently. It’s only the attraction towards each-other, there is no any social base. Nowadays, mostly are going for love marriage and divorce rate is increasing, affecting our society.

Married people are enjoying this internet friendship for their own happiness. They don’t have time for their families and maximum time they spend with their co-workers, mostly in metro cities and MNC’s sector!

But the result is BREAKING of—-

1 Heart
2 Relationship
3 Family
4 Trust

First Love….!!

Do you believe in “love at first sight”?

let us have a trip down the memory lane and recall the first time when we fell in love with someone– the magic of that first look; that very microsecond when you saw him (her) for the first time; that mystical moment when you knew that yes, he (she) is the one for you; you knew before you’d taken the next breath that he (she) was the one you could spend the rest of your life looking for but never find again!

Falling in love for the first time is a very fresh and an immature experience. In the first season of love, the magical flow of every moment takes us into an altogether different path. With this new episode, tremendous feelings; varied emotions crop up- a hormonal rush creates such a dream world that we don’t even mind getting ourselves drowned into the sea of complications. When in love- just one call; a single good night wishes; long hour conversations or even a mere silence between the love birds is enchanting enough to make it the most memorable phase of life. The splendor is magnified if it’s a first affair..! A sudden spurt of change is seen- both inside and outside us- when in love for the first time!

“I remember that first love…

The warmth of the moment when you hugged me; The charm of the second when you smiled at me; The innocence of the time when you held my hand; The brightness of the sun when we walked over the sand!  
The blues of the waters who witnessed our journey; The greens of the gardens who cheered with us happily; The width of the road that narrowed when we walked together; The length of the path that elongated when we got lost in each other!

I remember that first love…

The dreams so beautiful; the moments so wonderful; The happiness of the world around; the excitement that took me upside-down; The disappointment of not seeing you; the frustration of missing you!

I remember that first love…

The depth of the trust you had on me; the strength of expectations you had from me; the everlasting moment of togetherness; the ecstasy of our liveliness!

I very well remember that first love…!”

But not everyone is lucky enough to marry their first love (I have used the word marriage because according to me marriage is the only logical step to carry forward a significant relationship to the next level). Even then the first experience is worth cherishing. The first time you fall in love, it changes your life forever, and no matter how hard you try, whatever you do, the feeling never goes away. It stays with you forever!

In the unfortunate cases, there can never be any regrets with the first love, but only lessons! I can recollect when I fell in love for the first time (but this realization came in very late). Though I couldn’t get him, but trust me, I have got no hard feelings for him or God, for not making him my destiny. I learnt a lot in the process and can never ever forget the best of those moments which I shared with him! We don’t have any right to blame our fate, or God or anyone else for not getting our first love (just peep inside your heart and ask yourself- I’m sure you’ll find something which you had learnt from your first experience for which you must be grateful today).

Now the issue is ‘what next’?

After having lost our first love, how can we move on? Aah… Leave that to God- somewhere, someone is being wrapped for us! And the depression of having lost our love will surpass as soon as we’ll meet the final one!!(*wink*)

Manage Relations, Manage What’s Value!

Before beginning this piece of note, I would like to ask everyone–


Many of you would say you don’t measure how much you value a relation since there is no measuring rod to it and hence can’t measure the extent you would go to save it


Measuring rod does not include any particular scale to measure.

Damn it!!! It’s a relation and not any of yours pampered materialistic possession handle it differently and carefully

Imagine a small sorry from your partner at that point of time where you thought that you almost lost him/her….

Imagine the soft caring hand of your mother feeding your food just for the sake that you fought with her and what worried her is actually that you were hungry….

Imagine the small walk with your father in the backyard who trying to show your way when you yourself are not sure where you are heeding towards…

Imagine the small surprises by your friends just to cheer you, no matter how silly the issue may be…

Imagine the way your sibling tries to convince your parents in your absence about agreeing with what actually you want, no matter how hardly you envy each other…

These are the small gifts which go unidentified, but the pain of losing them is really unbearable. It’s then that you actually identify what you lost


If so many people does so much for you, why it can’t be you

Just put your legs in other shoes and think

You could be the first one to say sorry to your partner

The first one to feed your mom with your hand after a fight. Remember she worries more than you do 😦

The first one to ask your dad to guide you.

The first one to surprise your friends by showing them that you still are cheerful.

The first one to help your sibling achieve what they desire be the first one in every field


There is not a bigger enemy than this in your entire life whose ever ready to destroy all you incredible belongings…

Just love your relation… for that there is only one mantra–TRUST OTHERS AND LET THEM TRUST YOU

You are not an investment banker who is going to view all risk and gain of trusting someone

Remember you cannot enjoy the worth of any relation until and unless you give your full trust, dedication and of course the most important- COMMITMENT